Dolphin Show , Bangkok: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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About Dolphin Show

Dolphin show has always been a mass entertaining show, audiences of all ages are excited to watch these sea queens without any hesitation. Dolphins are amiable water animals with an emotional sensibility and a high intelligence quotient making them smart, curious and empathic.

It is absolutely fascinating to simply watch them take a swim in the show pool. The extraordinary flips and tricks they showcase with such ease and grace is an act you should look forward to at your next visit to Bangkok.The Dolphin show in Bangkok is a part of the Marine world segment of the Safari world, Bangkok.

Safari world is a safari park with over 400 exotic species and various experiences for people to enjoy. Various acts of dolphins such as singing, somersaults, dancing, a play with the hoola hoops and many more are performed. These performances are tightly curated to entertain the audience by specialised dolphin trainers.

The show is followed by a photoshoot session that the audience can participate in and get a picture with a dolphin. 
A fun fact you would be amused to know is, if a human is found drowning in the water and if there are dolphins around the drowning person dolphins have the ability to sense it and immediately jump to rescue.

So, if you ever head to a dolphin show you can be free of fears as the dolphins generally come to the rescue. Many such stunts displaying the glory of dolphins are performed at the Dolphin show, Bangkok. Read on to discover:

How to Reach Dolphin Show

1. Via Bus: The dolphinarium in Bangkok is located in the Safari world, board the bus to Mo Chit BTS Station or Chatuchak Park MRT to get to the bus stand, then board the bus no 26 or 96 and get off at Fashion Island mall. Then board bus 197 to reach your destination.

2. Via Taxi: 
Safari world is located around 45mins away from the main city, grabbing a taxi for your commute would charge you around 300 bahts and upwards.

Best Time to Visit Dolphin Show

The best time to visit Bangkok is during the end of the year, the cool weather of November and December is favourable to visit Thailand. It is also the best time to watch the dolphins in the comfort of the weather.

If you are browsing to check the best time to attend the show, You can choose to watch the dolphins at any time of the day. Dolphins are usually hyper active during the day and sleep during the night, so any time to spend with them is a good time. Multiple dolphin shows are performed throughout the day at the Safari world that you can choose from.

What Not to Miss at Dolphin Show

Shows at the dolphin show:

The show starts with the host introducing the trainers and the dolphin performers present for the day. The dolphins are called out by their names and they glide out of water to show themselves to the people.

1. Warm-up:
 The audience is prepped up as the dolphins warm up to create excitement among the audience by presenting a glimpse by jumping high over the water level, up in the air and then diving in the pool followed by a number of flips, dives, back flaps, jumps are showcased.

2. The Dolphin dance:
 The dolphins as a group present a well-coordinated performance as a dance team in front of the audience. The dolphin wiggle dance is a joyous act.

3. Balancing act:
 Followed by the dance is the balancing act where the dolphins juggle the hoola hoops with their bottlenoses and even balance a ball on their mouth. The dolphins use various colourful props making the act more presentable.

4. Paint:
 After presenting the entertaining side, the dolphins surprise the audience with their intelligence and strength. The paint over a canvas with the help of their trainer and also display gratitude towards the trainers by carrying them around.

5. Somersaults:
 The dolphins obviously wouldn’t miss out on showcasing the most thrilling somersaults for the audience which only gets more intense with time.

6. Seal On Stage:
 There is always a special guest at the show i.e., the seal. The seal waves, dances and salutes the audience at the show. The seal too balances a ball on his nose.

7. The climax:
 Post the seal’s program, the dolphins take over to perform their mega moves and amusing flips to look out for, which is followed by audience engagements.

8. Audience engagement: 
After the show, the audience is allowed to make direct contact with the dolphin’s, people can click pictures, touch, pose and spend time with the dolphins

Other Essential Information About Dolphin Show

GPS: Safari World, Sam Wa Tawan Tok, Khlong Sam Wa, Bangkok, Thailand

Timing: A 15min show performed multiple times.

Fee: 1000 Thai Bahts

Tips that might come handy before visiting the Dolphin show:

1. Choose your package: The ticket you purchase for the show does not include all the perks such as the picture with the dolphins, so purchase the package based on your requirement to avoid confusion.

2. Facts about dolphins: It is certainly interesting to learn about these talented creatures and expand your experience beyond the just. For instance, understanding and connecting with the joyous mammal will allow you to build a bond with them.

Dolphins can sense your emotions and can share a friendly bond due to their intelligence and emotional behaviour, understanding them can surprise you with a new friend. You can also be assured about your safety when you are around dolphins, as they can sense danger and can save lives if they sense a human drowning.

3. Inform the trainers: If you are opting for an experience with the dolphins and have any specific health issue or are frightful inform the instructor assisting you.

4. Don’t harm the dolphins: It is a moral responsibility to take utmost care to avoid causing any harm to the mammals.
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People Also Ask About Dolphin Show

  1. Can we swim with the dolphins and take a picture?

    You can take pictures with the dolphin, with an additional ticket. The experience doesn't include swimming with the dolphins in Safari world, Bangkok. However, you could experience swimming with them in Phuket and Pattaya.
  2. How much does it cost to swim with the dolphins? Is it a good thing to do?

    The usual costing of this experience in Thailand is around 5000 THB in Pattaya and Phuket, and varies with the kind of activities you wish to include along with it. As an activity, swimming with a dolphin can be really helpful, according to science, swimming with them can be a therapeutic experience.
  3. Does the show price include swimming with the dolphins?

    No, the show price doesn’t include swimming with the dolphins.

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