5 Best Shacks in Gokarna - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

Shacks in Gokarna

Namaste Cafe Shack, Chilled Out Shack, Kudle Ocean Front Shack, Sangam Shack, Moonlight Shack and many more.

With playful waves kissing the golden beach, a cosy shack is all you need to make this trip picture perfect where you could spend time absorbing ‘Vitamin Sea’. With all these colourful options for shacks in Gokarna, you could choose the one which suits you the best.

It could be the offbeat Chill Out Cafe Shack where you can stay under the roof and still have sand at your feet or the sophisticated Namaste Café Shack with concrete floor and Bollywood music. You could also go for the wooden cottages where you can eat and sleep at night with rural vibes while watching the moon pulling the waves to itself. Choice is all yours for where you want to spend time watching the horizon vanish in the dusk.

Here are some of the best Gokarna Shacks:


Namaste Café Shack

Namaste Café Shack

Unwind in one of the most promising shacks in Gokarna and capture the amazing seascapes. Spend your day listening to mix of Bollywood and contemporary music in a nonchalant setting with a magnetic view of the jewel blue sea. 

The people who have already visited the cafe are in love with the friendly service and once gone, you are definitely glued to the positive heart-warming vibe of the place, the sound of the wind, and the view of the endless horizon with mouth-watering food.

Location: Om Beach Rd., Gokarna 581326, India

Approx Tariff: It ranges from INR 300 to 2,500 depending on the type of room and season.

Distance from Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda: Approximately 6.5 KM

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Chilled Out Shack

Chilled Out Shack
Image Credit : agoda.net

Chilled out cafe is one of the highly recommended for beachside shacks in Gokarna, its friendly and helpful staff and the sumptuous food is always the talk of the town. The place lives up to its names, the vibe at chilled out is really laid back and you can just laze around the shack or the beach in your hammock with a beer glancing the infinite view of the glittering ocean.

Location: At Om Beach, Gokarna, Karnataka.

Approx Tariff: The huts are available from INR 300 and above depending on the type of cottage or huts you opt for.

Distance from Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda: Approximately 5 KM from the main road and around 2.5 KM via Belehittal road.

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Kudle Ocean Front Shack

Kudle Ocean Front Shack
Image Credit : agoda.net

The luxurious private pinewood cottages overlooking the picturesque Kudle beach is worth staying. The staff is calm and composed and will go out of their ways to help the customers. People planning to stay in one of the shacks in Gokarna are likely to take this beachfront shack as it boasts of magical sunsets where the sky is painted in fire and the sun slides down the hillocks which encircle the beach.

Location: Kudle Beach, Om Beach Road, Gokarna, 581326 Gokarna, India

Approx Tariff: INR 2000 to 3,500

Distance from Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda: Approximately 5 KM

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Sangam Shack

Sangam Shack

Sangam shack is loved for the lively vibe and the cutesy outlook. If you are planning for some ‘vitamin Sea’ then lurk around the shack with a book or a beer and watch the slow sunset. One can also take a boat ride to the Dolphin Bay and explore the nearby beaches by taking the beach trail trek where you visit a long stretch of all the five main beaches in Gokarna in one go. 

Saunter at the beach at night and you might also get to see glowing planktons near the shore. 

Location: Sangam Shack, Om Beach, Gokarna, India. 

Approx Tariff: The price may vary from season to season and it can range from INR 2000 onwards. 

Distance from Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda: Around 6 KM.

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Moonlight Shack

Moonlight Shack

Moonlight shack is situated on the Kudle beach which is almost in the centre of the town and is one of the happening locations in Gokarna. Try out a number of water sports while you take abode at Moonlight shacks; it is one of the shacks in Gokarna that is situated in an off the beaten location and is a fun trail to sped up to the shacks.

Location: Kudle Beach Rd, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326

Approx Tariff: The cottages can be availed in INR 600 to 700  and it can also go up to INR 1000 and upwards depending on the season and the type of cottage. 

Distance from Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda: Approximately 6.5 KM.

