Siam Square Overview

Siam Square in Bangkok is a vibrant shopping and entertainment district that is famous for its bustling markets and lively atmosphere. It is dotted with fashion boutiques, designer stores, and local market stalls. Shoppers can buy trendy fashion clothing and accessories, artisanal souvenirs, cosmetics, books and art supplies, and home decor items. Cultural enthusiasts can explore theatres, art galleries, and cinemas, while foodies can savour authentic Thai delicacies and international cuisine.

Siam Square is one of Bangkok's most vibrant shopping districts in Thailand. The square is located in the heart of the city and was originally a slum area. It was later developed into a commercial space after a fire incident occurred there.

Today, Siam Square is one of the most massive open-air shopping malls in the world. It has more than 4200 shops including trendy boutiques, designer stores, and local market stalls. With Thailand packages you can walk through the maze-like alleyways and enjoy shopping. The shops here sell everything from fashion and accessories to electronics and souvenirs. 

Siam Square is a cultural hotspot with theatres and art galleries. The Scala Theatre at the Square features the latest in Thai and international cinema and provides an extraordinary movie-watching experience. The local food stalls at Siam Square serve authentic Thai cuisine that is lip-smackingly good and food enthusiasts can go on an amazing food tour.


• Explore the trendy boutiques and fashion shops in the shopping alleys of Siam Square and shop for the latest fashion apparel.
• Indulge in delicious street food at the vibrant Siam Square Night Market and treat yourself to a variety of Thai culinary delights.
• Immerse in contemporary Thai art at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and marvel at the diverse exhibitions and interactive installations.
• Unwind with a relaxing Thai massage at one of Siam Square's reputable spas and feel recharged amidst the bustling city atmosphere.
• Catch a movie at the iconic Scala Theatre which is a vintage cinema that offers a nostalgic movie-watching experience in the heart of Siam Square.

How To Reach

1. By Car: Siam Square is located 5.1 km from Bangkok City Centre and it will take about 20 minutes via Nakhon Sawan Rd.

2. By BTS Skytrain: The BTS Skytrain is a convenient way to reach Siam Square. You can hop on either the Sukhumvit Line or the Silom Line and get down at the Siam station, located right on top of Siam Square. 

3. By Bus: Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) operates buses connecting the city centre to Siam Square directly. Take the bus from Opposite Thai Airways Building to Siam Center. The journey takes only about 11 minutes.

4. By Taxi: Booking a taxi is the easiest way to reach Siam Square. You can book taxis like Tam Taxi Service, Grab Taxi, and All Thai Taxi and reach Siam Square in 4 minutes. 

Best Time To Visit

Siam Park remains open throughout the year and welcomes visitors in every season and month. The best time to visit Siam Square is during the cooler months from November to February. These months have pleasant weather conditions to explore the market on foot. You can visit on midweek days from Tuesday to Thursday. These days have fewer crowds than weekends and offer a more relaxed atmosphere.

Other Essential Information

1. Visit during weekdays to avoid crowds at the restaurants and shops.

2. Visit Siam Paragon which is one of the largest shopping malls in Asia.

3. Relish local street food at the nearby food stalls and enjoy authentic Thai cuisine.

4. You can bargain at the street stalls to grab a deal.

5. Wear light, breathable clothing and comfortable shoes as you will have to walk a lot.

6. Carry some Thai Baht while shopping with street vendors and in smaller establishments.

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