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What You Should Know More About Kasaragod

  • Drinking laws

    The legal age for drinking in Kasaragod is 21 years.

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    Cheruvathur is a prominent picnic spot that is frequently visited by the scholars and the poets of the Kuttamath family. When here, yo
    u can witness the shadows of the past accredited to the Veermala Hills and the famous
    Dutch fort located here. The fort has been here ever since the 18th century.

    In the Kasaragod district of Kerala, Nileshwar is the cultural capital town. Often spelled by the locals as the Nileswaram, the town lies amidst the two rivers - Thejaswini puzha and Nileshwaram puzha. This happens to be the 3rd largest district of the Kasargod district.


    Manjeshwar is a beautiful town of Kerala that is particularly famous for its pilgrimages and the cashew nuts. It houses more than 15 mosques and a number of temples. Towards, the southern end of the banks of the River Manjeshwar, the Bengara Manjeswar are the 2 archaic Jain Bastis.


    Situated about 13 km from Kasargod, is the ancient town of the Kumbala. It is the erstwhile seat of the power for the Ruler of Kumbala. Presently, the temple of this place dedicated to Lord Gopalkrishna and is a major tourist attraction. Devotees from all over come and visit this temple.

    Chandragiri Fort

    Chandragiri Fort is enveloped by nature and forestry on all the sides. It is immersed in its glorious past and was established during the 17th century by the Bedanore’s Sivappa Naik.  

    Malik Deenar Mosque

    Believed to be an attractive mosque of the Kasargod District, the Malik Deenar Mosque is definitely one of the best and the most well maintained mosque of the district. The mosque is said to have been built by Malik Ibn Dibar and is a great place to see here.


    Another must see attraction in Kasargod District is Madhur. You can explore the ancient Srimad Anantheswara Vinayaka Temple located here and delve in the religious aura of the place. Located some 8 km from Kasargod, the town is majorly known for its beautiful temples.


    There is no better place to unwind than the serene and the beautiful backwater stretches of Kerala. The state is not known, God's own country without a reason. Valiyaparamba lies in close proximity to the Bekal town and is known for its gorgeous backwaters.

    Ananthapura Lake Temple

    Situated in the Kasargod district of Kerala, Ananthapura Lake Temple is connected to the Sri Anantha Padmanabha Temple, Trivandrum. Surrounded by the magnificent lake, it is believed that there is a crocodile residing in the lake that is known to protect the temple. You’ll have to remove your shirt before entering the temple.  \

    Mallikarjuna Temple

    Mallikarjuna Temple is one of the oldest temples of the Kasargod town and is centrally located. Particularly famous for its festival Yakshagana and musical theater, the temple is dedicated to Mallikarjuna form of Lord Shiva.

    Govinda Pai Memorial

    Govinda Pai Memorial is a home to several known and prominent Kannada poets. It is swamped by tourists in large numbers. Madras Government has lauded Govinda Pai with a tag of 'Poet Laureate'.


    If you are seeking some tranquility and spirituality in Kerala, then Ajanoor is your go to place. Located amidst the nature, one striking feature of this small village is that it is at a distance of only 5 km from the Madiyan Kulom Temple.

    Hosdurg Fort
    Hosdurg Fort was established by the Somashekhara Nayaka who was a King of the Ikkeri Dynasty. This majestic fort has a round bastion that is alluring. Visiting this fort is an important thing to do here.

    Bela Church
    Built in the year 1890, the Bela Church is the oldest church of the district. Believed to be the composition in the district, the church was actually constructed in year 1890. Also regarded as the 'Our lady of Sorrow Church', the church is presently managed and operated by the Mangalore Diocese.

    Malom Wildlife Sanctuary
    Malom Wildlife Sanctuary is largely known for its lush green forests and a massive wildlife. It is an important tourist attraction here.

    Kammadam Sacred Grove Wildlife Sanctuary
    Kammadam Sacred Grove Wildlife Sanctuary brings forth a mélange of nature and sacredness. The sanctuary is rich in flora and fauna and is somehow connected to the Bhagavathi Temple.

  • What you will like here?

    God's Own Country

    What’s a better introduction than beginning your travel to India with "God's Own Country"? Kerala has played a major role in shaping the travel and tourism of India and does deserve the requisite attention from tourists from across the world. Right from the backwaters to the gushing waterfalls, rolling hills, festivals and the delectable cuisines, there’s just so much to do and see that you really don’t need a second thought before planning a holiday in Kasargod.


    Beaches in Kasargod are majestic and attractive. You can relax and unwind at the scenic beaches of Kerala. Most of the beaches have a golden sand and are shaded by rows of palm trees across the beaches. What’s a better relaxation than sitting on beach, watching the clean waves go by, sipping a refreshing juice of a tender coconut and treating yourself with the Ayurveda massage while you are on your beach tour in Kasaragod. Most of the newly weds come to this beautiful state of India to enjoy a romantic honeymoon on one of the many romantic beaches here.  


    Kasargod is popular for its quiet backwaters, lush forest covers, sun kissed beaches, vivid therapeutic traditions, luxuriant forests, incredible sun-kissed beaches and the turquoise sea water. It is centrally located and prominent hills stations like Idukki, Munnar and Wayanad are just few kilometers away. You can there undertake the natural walks and adventure activities like rock climbing, wildlife treks and mountaineering.

