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Kayaking In Kochi1 hour
INR 899
Backwater Kayaking in Munnar1 hour
INR 499

Kerala Kayaking

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Kayaking in Kerala's "God's Own Country" is an outstanding way to enjoy adventure sports. Kerala is known for adventures of assorted types; be it on land or water. Despite the fact that the state is loaded up with various hills and pinnacles, it caters well to the needs of the courageous individuals who love sports in the water. If you are intending to make an excursion to Kerala, Kayaking is one of the energizing adventure activities to do here.

Nature has constantly shocked man with its plenitude of excellence. The relentless oceans and the long waterways, wandering aimlessly, and the savage rapids have dependably been intimidating. But, there are those globe-trotters that ace the waters through different methods, and kayaking is one of these. In one style of kayak, the paddler looks ahead with their legs before them underneath a deck, and use a twofold bladed oar. Another style is the sit-on-top kayak. Most kayaks have a long front and back deck and differ as indicated by the sort of water they are intended for. Sea or ocean kayaking is regularly done in the vast ocean, while whitewater kayaking is done in the rapids.

Kayaking tours in Kerala come in diverse structures all through the world. Kayaking fans regularly take part in whale viewing, for instance. Getting a look at a white whale or a humpback whale can be a vital lifetime adventure. Some kayakers have even had the chance to go kayaking close by orcas, or executioner whales. In a kayak, you can investigate the uncommon wildness of the sea in its fullest magnificence. Having your own kayaking adventure expands mindfulness about the earth, the biological community and the need to protect it.

Kayaking in Kerala gives you a chance to find and appreciate the charm and marvel of the excellent waters and unmatched skies. Exceptional landscape and natural life are included attractions which kayaking offers. All this definitely goes about as an all-out pressure reliever. The kayaking adventures can likewise incorporate lake kayaking and river boating journeys. It isn't important to have some related knowledge in Kayaking in Kerala as guides are always there at your disposal.
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Kerala Kayaking FAQs

Which are the best places for Kayaking in Kerala?

1. Alleppey Backwaters: Surrounded by lush green coconut plantations and breathtaking paddy fields, the Alleppey Backwaters is considered to be the largest network of Kerala backwaters. The picturesque and romantic Alleppey Backwaters, makes for one of the famous sites for kayaking in Kerala. While kayaking in the striking backwaters in Alleppey, you can enjoy the mesmerizing sunset view and indulge in birdwatching.
2. Kozhikode Backwaters: 
Also nicknamed as Vasco Da Gama, Kozhikode offers untainted, virgin backwaters that promise an unmatched experience of kayaking in Kerala. As you enjoy your kayaking trip across the Kozhikode Backwaters, you can enjoy watching the beautiful houseboats floating on the turquoise blue waters.
You can also catch a glimpse of the ancient lighthouse, standing proud on the Kozhikode Beach. You can even explore the breathtaking scenic beauty around the Cannoli canals and Kallai river.

