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Best Places to Visit in Kerala in 2019

  • Kerala is a coastal state located in the south of India and stretches to a length of nearly 580 km, offering some excellent beaches and hilly mountains perfect for tourists wanting to have a laidback holiday. The tropical weather of this state acts as a big booster for greater footfall of tourists visiting this place. Due to the picturesque landscape and soothing environment, the state is also tagged as ‘God’s own country’ and is among the most highly visited tourist regions in this part of the world. The state is squeezed in between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea.

    Kerala has a diverse landscape to its credit, which ranges from coconut wrapped beaches, stunning mountain ranges, wildlife reserves, spice plantations and the peaceful backwaters. Towards the southern part of the state are situated the Kovalam beaches, which are one of the best beaches preferred by tourists in Kerala. The mountain ranges of the Western Ghats which are located in this region are often converted into the tea and spice plantations, and offer another visual marvel to the onlookers. The places such as Alleppey, Varkala, Munnar and Kochi are some of the hot towns of the state, which offers the tourists more than just a holiday.

    The state also harbours an exclusive wildlife sanctuary named the Wayanad wildlife sanctuary, which is a lush green medley of the spice plantations as well as the paddy fields. This wildlife sanctuary is the abode of the different species of elephants. When one pays a visit here, one can find the herds of elephants roaming here and there in their own rhythm. The jeep safaris are also conducted to make the tourists aware with the natural habitat of the wildlife. Having won several awards across the globe for its ecotourism initiatives, the state of Kerala is truly a “gods own country”.


  • 01 Varkala

  • 02 Kovalam

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    Kovalam – the beach town located by the beautiful Arabian sea can be found situated within the boundaries of Thiruvananthapuram city of Kerala. There is much incredible beauty that lies within this city. One of the main reasons why this place is considered to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in India is because of its beaches.

    Not many know but there is great historical background pertaining to this beach town. Kovalam first received prominence when the Regent Maharani of Travancore, Sethu Lakshmi Bayi constructed the first beach resort known as the Halcyon Castle during the 1920. The place then started gaining increasing attention as tourists from all over the world started flocking to Kovalam. The major phase where Kovalam shot into limelight was during the 1970’s when hippies all teh way from Ceylon came to Kovalam.

    Like mentioned previously, Kovalam is a popular holiday destination mostly due to the beautiful beaches that it houses. Where there are beaches, there are beach resorts that make up for a very enthralling stay experience in a certain place. The Vizhinjam sea port is located approximately 3km away and is quite popular for the delicious food items that it has to offer. For instance, the wide range of fish items that the tourists will surely love. Apart from that, the ancient hindu temples, the big grandeur churches and the beautiful mosques comprises the spiritual bit of an experience in Kovalam.

    Kovalam gained the title of being the most prominent tourist spot especially during the hippie era. It still continues to hold a great position in terms of being the most popular holiday destination in India. Tourists all the way from Europe and Israel come flocking to this perfect location in hopes of having the time of their lives.

    Attractions in Kovalam

  • 03 Palakkad

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    Attractions in Palakkad

  • 04 Kasaragod

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    Journey to the South of India and God’s Own Country to discover a gem that offers tourists plenty of holiday thrills. Kasaragod is located in the famed Western Ghats and much of its topography reflects this. Green hills and coconut gardens create beautiful oases that are a treat to explore while the Arabian Sea to the west invites you to visit unspoilt beaches. The tourist places in Kasargod boasts of historical structures, religious sites, ritual worship like theyyam, and art forms like yakshagana and gombeyaata. If you’re fortunate enough, you can witness festivals like Sarvajanika Ganeshotsava and Mallikarjuna temple festival taking place.

    Like much of Kerala, Kasaragod is very tourist-friendly. You’ll have no difficulty finding places to stay. Getting from one local attraction to another is easy too and transportation is readily available. However, despite being a popular tourist destination, it doesn’t feel overdeveloped. It still retains an old world charm and this gives it a special character.

    If you’re planning to travel to Kasaragod, there are certain important details you should know. The tourist places in Kasaragod are definitely going to give you an experience of a lifetime. The experience so great that it will remain etched in your heart forever and you will share you travel tales with your dear ones. Hence, we’ve put together a list of them including the best time to visit, best tourist places and the best places to stay at. Read on to find out more about this beautiful town and district, Kasaragod.

  • 05 Alleppey

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    Alappuzha (Alleppey) is known as ‘the Venice of the East’. Offering the best tourist places in Alleppey, this charming place is the hub of Kerala’s backwaters and is home to a huge network of backwaters and more than thousand houseboats. The houseboats you find in the backwaters of Alappuzha are in fact a reworked version of the Kettuvallams of olden times. Kettuvallam is a Malayalam word, ‘Kettu’, means living structures and ‘Vallom’ means boat. In the olden days, kettuvallam or boat with a thatched roof that covers over wooden hulls was used to carry tons of rice and spices.

