Bangkok Art And Culture Centre Overview

The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) is the epicentre of Bangkok's burgeoning art scene, showcasing the best Thai art, music, design, film, and theatre, as well as the modern art scene from around the world. Every hallway, gallery, store, and restaurant within the BACC has been designed to create an ideal cultural dialogue for every art aficionado.

Spread over a whopping area of 4000 square meters, visiting this amazing place during the Thailand trip is surely a must for every art lover. To explore Bangkok's bustling art scenario and rich cultural heritage, there surely cannot be a better place for you to visit than the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre. This place allows you to explore a plethora of traditional Thai art practices, music, as well as theatre, apart from providing you a deep glimpse into the current day contemporary art practices from around the world. Bangkok Art and Culture Centre also acts as a host to temporary exhibitions by local as well as international artists.

Apart from showcasing humongous exhibition spaces, the center also has a unique art library, which is no less than a paradise for an art lover. The center also houses a number of shops as well as cafes to take a break from exploring this endless and exciting exhibition space. Apart from allowing you to peek into the rich art scenario of Thailand, the amazing architecture of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is also worth admiration and highly picturesque. Apart from that, BACC has also been playing a major role in promoting the works of under-rated artists and promoting youngsters from across the world to further brush up their unique skills and follow their dreams.

Visiting this beautiful place is surely a must for each and every visitor in Bangkok to explore the rich hidden art culture of Thailand, especially if you are a music, literature, history, or art lover. The ever-changing exhibits of the Centre would surely take you on a completely different trip, away from the hustle-bustle and crowded spaces of touristy Bangkok destinations. 

History of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

This Art Centre project came into being in 1995 when Dr. Bhichit Rattakul was the governor of Bangkok. However, this project got suspended in the year 2001 when the governor of the city changed. Space was then being reconsidered as a commercial space with huge private investments. Artists, cultural organizations as well as the Media from across the country started protesting against this move. Thereafter, in the year 2004, when the governor changed again, the Artists’ Network again presented the idea of the Art and Culture Centre, which was then agreed upon. Thereafter, it was finally decided to build the art center following its original concept as well as the design.

Gallery Architecture of Bangkok Art And Culture Centre

Apart from the amazing exhibits of the center, its architecture is also absolutely unique and will leave you completely dazzled. There are various features across the building itself which are worth admiration. The creators of the building wanted the exhibition spaces and galleries to be quite versatile and flexible to host all the different types of exhibits. Traditional Thai culture has been beautifully incorporated with the modern outlook of the building with its high ceilings that allow all the possible exhibits to be placed easily.

The perfect amalgamation of both natural and optimized light further enhances the experience in the exhibit galleries. The architecture of this modern marvel is highly inspired by the world-famous Guggenheim Museum in New York. The exteriors, as well as the spacious interiors of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, are surely going to remind you of the same.

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• BACC does not showcase any particular type of exhibits, therefore, be ready to be amazed by completely unthinkable showcases.
• Some of the most prominent themed exhibition spaces of the center include Asian Photography, Japanese crafts, Young Thai Artists, King Rama IX, India@70, and Mekong River Art.
• The galleries of the center allow you to take a tour of the contemporary art culture of Thailand.
• The architecture of BAC is on a completely different level. Comprising 10 different levels, the building is inspired by the world-famous Guggenheim Museum in New York.
• BACC is also host to Bangkok Art Biennale, which is the largest art event in the entire country and attracts some of the most prominent artists and endless spectators from across the world.
• The ECO-SHOP situated within the center also sells some of the most unique as well as completely eco-friendly stuff for you to take back home.
• Hibiki Music Studio, situated within the building is a perfect place for any music lover out there to spend some memorable time, learning how to play a musical instrument of their choice.

How To Reach

1. By BTS Sky Train: Taking a BTS Skytrain can be considered as the quickest and the most convenient way to get to BACC. You can take a train to National Stadium Station and exit through Exit 3. You can then take the Skybridge to the 3rd floor of BACC and stroll right in.

2. By Boat: At the Saen Saeb Canal, you can board a boat and arrive at the SaPhan Hua-Chang Pier which is about 400 metres from the pier.

3. By Bus: You can take local buses with numbers 15, 16, 21, 25, 29, 34, 36, 40, 47, 48, 50, 54, 73, 73ก, 79, 93, 141, 159, 204, 508 to reach the Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre from any place in the city.

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Best Time To Visit

You can visit the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre in the morning hours as it remains less crowded and you will get a chance to indulge in a detailed exploration tour.

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Other Essential Information

Places to visit near Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

1. The Grand Palace: Visiting this historical and architecturally beautiful attraction is a must-visit for each and every visitor to Bangkok. This palace is not only a symbol of the Royal Family but also one of the icons of Thailand. The palace is right now divided into two parts; the temple of Golden Buddha, and the Royal Residence, where all the royal ceremonies are hosted even to date.

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2. Wat Phra Chetuphon: More commonly known as Wat Pho, this temple of humongous reclining Buddha is one of the most visited attractions of Bangkok. The temple also is home to over 1000 images of Buddha, numerous stupas, and towering statues.

