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Bekal Fort

The 300 years old defensive mechanism which is the largest and well-preserved fort makes it one of the best Kasaragod tourist place. You can get an enthralling view of the mesmerizing Arabian sea from the fort’s observation tower which was once used to fire the cannons!

The impressive strength of the fort brings a herd of tourists to witness the glorious past and be awestruck. Visit an old mosque near this fort to dive deeper into history.

: A Half hour away south of Kasaragod at a distance of 16 kilometers, and exact address is Kasaragod Road, PO Bekal Fort, Beside Bekal Fort Railway Station Dist, Bekal, Kerala 671316

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Entry fee: 
The entrance fee is INR 5 per person for Indians and INR 100 for foreign nationals.


Parappa Wildlife Sanctuary

A paradise for nature lovers and a fine ranked in the list of tourist places in Kasaragod. It is a natural habitat of some underrated fauna like a slow turtle, the prickly porcupine, Malabar hornbill, Slender loris, and the cute wild jungle cat.

If wilderness attracts you, this locale is a must visit for some great wildlife photography. Hike around the sanctuary and click around some rare species.

Approximately 50 kilometers away from Kasaragod.

8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Entry fee: 


Ranipuram Hills

Previously known as Madathumala, situated 750 meters above sea level, this destination boasts of some of the marvelous trekking trails of about two and a half kilometers with a cave at the summit. If seeking leisure the greens of shola woods and monsoon forests have all their natural beauty to offer you.

A combination of both adventure and leisure marks this place to be counted as one of the considerable tourist places on Kasaragod. Be it an adventure folk or solace seeker, this is one destination for all kinds of travelers.

55 kilometers away from Kasaragod.

This place can be visited anytime, and is open for all.

Entry fee: 


Thaikadappuram Beach

An ideal locale for a peaceful vacay! If rare and unexplored fauna catches your attention then you must visit this beach in the monsoon season to watch some olive ridley turtles. Watch the sand turn golden and the sun setting with vivid colors.

Just sit in silence and see the wonders nature has to offer or have a frolicking time with your troop at one of the best tourist places in Kasaragod.

Just one hour away from Kasaragod.

You can visit the beach whenever you want, as it is all time open.

Entry fee:


Bela Church

Also, popularly known as ladies of sorrow church, this has been set up in a gothic style which captivates archives and all those with a similar interest. This roman catholic church is visited by devotees as it marks its presence in the drop down of religious significance locales.

If you wish to visit a place, which is an excellent epitome of serenity, then this is your place to be.

20 minutes drive from Kasaragod, and the exact address is  Kumbla–Badiadka Rd, Bela, Kerala 671321.

7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Entry fee: 


Malom Wildlife Sanctuary

A blend of magnificent tropical fauna and wildlife, this sanctuary is home to animals like Elephants, Tigers, Bison, Deers and about 200 species of vivid birds, in case bird watching is your forte. If lucky enough you might get a sight of the Cobra, and python.

The flora comprises of some rare herbs and other medicinal plants. Go and explore the wilderness taking sufficient time in hand, as this land has a lot of unexplored yet to be explored in house spots amongst the tourist places in Kasaragod.

: 64 kilometers away from Kasaragod approximately two hours journey.

7:00 am to 4:30 pm

Entry fee: 
INR 20 per adult.



Kuttamath Nagar legally is renowned for marking the origin of an extraordinary artist composing melodic shows and sonnets. If you do appreciate the abstract art this place is for you. Individuals from close by spots rush in amid the pinnacle seasons for an excursion and appreciate the day, a long way from city’s dissonance.

This quaint little town of Kasaragod is just a perfect destination if you wish to go away from the hustle bustle of the cities!

42 kilometers away from Kasaragod.

This town can be visited anytime.


Mallikarjuna Temple

A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is situated in the center of the Kasaragod city. The mesmerizing aura of this temple stops the passerby to sit and spend some time in the premises watching the ritual performances which are a part of common daily routine.

This edifice was built by the Iyer kings and is one of the most revered tourist places in Kasaragod. If the fine art attracts you then you will be amazed to know, that the walls of this spiritual site are adorned with spellbinding paintings.