    The modern houseboats are equipped with all the comforts of a good hotel room like air conditioners, modern toilets, cozy living rooms, a kitchen and even a balcony for angling. An uninterrupted view of life in the backwaters fringed with coconut trees can be enjoyed from a houseboat. A perfect place to unwind with its laidback canals and lush greenery. The Alappuzha beach with a 137-year-old pier extending into the sea and an old 17th-century lighthouse built by the Portuguese add to the magic of the place. It is famous for its boat races, marine products, and coir industry.

    So get ready to wander around this small but chaotic city center and bus-stand area, with its modest grid of canals. Head west to the beach or in practically any other direction towards the backwaters and Alleppey becomes elegant and greenery-fringed, waning into a watery world of hamlets, punted canoes, toddy shops and, of course, houseboats. Float along and gaze over paddy fields of succulent green, curvaceous rice barges and village life along the banks. Indeed, it is here that nature has spent upon the land her richest bounties. Come and explore the best tourist places in Alleppey.

    Attractions in Alleppey

  • 06 Malappuram

  • 07 Kumarakom

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    Kumarakom is a cluster of beautiful little islands on the Vembanad Lake, Kerala’s largest lake in South India. It offers a scenic view of emerald green backwaters of Kerala flanked by luxuriant vegetation and paddy fields. Being endowed with worldwide recognition on account of its backwater tourism, the tourist places in Kumarakom is most sought after tourist destination due to its pristine beauty and tranquility. With miles of solitude and peace being one of the most serene offerings of Kumarakom, this fascinating destination has got something for everybody whether you are seeking relaxation, rejuvenation or on a honeymoon trip.


    An enchanting backwater destination, Kumarakom offers visitors many other leisure options. Whether it is a cruise on some of the most beautiful houseboats or a rejuvenating experience of watching the most peculiar birds in the sky, Kumarakom hits the spot in many ways. Kumarakom is an enchanting destination to enjoy a tropical paradise along with refreshing Ayurvedic Spas and a spiritual escape with some famous pilgrimage centers. If one wishes to engage in some daring adventures, Vembanad is a veritable playground. The lake is the favorite hotspot for adventurers to indulge in activities like angling, yachting, and boating. For shopping lovers and foodies too, Kumarakom is a delight for travelers.


    It is one of the most popular tourist destinations and is known for its divine, pristine and serene ambience and nature. Along with blessed with a wide variety of flora and fauna, Kumarakom is gifted with great weather, beautiful landscapes, waterways and lush greenery. The tourist places in Kumarakom are a rich spectrum of cultural and historical diversity and offers one the much needed escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. If one wishes to dive into the experience of taking a close sneak peek of nature, then Kumarakom turns out to be one of the most spectacular destinations in Kerala.

  • 08 Thrissur

  • 09 Kannur

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    Kannur also known by its English Name – Cannanore is a Municipal Corporation in the Kannur district. Situated 518 km from the state capital, Thiruvananthapuram, Kannur is the 6th largest state of Kerala and 27th largest in India.

    The northern coast of Kerala is way less touristy than its southern coast. This is an attraction in its every right. The major draw card of this end of the coastal Kerala is the underdeveloped but very beautiful beaches found here. Besides this the enthralling theyyam possession rituals conducted here are also equally magnificent.

    During the role of the Kolathiri rajas, Kannur was the key port that was brimming with the international trade. Kannur was then also christened as the ‘great emporium of spice trade’ by the explorer Marco Polo. Ever since then, the regular colonial suspects such as the British, Dutch and Portuguese have gone a step ahead to exert their influence on this region. Presently, Kannur is an unexciting yet consenting town of Kerala that is largely known for its cashew trade and the weaving industry. Given the fact that Kannur is predominantly, a Muslim area, the tourists must keep in mind their culture and traditions and further act accordingly.

  • 10 Thiruvananthapuram

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  • 11 Munnar

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    Kerala is known as God’s own country for the natural beauty and ecological diversity that it is blessed with. Amongst all of the land's beauty of the state is Munnar, a very popular hill station only 127 km from the city of Cochin. With the best places to visit in Munnar, this hill station perched at a height of 5200 ft above sea level is encompassed by scenic hills and greenery and is home to some of the best plantations of the country. Given its atmosphere, it enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year, making it a great place to rest inquietude at any given season.

    Apart from rejuvenating in the tranquillity of its nature, Munnar also offers a lot of activities to try during your visit to this hill station. Although only trekking and hiking are popularly known for in this region, what is unknown is that Munnar is a place that also offers a range of adrenaline rushing activities to experience. Mountain biking would be a great option for those comfortable riding uphill, witnessing the beautiful plantations alongside the biking trail. Added new to the list of adventurous activities in Munnar is Paragliding amongst the beautiful hills.