3. Wat Arun: Rising from the banks of the beautiful Chao Phraya River, the grandeur of this beautiful temple is best admired at night from across the river. The 82 meters high tower of the main structure is one of the most stunning elements of this temple. One can also climb up the steep steps of this tower to admire the beautiful views of the river upfront from the top.

4. Chatuchak Weekend Market: Open from Friday-Sunday, Chatuchak market is surely a heaven for seafood lovers and people with a sweet tooth. Apart from gorging on the mouth-watering street food of Bangkok, one can also shop for trendy clothing, jewelry, art pieces, accessories, and much more.

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5. Lumpini Park: A perfect escape from the crowded tourist attractions and the rushing city of Bangkok, situated within the heart of the city, Lumpini Park spreads over 50,000 square kilometers of area and is loaded up with beautiful flora and fauna. Apart from taking a walk through its serene landscape and spending some leisurely time, you can also plan to paddle-boat in its humongous lake.

6. Jim Thompson House Museum: This historical house turned museum houses a lush green garden and endless antiques. This small little Thai home is surely a must-visit for all the art lovers out there and for those who wish to spend some time at a peaceful yet astonishing location in the city.

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7. MBK Center: When it comes to shopping in Bangkok, the very first place that you need to head towards is the MBK center. This iconic shopping mall in Bangkok is perfect for window shopping and perfect for people who showcase great skills at bargaining!

8. Asiatique: Based on the theme of the history of Bangkok, Asiatique is a beautiful night market, which is all about food, shopping, and tons of fun. Situated close to the banks of the Chao Phraya River, the glittering lights of the market at night would surely make you fall in love.

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Places to shop near Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

1. Siam Paragon: This beautiful megamall, built with steel and glass features over 250 high-end brands from across the world and is perfect for shopping for all the brand enthusiasts out there. One can easily walk to this mall from the BACC. The mall also features a 16-screen multiplex, Asia’s biggest aquarium, and an endless array of gourmet restaurants and cafes.

2. MBK Center: Occupying 7 floors of retail space, this affordable shopping mall features over 2000 shops selling an endless range of products including electronics, clothing, gold jewelry, luggage, and much more. The mall also features gaming arcades, karaoke zones, and cinema halls.

3. Siam Center: This is one of the most popular shopping malls in Bangkok amongst the locals and attracts a huge rush of youngsters. The place is known to feature some of the best designer brands from across the world, including Victoria’s Secret, Steve Madden, and Pull & Bear.

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Places to eat near Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

1. Food Loft at Central Chidlom: If you are looking out for more of an experience apart from gorging on delicious food, this place with the concept of theatre kitchen is the perfect one for you to be headed towards. The place features 8 cooking stations where you can enjoy live cooking and gorge on some mouth-watering international dishes.

2. Pier 21 Food Court at Terminal 21: If all you want to enjoy is some amazing Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, and/or Chinese dishes, this place is surely the best one for you. It is also considered one of the most budget-friendly as well as cleanest food courts of Bangkok.

3. MBK Food Courts: Bangkok’s famous Mah Boon Krong features 2 extensive food halls, Fifth Food Avenue and the MBK Food Centre. These food halls feature some of Bangkok’s best food outlets and serve almost all the cuisines, ranging from local street food to international gourmet cuisines.

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Tips to Visit Bangkok Art And Culture Centre

1. Before starting your art explorations, it is highly advisable to pick up the Bangkok Art Map which will lead you up towards some of the hidden art galleries of the city, which are an extended venture of BACC.

2. Do not forget to head towards the ECO SHOP while you are at BACC to shop for some unique and eco-friendly products.

3. There is also a jewelry store within the center known as Shannta that allows you to curate your very own unique pieces.

4. Another unique experience that you can get indulged at the BACC is relishing some unique ice cream at the IceDEA. Some of the ice-cream flavors that are a must-try include the Wasabi Ice Cream, Global 5. Warming Ice Cream, and the Cigarette Ice Cream.

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Point of Interest for Bangkok Art And Culture Centre
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre Exhibits

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre Exhibits

The exhibits at the Art and Culture Centre in Bangkok are quite extensive and vary widely. All its exhibits have explanations in English with bilingual staff to help you enhance the experience of admiring the exhibits. Once you step into the art galleries of the center, you will experience a boom of innovation and creativity. The rotating curators of the center ensure that the visitors always have something exciting and unique to experience whenever they visit this place.

Some of the most prominent exhibits that the center has hosted over the past few years include the Young Thai Artist Awards, contemporary Japanese Crafts, Asian Photography, and The Mekong River Art Project. Apart from these, the center has also been proactive in hosting the works of local as well as international artists. It is quite sure that you will get to know about and admire something absolutely unique and exciting on exhibition whenever you plan to visit this place

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Tourism Board Alliances

Bangkok Art And Culture Centre FAQs

What are the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre opening hours?

The opening hours of Bangkok Art & Culture Centre are from 10:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M. (Tuesday - Sunday). The museum is closed on Mondays.

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Are we allowed to take photographs?

It is allowed to take photographs inside the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre for non-commercial uses. However, the use of flash, tripods, and selfie sticks is prohibited inside the exhibition areas. Videography is not allowed inside the exhibition spaces.

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