Timings: 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM
3. Kuttanad Backwaters: Nestled amidst the sea and the hills, the postcard-perfect Kuttanad Backwaters is one of the calmest and most serene sites for kayaking in Kerala. As you experience kayaking in the backwaters here, you can soak in the breathtaking panoramic views of the lush green expanses on one side and treat your eyes with the charming traditional village life of Kerala on the other. You can also catch a glimpse of the picturesque paddy fields and see the indegenous agricultural techniques used here. 
4. Ashtamudi Backwaters: Formed by a total of 8 merging channels, Ashtamudi Backwaters is one of the most photographed places for white water kayaking in Kerala. Ashtamudi Backwaters are considered to be the second largest deepest wetland ecosystem in the country.
Known for its exciting folklores, this place will offer you an insight of the lifestyle of the local tribe, as you kayak across the serene backwaters. You can also soak in the spellbinding beauty of the photogenic landscapes and get a chance to spot a number of animals and colourful birds.
5. Thrissur Backwaters: Thrissur Backwaters is known to be one of the favourite backwaters in Kerala among the offbeat travelers and water sports lovers. This place is totally surrounded by lush trees and flaunts sparkling turquoise blue waters. You can get a sneak peek into the traditional Kerala lifestyle, as you enjoy kayaking in the Thrissur Backwaters. You can also spot a myriad of stunning colourful shikaras. You can even experience kayaking around Kanoli Kanal and Chettuva Lake.
6. Kavvayi Backwaters: Created by the conglomeration of a multitude of islands on the Kavvayi River in northern Kerala, Kavvayi Backwaters is one of the most frequently visited sites for kayaking in Kerala. Since this place still remains one of the least explored backwaters in the state, you will experience an air of peace and serenity, as you enjoy rafting here. With picturesque lush green expanses serving as the perfect backdrop, you can explore the blooming fauna and flora of the region, on your rafting trip. You can also spot a host of big and small islands as you cruise across the backwaters in your raft.
7. Padanna Backwaters: Lying in the northernmost part of the state, Padanna Backwaters happens to be one of the most distinct backwaters in Kerala. These backwaters are untainted and yet not touched by the adverse effects of urbanization. The calm aura and the exotic views make Padanna Backwaters one of the most couple-friendly places for kayaking in Kerala. While you enjoy kayaking in the enchanting backwaters of Padanna, you can also spot a number of beautiful country boats and houseboats.
8. Sasthamkotta Backwaters: Known as the Queen of lakes, Sasthamkotta happens to be the largest lake in Kerala state. This place offers a positive and refreshing vibe that is much-needed for all city dwellers, who flock here to escape their chaotic and mundane life. You can go kayaking in the Sasthamkotta Backwaters all year round and you will unarguably get to enjoy the best experience. While you kayak here, you can spot a number of indegenous fauna, including friendly monkeys.
9. Pathiramanal Backwaters:One of the hidden secrets of the state, Pathiramanal Backwaters is the best place for kayaking for avid birdwatchers. As you enjoy kayaking in the vivacious backwaters, you can spot a huge number of indegenous and migratory birds, including Common Teal, terns, gulls, Indian Shag, Cormorant, Pintail Ducks, Night Heron, Purple Heron, egrets, and Darter. You can also bask in the awe-inspiring lush green patches of palm trees and other bushes.
10. Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom: The Vembanad Lake has gained a lot of popularity in recent times, thanks to its rich, blooming scenic beauty. The calm backwaters of the Vembanad Lake offer a very satisfying kayaking experience. With breathtaking views of thick palm plantations and lush green stretches, kayaking in this lake will be an unforgettable experience. You can also spot a number of amazing country and fishing boats, while kayaking in Vembanad Lake.

Location: Kumarakom, Kottayam district, Kerala

What is the average price for kayaking in Kerala?

The price of kayaking in the state of Kerala generally starts from INR 500 per head and can go up to INR 3000 per head. The price usually changes, depending on the kayaking site and the time of the year.

What is the best time for kayaking in Kerala?

The most ideal time for white water kayaking in Kerala is during the winter season, between the months of November and February. During this time of the year, the weather of the place is pleasant and salubrious and the water is cool. You can also see a myriad of exotic migratory birds while kayaking in the Kerala backwaters during the winters.

Kerala Kayaking Reviews

Puneet Menon
Reviewed: 07 Feb 2020
Booked this experience with Thrillophilia was cheaper and easy, the place has good views, we really enjoyed the double kayak
Gitanjali Devar
Reviewed: 26 Jan 2020
Professional guide, well-maintained kayak, delicious-snacks, clean and safety life-jackets, overall it was a great adventure there. Definitely worth suggesting others.
Anish Mehra
Reviewed: 01 Dec 2019
Third-time I did kayaking at this place, the local operator as always provided us with good kayak boat, paddle, and life jackets. the instructor was humble and approachable. As always I had a great and enjoyable expereince... More to comes

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