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About Marari Beach

Located in the scenic beauty of the Alappuzha district is the Marari Beach, considered as the perfect locale for holidaying with friends and family. The name of the beach was kept after the local village called “Maraikullum” that was located along the coast of the Arabian Sea. The Primary occupation of the inmates of the village is fishing and the beach beauty is extremely serene and calm to spend a splendid time. If you are feeling lost, the beach will surely give you a stimulating experience to be a part of all the activities.

The entire beach is flanked by tall palm trees with golden-hued sand and pristine waters that are enjoyed by the tourists. Despite being a typical beach the aura surrounding the place will mesmerise you. If you visit here in August you will also be able to witness the unique snake boat races and a host of other adventure activities if you love to take it rough.

The beautiful state of Kerala is all about beaches filled with tourists but
Marari beach helps you go easy as against the fast-paced popular beaches in the state. We all love beaches but popular beaches get pretty crowded and don’t give you the deserved time-off at a relaxing pace. This beach is a peaceful one which will help you unwind your senses and transfer your world. The good old fishing village has simplistic outing arenas for the tourists and the beach is sure to blow your mind away solely for the peace you will experience on your journey.

The beach ambience leads you to follow your own relaxation therapies like yoga and meditation or indulges in the pampering sessions of Ayurveda spa and massage. This also proves to be the appropriate spot to romance your partner with no concern of crowds staring at you. The natural retreat is slowly gaining in popularity with tourists every year increasing. People who love to see how the fishermen fare at the deepest part of the sea can also indulge by turning on their discovery mode.

You can also explore the entire village especially the coir making units or merely opt for coir retail therapy. For those who also seek spiritual liberty can visit umpteen religious attractions near the beach. The beach also provides a safe spot for swimming and is considered a retreat for many water sports activities that are made available.

Every year a good number of overseas tourists come here to relax and experience the rustic nature of the surroundings. If you have planned a Kerala tour then visiting here has to be included. It is a complete change within Kerala. On one hand, you might be enjoying the vibrant beaches in Kovalam and on the other rejoicing in tranquillity and being a witness to some great sights, village dreams and fishing is what will enchant you. Kerala offers both the experiences and what’s better than to sit on the blonde carpet of sand and forget about your busy and hectic life back home.

Best time to visit:

Considering that Kerala is a hot and humid location owing to its god-gifted beaches, summers are not at all opposite for your visit barring the evenings. Yet the blistering and damp winds might deter you from enjoying nature's paradise. The monsoon too plays a spoilsport here. The area receives torrential rainfall which makes it unsuitable for you to explore the beach. Hence we consider the best time to visit is the winter season starting from December till March.

The weather is friendly, pleasant although a little sunny in the mornings and afternoons. The weather is favourable for beach lounging and other water sports activities. Here the temperature might go to as low as 17 degrees in the night and day temperatures might not exceed 32 degrees.

How to reach:

Marari beach
is easily accessible from Cochin and Alleppey. There are many taxis and buses that will take you to the beach from these spots. If you are travelling by your personal vehicle, you need to take the NH47 route and proceed towards the beach by the Kalavoor junction.

By air: Kochi is the nearest airport to the beach. The airport has counters for cab rides which will help you reach your destination at reasonable rates.

By rail: The closest railheads are located at Alleppey which is 16 km away along with Kottayam and Cochin which are 42 km and 55 km away.

By road: Cochin is a modern city with great roads and its accessibility is surely an advantage. The best way to reach the village is to tread on the NH47 which is approximately 60 km from Cochin prime.

Things to do:

Those who look forward to a slow-paced sun-soaked time out,
Marari beach is your destination. If you go there with the expectation of finding bustling crowds, great music and happening shacks you will be disappointed because the beauty of it lies in the serenity surrounding it. This is a true stopover if you are in the quest for some time aloof.

While the beach sure promises you to divert your mind off your targets for the year, it also promises to give you a rejuvenating experience of spa and massages. The resorts near the beach provide some excellent treatments that will delight you.

If you are a photographer and love recording your journey then you are in for a treat especially when the sun sets and the azure waters give you a spectacular vision. The
Marari beach is also a destination for sea surfers who can delve deep in the sea fighting and teasing the high-ceilinged waves. One can also take ferry rides to and from the coast or simply delve in deep-sea diving if you are an expert at it.

To make it more interesting you can visit here in August and witness the thumping snake boat races. For adventure freaks, there are wide options like parasailing, deep sea diving, water skiing and even deep sea fishing available. You can also relish undertakings of scuba diving with professionals training you to make it memorable for you. It is considered a great place for swimming, snorkelling and water surfing but after ensuring you are equipped well enough to take unexpected tides.

You can also visit nearby places to sit and treat your taste buds with lip-smacking seafood and other delicacies or may simply roam around the beach or take a look around the village and the coir wares at display for shopaholics and take home some souvenir from the village for your loved ones. There are many places in and around the beach for you to explore, yet sitting on the beach itself presents an extremely delightful option.

