Giant Swing Overview

The Giant Swing in Bangkok stands as a captivating symbol of the city's cultural heritage. This iconic landmark, located in the historic area of Phra Nakhon, dates back to the 18th century and was originally used in Brahmin ceremonies. Towering over the skyline, the Giant Swing is not only a historic marvel but also offers a glimpse into Thailand's religious traditions.

WatSuthat, better known for the towering red Giant Swing that stands at its passage, is one of the most noteworthy and remarkable temples in Bangkok. Visitors on a Thailand trip should not miss the chance to witness the impressive Giant Swing, once used in traditional ceremonies. It highlights a rich church with clearing rooftop, wonderful divider paintings and stunning hand­cut teakwood entryway panels. Standing at 21.15 meters, between WatSuthat and Bangkok City Hall, the Giant Swing's two towering red columns and intricately cut crossbar are unmistakable visible from a far distance. The first Giant Swing, dating from 1784, was replaced in 2004 with another one created completely from brilliant teak. The development of the new swing was a mind boggling procedure of hand­cutting, paint undercoating and covering by expert specialists and included various gatherings from structural architects to the Forestry Department to Brahmin ministers.

Opening Hours:Every day from 08:30 AM ­ 09:00 PM

Location:BamrungMuang Road, Old City (Rattanakosin), opposite Bangkok City Hall

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