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Uppin Ganpati Temple, Gokarna

  • This beautiful temple, also known as Vinayakar Temple is a wonderful place to visit on your vacation to Gokarna. It is dedicated to Lord Ganesha who is the presiding deity of this temple. 

    However, it is said that during the Vijayanagar Emprire, Uppin Ganpati Temple was dedicated to Lord Shiva and the statue of Ganesha was brought from a neighbouring village of Kumta. 

    This renowned temple has a main hall and an arch that tourists can witness on their trip to Uppin Ganpati Temple.

    Location: Uppin Ganapati, Kumta

    Best Time to visit: Tourists can visit the temple throughout the year.


    Distance from Bus Station (Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda, Gokarna): The distance between the two places is approximately 35 kilometres.