    The Emerald Backwaters

    Feel just completely relaxed as you enter the breathtaking paradise where the sky, land and the sea unite in its elements. Backwaters in Kasargod are a great attraction as they are comprised of an alluring system of interconnected channels, lakes, waterways and inlets. When in Kerala, do hire a houseboat and enjoy the heavenly experience with the visions of the emerald rice fields, green countryside, children waving from the banks and swaying palm trees.  

    Delicious Food – Spicy and Tangy Cuisines

    One of the key reasons to love this beautiful paradise is its food. The cuisines here are generally spicy and hoy assuring great vigor and taste. They are made using exotic fruits, number of vegetables, locally grown aromatic spices and traditional flavors. Rice and fish is a must have thing when you are exploring this beautiful tourist attraction.

    Beautiful Scenery – Blue Hills, Beaches and Backwaters

    Kerala has lots of fascinating and romantic destinations in this beautiful Indian state which appeal tourists, and couples from all over the world. Soak yourself in the beauty of the clean long beaches, foggy mountains, scenic rivers and the pleasant water bodies. All of these are absolutely incredible since they are mostly unharmed by the tourists and the locals.  

    Ayurvedic Medicine

    Ayurveda is the science of life. Not just Kasargod but the entire Kerala is the home of this relaxing science. It is indeed one of the oldest traditions in the world. Ayur means Life and Veda means knowledge or science. Getting a meditation diet or a massage with heavy application of aromatic oils is the most important thing to do.

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  • What is the best time to visit Kasaragod?

    September to February is the ideal time to visit as the weather is dry and temperature is average, the high 20s and low 30s. Kasaragod enjoys cool winters and hot summers. Its proximity to the sea gives rise to high humidity in summer and travelling during this time can be unpleasant. The monsoon rains are heavy too and can put a damper on traveling plans.

  • How to reach Kasaragod?

    Kasaragod can be reached by air, rail and road.

    Air: Kasaragod does not have an airport. Mangaluru Airport is the nearest and is located 45 kms away. It is an international airport that is connected to domestic cities and international cities in the Middle East.

    Rail: Kasaragod Railway Station is the most important station in town and is connected to major cities like Pune, Jaipur, Chennai, Bengaluru and Chandigarh.

    Road: Kasaragod is also well-connected to important cities by road. You can travel here from places like Coimbatore, Bangalore, Goa, Chennai and Thiruvananthapuram.

  • What things can I do in Kasaragod?

    Being situated in the Western Ghats, Kasaragod provides plenty of opportunities for nature-based activities. Its many historical sites also allow for sightseeing, which is one of the first things that travelers do here. Check out this list of how to stay occupied when you visit this amazing town –

    • Trekking
    • Kayaking
    • Coastal tour
    • Nature and wildlife tours

  • Which are some best resorts to stay in Kasaragod?

    Kasaragod is very popular with tourists and this has led to the establishment of numerous resorts. Here are some of the best –

    • Vivanta by Taj – Bekal
    • Kanan Beach Resort
    • Sree Gokulam Nalanda Resorts
    • Neeleshwar Hermitage
    • Oyster Opera
    • Bekal Fort Resorts
    • The LaLiT Resort & Spa Bekal
    • Malabar Ocean Front Resort and Spa
    • Neelambari Resorts and Spa
    • Kanan Beach Resort

  • Which are the best places to experience local cuisine in Kasaragod?

    If you’re in Kasargod, you must make it a point to sample the local cuisine. South Indian fare like dosa and idli can be enjoyed while local favorites like theeyal, thoran and seafood are a must-try. Here are a few popular places to savor Kerala fare –

    • Nombili – The Restaurant
    • Vasant Vihar
    • Lums Royal Multicuisine Restaurant
    • Latitude Restaurant (Vivanta by Taj)
    • Gastrobio Shalimar

  • What are the best public transport modes to commute around Kasaragod?

    Getting around Kasaragod is affordable and convenient. Auto rickshaws and buses are the most popular means of transport. However, if you crave privacy and comfort, you can hire a car for the day from any one of the car rental companies in town.

  • Which are the best places for shopping in Kasaragod?

    Kasaragod has several shopping destinations where you can pick up fashion items and knickknacks. Take a look at the top places –

    • Nalapad UK Mall
    • Royal Silks Kasargod
    • Square Nine Mall
    • KG2 Fancy Store
    • Thalangara Shopping Complex
    • Street markets in and around town

  • Which are must visit beaches in Kasaragod?

    Like many parts of Kerala, Kasaragod has several beaches, some of which are secluded and others touristy. Depending on what mood you’re in, you have your pick of choices. Here are the best beaches in Kasaragod –

    • Bekal Beach
    • Kappil Beach
    • Kanwatheertha Beach
    • Azhithala Beach
    • Hosdurg Beach

  • Which are best trekking trails in Kasaragod?

    The Western Ghats open travelers up to a world of green and that’s exactly what you get when visiting Kasaragod. Two of the best trails are Ranipuram Hills and Kottancheri Hills. The latter is an extension of the proposed Ranipuram Wildlife Sanctuary. You can trek and explore the unique flora and fauna as well as stop for a picnic before heading home. If you’re trekking Ranipuram Hills, there are tourist cottages where you can spend the night.

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