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Explore All (13)

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25 March 2018
I have taken this trek on march 2018, in my experience it was one of those refreshing trip wherein we trek between the mountains in the safe jungle to the relaxing beaches followed by rain dance, bonfire and the beach side camping under the stars, I must say tremendous effort has been put up by Rohith (trek coordinator) and the entire Trillophilia Team to make the trip comfortable and memorable, would like to travel with Thrillophilia again, highly recommended!
"nice trek with lots of memories ..really enjoyed. Thanks Thrillophilia..Karthik you are awesome man..tour guide..love you man.
"I'm from Chennai and personally speaking this was a best experience of a beach trek in my life. If you want to experience something wild, explore nature's beauty, dance and have fun in the beach water and sand and feel the bliss of staying in tents in the night time, go for it, its worth it. I'm suggesting my friends this place who are all planning for trips. Also to mention our trek leads Shravani and Dhruv kudos to them as well. It's not a easy job to arrange and coordinate with different sets of people and make a successful trek. They made this to be a memorable one. I and my friends had a good time those 2 days and packed up the trip with lots of memories to cherish. People reading my reviews, go for this because it's something special"
"me and my friends went on this trek in September. it was awesome. had lots of fun. the hosts were amazing. would recommend it to others"
"It is Wonderful experience to be on Gokarna Beach Trek, it's amazing. I have been on two-three trek earlier, but this one is best till date. Outdoor leaders Pranshu and Srinidhi coordinated very well. Other then trek we also enjoyed the travelling time, by playing games such as Mafia."
14 March 2020
I booked this for spending my weekend, we had a good quality time here and we enjoyed it. it was our first camping experience and gone amazingly. The ferry ride and the beach were star point and the service we get at this price is very remarkable. There were many families and teenagers. I will visit again with a bigger group.
05 March 2020
I always wanted to do the trek and while searching I get to know about Thrillophilia is offering this beech trek in a discounted rate, we completed the booking for the next weekend. We reached there and it was an awesome experience we played many games at the beach and the trek was amazing. Must go there, this is good.
11 March 2020
This trek was amazing and the food, guide, location, and camping all the things are superb and perfectly managed by Thrillophilia, and there guide the trip went so well that we all decide to visit this place again.
06 February 2020
I was looking for this type of trek where I enjoy with my friends and couldn't find anything better than this so I booked this trip and it was a great experience and with Mirjan Fort visit it became a full package of entertainment.
08 December 2019
It was an amazing trekking experience. I visited this place with my friends. The beach was beautiful and looked amazing in the evening , especially since we all enjoy this trip very much. Highly recommended.

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People Also Ask About Gokarna

  1. What are the best shacks in Kudle beach Gokarna?

    The best shacks in Gokarna Kudle beach:

    1. Kudle Ocean Front Shack : A luxurious beachfront shack, offering magical views of the sunset and the adjacent hillocks near the Kudle beach. Price ranges between INR 2000 and INR 3000 per night and it is located 5m away from the Gokarna main bus stand.

    2. Moonlight Shack: The best part of the shack is that it provides ample opportunities to enjoy different types of water sports. Located about 6.5 km away from the Gokarna main bus stand, the tariff of the cottages vary from INR 600 to INR 1000 and even more depending on the type of cottage and season.

    3. Gokarna International Beach Resort: Located amid the huge palm trees, it is one of the best resorts of Gokarna, with each room and cottage providing the sea view. The room tariff per night starts from INR 2500 onwards.

    4. Lotus Beach Resort: The resort consists of 8 cottages, equipped with modern amenities and furniture, bonfire facilities and children’s playground. With the price per night starting from INR 3000 onwards, it is a perfect place to enjoy with family.

    5. Arthigamya Resort and Spa: Good food, authentic spa, friendly and cooperative staff and spacious rooms are the attractive features of the resort. Located at a convenient location near to the prominent tourist destinations of Gokarna, it offers rooms for INR 4000 per night onwards.
  2. Which are the best shacks in Gokarna to stay?

    The best Gokarna shacks to stay:

    1. Sanskruti Resort: With 20 exclusive cottages and 10 rooms, the luxurious resort provides all the modern amenities coupled with the pristine views of the surrounding tropical trees. The room tariff starts from INR 6000 onwards for 1 night, perfect to stay for a vacation.

