20 Places to Visit in Kasaragod, Tourist Places & Attractions
Off the radar for commoners and the land of exquisite folk art, tourist places in Kasaragod are reserved for hardcore and offbeat travelers in troops, pair or alone any time of the day and year. Early morning while your vision is still hazy your ears will automatically attune to the blissful soundscape.

Hosting numerous forts, wildlife sanctuaries, temple protected by a ‘croc’ - say the locals and magnificent hills, Kasaragod is uptown in all aspects. 
The ultimate traveling destination, has it all to enchant you. The natives are very friendly and the harmony between people of various religions is to be highlighted.

A rare district in India housing seven languages and vivid appreciable cultures. Also, experience the Malabar coastal winds you have been reading about in Geography all this while. Get set to be awestruck and jaw dropped to find manmade and nature blend at its best at Kasaragod.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Kasaragod:

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The 300 years old defensive mechanism which is the largest and well-preserved fort makes it one of the best Kasaragod tourist place. You can get an enthralling view of the mesmerizing Arabian sea from the fort’s observation tower which was once used to fire the cannons!

The impressive strength of the fort brings a herd of tourists to witness the glorious past and be awestruck. Visit an old mosque near this fort to dive deeper into history.

: A Half hour away south of Kasaragod at a distance of 16 kilometers, and exact address is Kasaragod Road, PO Bekal Fort, Beside Bekal Fort Railway Station Dist, Bekal, Kerala 671316

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Entry fee: 
The entrance fee is INR 5 per person for Indians and INR 100 for foreign nationals.

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A paradise for nature lovers and a fine ranked in the list of tourist places in Kasaragod. It is a natural habitat of some underrated fauna like a slow turtle, the prickly porcupine, Malabar hornbill, Slender loris, and the cute wild jungle cat.

If wilderness attracts you, this locale is a must visit for some great wildlife photography. Hike around the sanctuary and click around some rare species.

Approximately 50 kilometers away from Kasaragod.

8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Entry fee: 

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Previously known as Madathumala, situated 750 meters above sea level, this destination boasts of some of the marvelous trekking trails of about two and a half kilometers with a cave at the summit. If seeking leisure the greens of shola woods and monsoon forests have all their natural beauty to offer you.

A combination of both adventure and leisure marks this place to be counted as one of the considerable tourist places on Kasaragod. Be it an adventure folk or solace seeker, this is one destination for all kinds of travelers.

55 kilometers away from Kasaragod.

This place can be visited anytime, and is open for all.

Entry fee: 

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An ideal locale for a peaceful vacay! If rare and unexplored fauna catches your attention then you must visit this beach in the monsoon season to watch some olive ridley turtles. Watch the sand turn golden and the sun setting with vivid colors.

Just sit in silence and see the wonders nature has to offer or have a frolicking time with your troop at one of the best tourist places in Kasaragod.

Just one hour away from Kasaragod.

You can visit the beach whenever you want, as it is all time open.

Entry fee:

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Also, popularly known as ladies of sorrow church, this has been set up in a gothic style which captivates archives and all those with a similar interest. This roman catholic church is visited by devotees as it marks its presence in the drop down of religious significance locales.

If you wish to visit a place, which is an excellent epitome of serenity, then this is your place to be.

20 minutes drive from Kasaragod, and the exact address is  Kumbla–Badiadka Rd, Bela, Kerala 671321.

7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Entry fee: 

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A blend of magnificent tropical fauna and wildlife, this sanctuary is home to animals like Elephants, Tigers, Bison, Deers and about 200 species of vivid birds, in case bird watching is your forte. If lucky enough you might get a sight of the Cobra, and python.

The flora comprises of some rare herbs and other medicinal plants. Go and explore the wilderness taking sufficient time in hand, as this land has a lot of unexplored yet to be explored in house spots amongst the tourist places in Kasaragod.

: 64 kilometers away from Kasaragod approximately two hours journey.

7:00 am to 4:30 pm

Entry fee: 
INR 20 per adult.

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A beautiful lazy backwater destination will set a pace to your day, this locale is a favorite spot for tourists seeking seclusion. The lush green groves and emerald green waters add on to the mesmerizing picturesque.

If you are a water sports freak visit Bekal hole aqua park, for some fun-filled adrenaline rush. A perfect day out destination for swimming and fishing!

One and a half hours away from Kasaragod.

This coastal island can be visited anytime, but the best time is sunset or sunrise.

Entry fee: 

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Also, subtly known as the Kanhangad fort. The construction of this fort is what it makes it eye candy for the passerby tourists. What makes it so popular is its chain of forts, that came up in Ikkeri dynasty. Visit this monument to unveil the past.

If seeking some spiritual enlightenment visit the popular spiritual center Nithya Anandashram located in the proximity of this locale. Additionally, this is one of the least explored tourist places in Kasaragod and hails out to the history lovers.

: 28.3 Kilometers away from Kasaragod.

The fort is 24 hours open for all.

Entry fee: 
The entrance fee is INR 5 per adult.

