Saxophone Pub Overview

Saxophone Pub in Bangkok is a legendary venue that resonates with the soulful tunes of jazz and blues. Established in the heart of the city, this iconic pub has been a haven for music enthusiasts since its inception. The warm and inviting ambiance, coupled with the smooth melodies pouring out from live saxophone performances, creates an unforgettable experience.

The pub's interior exudes a classic charm, adorned with vintage memorabilia and an intimate stage that sets the perfect backdrop for the live musical acts. 

One of the most popular and sought after live music bars which has been entertaining the people of Bangkok for years, is none other than Saxophone Pub. Near the Sky train station and close to BTS Victory Monuments this place has been ruling the hearts of Bangkok locals and visitors for the last 30 years. Some of the greatest events of live music have been hosted here and almost every night some performances make the place a must-visit during the Thailand tour. Acoustic, Jazz, blues, and soul all can enjoyed in this live music bar. Popular bands of the city have been known to perform in Saxophone Pubs. A mixed crowd of both locals as well foreigners can be seen here. Music plays from 7:30 in the evening and continues till 1o o'clock at night.

Location: 3/8 Victory Monument, Bangkok

Timings: 17:00pm to 2:00am

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