The Monkey Temples Of Lobpuri Overview

An ancient city in Thailand, Lopburi was the second capital before Ayutthaya was established as a capital in 1350. The city is divided into Old and New Towns and is well connected by bus and train services. Being an archaic city, it is replete with various temples and historical sites, the most important amongst them being the Monkey Temples. Keep an eye out for the famous crab-eating Macaques that overrun the old part of the town. They are revered and respected by the locals but are equally mischievous and can attack the unassuming tourist. 

Witnessing the monkeys freely roaming around the ancient ruins adds a delightful charm to the visit. As you explore the temples, marvel at the intricate architecture and intricate details that reflect Thailand's rich cultural heritage. Including a visit to the Monkey Temples in your Thailand packages promises an extraordinary adventure, blending cultural exploration with the joy of interacting with these mischievous primates. Discover the allure of Lopburi's Monkey Temples as part of your Bangkok trip, where history, spirituality, and nature converge in a truly captivating experience.

Highlights: Do not take any food and drink for yourself, you can purchase some for the monkeys at the temple and the amusement park built specifically for this purpose. The temple is located at the Chao Praya Basin.

Getting There: Local buses run every 20 mins from Ayutthaya. You can also take the air-conditioned bus from Bangkok or you can get around on motorcycle taxis at Lopburi.

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