Kasaragod, Kerala 671123

The temple is 24 hours open for all.

Entry fee: 

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What You Should Know More About Kasaragod

  • Q. What is the best time to visit Kasaragod?

    September to February is the ideal time to visit as the weather is dry and temperature is average, the high 20s and low 30s. Kasaragod enjoys cool winters and hot summers. Its proximity to the sea gives rise to high humidity in summer and travelling during this time can be unpleasant. The monsoon rains are heavy too and can put a damper on traveling plans.

  • Q. How to reach Kasaragod?

    Kasaragod can be reached by air, rail and road.

    Air: Kasaragod does not have an airport. Mangaluru Airport is the nearest and is located 45 kms away. It is an international airport that is connected to domestic cities and international cities in the Middle East.

    Rail: Kasaragod Railway Station is the most important station in town and is connected to major cities like Pune, Jaipur, Chennai, Bengaluru and Chandigarh.

    Road: Kasaragod is also well-connected to important cities by road. You can travel here from places like Coimbatore, Bangalore, Goa, Chennai and Thiruvananthapuram.

  • Q. What things can I do in Kasaragod?

    Being situated in the Western Ghats, Kasaragod provides plenty of opportunities for nature-based activities. Its many historical sites also allow for sightseeing, which is one of the first things that travelers do here. Check out this list of how to stay occupied when you visit this amazing town –
    -Coastal tour
    -Nature and wildlife tours

  • Q. Which are some best resorts to stay in Kasaragod?

    Kasaragod is very popular with tourists and this has led to the establishment of numerous resorts. Here are some of the best –
    -Vivanta by Taj – Bekal
    -Kanan Beach Resort
    -Sree Gokulam Nalanda Resorts
    -Neeleshwar Hermitage
    -Oyster Opera
    -Bekal Fort Resorts
    -The LaLiT Resort & Spa Bekal
    -Malabar Ocean Front Resort and Spa
    -Neelambari Resorts and Spa
    -Kanan Beach Resort

  • Q. Which are the best places to experience local cuisine in Kasaragod?

    If you’re in Kasargod, you must make it a point to sample the local cuisine. South Indian fare like dosa and idli can be enjoyed while local favorites like theeyal, thoran and seafood are a must-try. Here are a few popular places to savor Kerala fare –
    -Nombili – The Restaurant
    -Vasant Vihar
    -Lums Royal Multicuisine Restaurant
    -Latitude Restaurant (Vivanta by Taj)
    -Gastrobio Shalimar

  • Q. What are the best public transport modes to commute around Kasaragod?

    Getting around Kasaragod is affordable and convenient. Auto rickshaws and buses are the most popular means of transport. However, if you crave privacy and comfort, you can hire a car for the day from any one of the car rental companies in town.

  • Q. Which are the best places for shopping in Kasaragod?

    Kasaragod has several shopping destinations where you can pick up fashion items and knickknacks. Take a look at the top places –
    -Nalapad UK Mall
    -Royal Silks Kasargod
    -Square Nine Mall
    -KG2 Fancy Store
    -Thalangara Shopping Complex
    -Street markets in and around town

  • Q. Which are must visit beaches in Kasaragod?

    Like many parts of Kerala, Kasaragod has several beaches, some of which are secluded and others touristy. Depending on what mood you’re in, you have your pick of choices. Here are the best beaches in Kasaragod –
    -Bekal Beach
    -Kappil Beach
    -Kanwatheertha Beach
    -Azhithala Beach
    -Hosdurg Beach

  • Q. Which are best trekking trails in Kasaragod?

    The Western Ghats open travelers up to a world of green and that’s exactly what you get when visiting Kasaragod. Two of the best trails are Ranipuram Hills and Kottancheri Hills. The latter is an extension of the proposed Ranipuram Wildlife Sanctuary.

    You can trek and explore the unique flora and fauna as well as stop for a picnic before heading home. If you’re trekking Ranipuram Hills, there are tourist cottages where you can spend the night.