    2. Om Beach Resort: The cottages of the resort are built in Konkan style, with spacious and comfortable rooms and restro-bar serving mouth-watering delicacies. The room charges start from INR 4500 onwards per night.

    3. Honey Beach Resort: The resort is situated on a hilltop at the outskirts of Gokarna, comprising cottages and rooms amid a serene and tranquil environment. With room tariff starting from INR 4200 per night onwards, it is a perfect place for honeymooners.

    4. Serenity Beach Resort: Located at Masur Road, the resort offers both tent houses and deluxe rooms amid the beautiful Malenadu waterfalls and the beach and an in-house dining area serving multi-cuisine dishes. The room tariff starts from INR 4000 onwards per night.
  3. What are the best shacks at Gokarna beach?

    The best shacks in Gokarna beach:

    1. Chilled Out Shack: The best part of the beachside shack is the lip-smacking food and super-cooperative staff. You can relax at the hammock or stroll around while enjoying the enchanting views of the ocean waters.

    2. Namaste Café Shack :The café provides amazing views of the white sandy sea beach and its blue turquoise waters. You can spend an entertaining day with the melodious musicals and the delicious food served at the café.

    3. Sangam Shack: The shack with its simplistic look is perfect to spend a lazy day strolling around with your favourite beverages and snacks. It is wonderful to sit and relax at the shack and watch the golden rays of the setting sun.

    4. Moonlight Shack: Situated on the Kudle beach, it is beautiful to spend a comfortable and relaxed time in the shack. It is located near the main bus stand and even provides cottages and rooms to stay.
  4. Are shacks in Gokarna safe for couples?

    Yes, Gokarna shacks are safe for couples to spend their time both in the day and in the night. It is also equally secure to stay and spend a long vacation of 5 days or more at the shacks. Gokarna itself is one of the safest tourist destinations of India, providing measures for the safety and security of the visitors.
  5. What are the amenities provided by the shacks in Gokarna?

    The amenities provided by the shacks in Gokarna include-
    -Restaurants serving food and beverages
    -Spacious rooms and cottages
    -Beds with comfortable mattresses
    -Tea and Coffee maker in the rooms
    -Attached bathroom and essential toiletries
    -Daily housekeeping
    -Sitting area in the garden
    -Swimming Pool
    -Wi-fi facilities
    -Parking area
    -Travel Desk
    -Reception and Help desk.
  6. Is camping allowed in Gokarna?

    Yes, camping can be done in Gokarna anywhere one wishes to however not without permission. However, there are many places in Gokarna that provide you with camping facilities and permission like the 5 Mile Beach resort and the Camp Riveredge Paradise.
  7. What is the best time to visit Gokarna?

    The best time to visit Gokarna is from October to March. Around this time of the year, the weather is comparatively dry and the temperatures remain moderate, with an average of 32 degrees Celsius. If you do not mind getting drenched in the rain, you can also visit Gokarna during the monsoons from June to August.
  8. Where is Gokarna Beach situated?

    Gokarna Beach is situated in the small town of Gokarna located on the coast of Karwar in the state of Karnataka.
  9. What is Gokarna famous for?

    Gokarna is famous for its pristine beaches and clean water. Some of the most famous beaches include Om Beach, Kudle Beach, Paradise Beach and Half Moon Beach. The trail that connects all the above beaches through hillocks is also popular amongst hikers and trekkers.
  10. How many beaches are there in Gokarna?

    Gokarna has five main beaches, namely Gokarna Beach, Om Beach, Paradise Beach, Half Moon Beach and Kudle Beach.
  11. Is Gokarna safe?

    Yes, Gokarna is considered to be a safe holiday destination, even for solo female travellers.
  12. What can I buy in Gokarna?

    When in Gokarna, you can buy a wide range of souvenirs like prayer beads, brass lamps, framed pictures of Gods and Goddesses, incense sticks and other religious memorabilia. You can also buy jewellery made out of seashells that is sold on stalls.
  13. How many days are enough for Gokarna?

    3-4 days is the ideal length for a trip to Gokarna.