    Apart from all of the things to do, it also has some of the best places to visit in Munnar. Few serene lakes for boating, many picnic spots near waterfalls, parks, dams, wildlife and temples, Munnar will keep you occupied with enough to see. However, a trip to Munnar is incomplete without strolling amidst the tea plantations and trying the local flavours of tea.  

  • 12 Idukki

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    To the humankind lost in the concrete jungle, Idukki tourist places acquaints them with the splendor of nature and God’s magnificent creation. Idukki, one of the quaintest districts of Kerala, is home to a number of prominent tourist places.

    The district, which lies in the Western Ghats of Kerala, is topographically known for its rocky terrain and varied verdant vegetation. Places in Idukki is full of cliffs, lush greenery, lagoons, tranquil rivers and cascading waterfalls that hypnotize the tourists and leave them with everlasting memories. Having names of Painavu, arch dam, poonchira, Idukki shows a variety in its attractions.

    The 3 rivers Thodupuzhayar, Periyar, and Thalaya along with their tributaries keep Idukki evergreen. They are not only a source for irrigation and power generation but also a place for the existence of diverse flora and fauna that add charm to the Idukki. The
    places to visit in Idukki range from popular hill stations, Wildlife Sanctuaries, to majestic waterfalls, dams, and not to forget, the historical places.

  • 13 Kochi

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    Kochi, also known as Cochin is the biggest city in the state of Kerala. This city is being used as a part and the gateway to India since the 14th century, and is one of the best places in South India. To explore and see the best tourist places in Kochi, steep in the rich glorious history, nurtured by the foreign powers like Arabs, Portuguese, Chinese, British, and Dutch for centuries, it’s a must visit city for those who want to learn about the rich history of the country as the Colonial India and its trading prowess during the earlier times.


    A flood somewhere in the 1300s carved out the harbor of the Kochi, and since 1341 it’s being used as a port by the European, Chinese and Arab merchants. There is an array of historical sites which reflect the influence of these international traders on the city.

    Kochi is one of the best places that are ideal for both, a family holiday and a romantic honeymoon. The houseboats and boating in the tranquil backwaters make visiting Kochi an experience of the lifetime. Also, if you love Ayurveda and Yoga, and want to dig deeper in it, there are many Ayurvedic centers and resorts in the city that can be visited.

    Attractions in Kochi

  • 14 Wayanad

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    Submerged in greenery with verdant valleys and dreamy landscapes, Wayanad is nature's calling to the urban traveler, in God's Own Country, Kerala. Located on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Wayanad is drenched in greenery, making it a pristine land for travelers. Solace and tranquil are at their best here, along with hilly ranges and rich wildlife, things which an enthusiastic traveler looks for in a travel destination.

    Wayanad is popularly known as the tea heaven and is a place brimming with nature's abundance! Its sheer beauty captivates the heart and mind of visitors and enthralls them fully. With sprawling tea plantations and treks to historic caves, Wayanad is a great tourist destination, the untouched beauty of which will leave you in sheer awe!

    Not merely tea plantations, Wayanad is also quite popular for spice plantations. This destination is blessed with the Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary, and the wildlife and rich landscapes seen here are hard to find anywhere else. A safari deep into the sanctuary promises sights of elephants, tigers, panthers and other big cats, bison, deer, and bears amongst many others.

    A traveller who's inclined more towards the adventurous side can meet his adrenaline rush with a trek to the summit of the Chembra Peak. The trek to the Chembra Peak passes via a lake, which much to travelers fancy is in the shape of a heart. Popularly known as the Heart Lake, it serves as a refreshing break in the trek and as a great spot for photo ops.

    Adventurers can also take up bamboo rafting to the Kuruva Island, nestled in the middle of the Kabini River or can take up a caving visit into the Edakkal caves to see the cave art that dates back to 8000 years. Adventure also awaits at the Banasura Sagar Dam in Kalpetta where venturesome activities like boating and trekking can be done. With picturesque surroundings and indulging sceneries, the visit to Banasura Sagar Dam is wholly rejuvenating!

    There are quite some solace-offering places to stay in Wayanad for travelers. Dreamy abodes in the middle of coffee estates or those in jungles for a rendezvous with wildlife, the options to stay in Wayanad are plenty. Homestays are a pleasurable option too to experience the love and hospitality of the locals of Wayanad and strike conversations to gain insights into the local culture and history.

    Wayanad with its natural aesthetic and pleasant backdrops enchants travellers wonderfully. It's a pure natural retreat, away from the blubber of urban settings. Are you planning a trip to the wonderland already?