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Tiger Temple or WatPhaLuang Ta Bua was established in 1994, is located in western of Thailand as a religious community and wildlife sanctuary for wild animals, the greater part of which are Indochinese tigers. An exclusive visit to the tiger sanctuary takes an entire day considering the season of going. The vast majority of travellers go to this project frequently. Numerous photograph opportunities with tigers are accessible which provides you with the golden opportunity of caressing these wild beasts.

Location: Buddhist temple – cum - tiger conservation centre, Bangkok.

Timings: The center can be accessed at different time slots held in 4 sessions during the day i.e. ‘Normal Afternoon program’ starting from 12:00 PM – 04:00 PM, ‘Cubs Feeding program’ held at 12:45 PM, 01:30 PM, 02:15 PM, 03:00 PM and ‘VIP Morning program’ held at 07:30 AM – 11:00 AM.

Price: The approximate price starts from 600 THB per person. A special photo with tigers charges around 1000 THB per person. Cub feeding program charges 1000 THB per person
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