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Best Scuba Diving Tours in Kerala

Witness the spellbinding beauty of nature by engaging in scuba diving in Kerala when you are on a vacation. This enthralling activity takes you through the most splendid coral reefs and aquatic flora and fauna that makes this your adventure to remember for a lifetime. Kerala is blessed with some exciting locations for scuba diving, some of the famous being Kovalam Beach and Varkala Beach. Scuba diving in Kerala offers the best of an idyllic tropical holiday for the tourists to explore the gorgeous world beneath the sea. This adrenaline-pumping sport has become one of the most sought-after activities. Tourists here can explore the breathtaking underwater landscape with the help of certified and well-trained scuba diving instructors. Scuba diving in Kerala can be enjoyed by anyone who has some basic training and physical fitness. With a breathing apparatus attached to the mouth and eye goggles, scuba diving can be enjoyed to revel in the fascinating experience. The enriching activity can be undertaken after a small training exercise and be following some important safety guidelines even if you are not a trained swimmer.

The scuba diving guides communicate via sign language under water and are always there to take care in case you get into any difficulty. There are also many certified PADI courses for scuba diving at Kovalam Beach which you can take if you are interested in doing the activity regularly and become a certified scuba diver in the future. With a wide array of courses that are offered for scuba diving in Kerala, tourists can always look for the best option of their liking. They can also choose from packages like beach diving and try diving, all of which offer a spectacular experience for everyone. Scuba Diving tours in Kerala offer an enchanting opportunity at its pristine beaches to both learn and engage in the sport. There are various diving schools that will help you embark on this mesmerising adventure under the water. The activity lasts for about 15-30 minutes and can be enjoyed in the price range of INR 1500-8000.

A trained instructor accompanies every participant and the activity has been hailed as one of the safest water sports that you can try in India. The winter months from September to February are considered to be the best time for engaging in this activity in Kerala. Scuba diving in Kerala has proved to be a wonderful addition to this astounding destination and has been attracting hordes of adventure junkies. Serving as a rejuvenating escape from the clamour of city life, scuba diving in Kerala offers to be an ecstatic adventure hat you cannot miss out on your life. A number of tourists have been flocking to the beautiful seas of Kerala to get a glimpse of the underwater haven that dwells here. So, if you are seeking to have one great experience of your lifetime to make one hell of a memory, scuba diving in Kerala is one such trip that must add to your bucket list of vacations.

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