All in all, there are many things that the beach offers within its premises if you are up for it. There is something for everyone. For peace seekers, the coastline holds a promising walk of life with your partner, for the ones who seek relaxation and pampering, varied spa and massage options are at your disposal and for the ones who are gung-ho about seeking that adrenalin rush, adventure activities have been lined up to test your guts and spirit.
Marari beach is packed with wonderful options to spend an entire evening here with your friends or your partner.

Places to visit in and around the beach:

Marari beach
is a peaceful haven and the best place if you are seeking some relaxation amidst deserted sands. On your visit here, you can also take short trips around the area as there are many exceptional places near it seeking your attention.

Maraikullum Shiva temple
– The architectural grandeur is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Paravathy. The Shiva temple is a must-visit for all religious tourists.

Kokkamanglam Apostle St Thomas Pilgrim centre
– one of the most famous attractions near the beach, the apostle which has the teachings of St Thomas pouring out of it. The church also has an ancient relic of Apostle St Thomas Which was brought by Pope John Paul II from Italy

Thumpolly Beach –
A must-visit destination, the beach is occupied by the calm, peaceful and serene ambience and birds galore. The beach also poses as the vantage spot for fishing villages which gives you a good reason to stop by. The location is also famous for its canals which ultimately meet the Arabian Sea.

Thiruvizha Mahadevar temple
– Another temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is a popular temple believed to be a place where people with mental health issues and bodily issues to be healed. There are lots of stories associated with the temple and due to its beliefs, hordes of tourists are seen visiting this sacred temple every year. It is a stopover you definitely need to make when you are here.

– The coastal village near the beach is an industrial park used as a site for exporting seafood. Within this, there are many landmark sites like the Kartayani Devi temple, St. Augustine's Church and many other temples.

The Dutch Palace
– This is a beautiful palace built by the Portuguese in the year 1555. The exquisite palace is located at Mattancherry and is popular for its architecture, artefacts and paintings. The ceilings are made from wood and the paintings illuminate instances and occurrences from the Hindu epic Ramayana.

St Francis Church
– One of the oldest church in India, it came into existence in the year 1530. The wood-based interior of the church has an old world charm to it and enchants the tourists all over the world.

Alappuzha beach
– One of the most attractive beaches of Kerala that has the Arabian Sea to the west. Many lagoons, freshwater lakes and rivers are found in the area. The nearby Vijaya Beach also has a gamut of activities to offer to its tourists.

- Located at about 12 km from the Maraikullum village, the town of Cherthala has several pilgrimage centres. Apart from temples, there are many churches here which are ancient and beautifully flamboyant. A ten-day popular feast at St Sebastian is held in January which is visited by tourists all over the world. The statue at St Sebastian was bought in from Milan. To view some of the oldest temples with many beliefs associated, visit the village to cleanse away your sins.

Places to stay near Marari Beach:

The beach is surely among the well-kept secrets of Kerala. The village is very close to Alleppey and enjoys the status of clean and well-kept beaches. If you plan to roam around the beach and in love with the charming village of fishermen there are many stay over resorts available here to complete your package.

Carnoustie Beach Resort and Ayurveda spa
– The luxury resort located on the shores of the Arabian Sea is surrounded with verdant foliage and greenery. The resort is close to the St Andrews church and has a relaxing in house spa and Ayurveda centre. Boat cruises and swimming pool add to the wonders of the resort. The resort is extravagantly designed and has some well-assembled villas decorated with classic traditional and contemporary designs. The rooms have all the requisite facilities that will make your stay comfortable and restful.

Marari Beach
– CGH Earth – The golden sand resort, empty of sounds, cosy as heaven and the soulful ambience is what this resort is all about. Spread across a sprawling 55-acre land, there are coconut groves adorning the land. The celebration of life happens in this calm, serene and no man's land of sand. One of the best options if you are here to rethink and reclaim your peace.

Abad Turtle beach
– Overlooking the Marari beach and set in the picturesque land of Maraikullum is a modern version of the good old resort. The rooms are stylish and every room has a mini bar. The location of the resort is great and so is the food. This option for a stay should surely feature in your options as it offers a lot more than it is worth.

Marari Dreamz
– Just three minutes away from the beach, the site has beautifully designed villas and all necessities that will complete your comfort quotient. The resort is a basic one with everything necessary offered yet nothing goes over the top. If you are operating on a shoe-string budget, this place surely qualifies as a destination.

Deshadan Backwater resort
– The backwater resort offers an outbound pool with a spa and a wellness centre. The rooms are equipped with requisite items and are comfortably designed that gives us a sense of home away from home. The resort also has a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers delectable delicacies. For those who like to explore nearby, the resort is placed near invigorating picnic spots and fishing areas.

Palma Laguna
– The beautiful Hotel is a much sought after property owing to its location and its serene surroundings with all required amenities. The property also has a large collection of books in its library for the guests to sit by the pool to read. There is not much crowd here and you will absolutely love your own company here.

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