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A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is situated in the center of the Kasaragod city. The mesmerizing aura of this temple stops the passerby to sit and spend some time in the premises watching the ritual performances which are a part of common daily routine.

This edifice was built by the Iyer kings and is one of the most revered tourist places in Kasaragod. If the fine art attracts you then you will be amazed to know, that the walls of this spiritual site are adorned with spellbinding paintings.

Kasaragod, Kerala 671123

The temple is 24 hours open for all.

Entry fee: 

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This destination could be your trekking trail as well as a picnic spot. The majestic view of the lushly green forest canopy is what attracts the adventure lot and leisure hikers. Imagine sitting and taking a bird's eye view of the entire surrounding in peace, which is accompanied by picture-perfect backdrops.

While you hike up the upland, you can witness a wide array of flora and fauna, which will put you under a spell with its beguiling beauty.

Two hours journey from Kasaragod district.

These hills are open for all and visit anytime, but it is advised to visit the place only when there is light, that is from sunrise to sunset.

Entry fee: 
There is no entry fee to visit this hill.

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Famous for its Nercha fest which lasts for a week this locale witnesses the crowd thronging in the month of November. A must visit masjid of high religious significance. What attracts the devotees and tourists here is its hypostyle structure.

Thangal Uppapa Uroos is a ritual celebrated by the local people to remember the demise of the saint Thangal Uppapa. It takes place once every two years and usually in the month of Dul Hajj.

This is located 45 km from the center of the town.

All day.

Entry fee:

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Drowned in history and residing on hill ruins this fort offers a perfect sunset view to its visitors. A serene locale with a panoramic view on display is a picture perfect location. This bizarre fort is squarish in shape and is seated beautifully 150 feet above the sea level.

From this place, you can take the bird’s eye view of the city, and soothe your senses.

8 kilometers away from Bekal and approximately 7 kilometers away from Kasaragod.

The fort is open for all from early morning 9:00 am to 5:30 pm in the evening.

Entry fee: 
The entrance fee is INR 100 per person and if you wish to see the light and sound show then you need to pull out INR 20 more.

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Another historic attraction portraying unity in diversity with beautifully carved mosques and temples. This locale carries an offbeat poetic vibe along with a beach set which appears to be a swimming pool gravitating tourists in huge numbers.

Apart from this, you can munch on the famous cashew nuts here and this is undeniably one of the most impressive tourist places in Kasargod. Speaking about its location, this beautiful coastal town lies on the northern tip of Kerala, and one can begin the tour of God’s own land from here.

This place is located at a distance of almost 28 km from the center of Kasaragod.

It can be visited anytime.

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Hosting a Dutch fort since the 18th century this locale is appreciated for its architecture. Go hiking around this piece of sloped land to discover more vantage points that remain unexplored and click some royal posed photographs!

That being done opt to hike around and pay attention to the tales in the air. This slice of Kasargod, is a true haven for the nature lovers, as it owns a bag full of scenic wonders in its abode.

10 kilometers away from Nileshwar.

This upland can be visited anytime, but it is advised to visit the hillock at the time of sunset or sunrise.

Entry fee: 

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Carved with mythological tales of Puranas and a hidden cave leading to a pond, this temple is well preserved for astonishing reactions all for its magnificent architecture. God’s own country has abundant homes of the lord. However, this particular locale is amongst the most visited places in Kasaragod.

Residing in the middle of a lake, it makes the tourists curious enough to come and pay a visit. As stated, this locale is a host to a crocodile named Babiya which won’t be trouble as it got no interest in human flesh and is believed to be a protector of the temple. Though it is advisable not to pet it, just in case!

Northern tip of Karela, 6 kilometers from Kumbala.

The timings are bifurcated in two slots one is 5:30 am to 12:30 pm and next is from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Entry fee: 

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The destination where bureaucracy floats, visit this village to see how rural panchayat works, being an uprising village it has a lot to see and learn. If you are an academic geek, you’d love to be here. Meet the locals and see how rural Kerala works, get to know the hidden and underlying facts you’d love to know.

With such amazing places, you can take a close look at the culture of the rural areas, and know more about them. All over the place is surrounded by serene air, and draws tourists from both near and far.

40 minutes away from Kasaragod.

This place can be visited anytime.

Entry fee: 

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A locale with a glorious history and the throne of Raja, now gives residence to a famous temple of Gopalakrishna. Situated 13 kilometers away from Kasaragod this place attracts numerous devotees all around the year.

Previously, this place was named Kanipura, but later it got the name, Kumbala, as the kings of this dynasty ruled the region and have a great influence on the region. This port of the era gone by holds the relics of history and is famed for its tranquility.

: Approximately 30 kilometers away.

There are no such timing restrictions.

Entry fee: 

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Kuttamath Nagar legally is renowned for marking the origin of an extraordinary artist composing melodic shows and sonnets. If you do appreciate the abstract art this place is for you. Individuals from close by spots rush in amid the pinnacle seasons for an excursion and appreciate the day, a long way from city’s dissonance.

This quaint little town of Kasaragod is just a perfect destination if you wish to go away from the hustle bustle of the cities!

42 kilometers away from Kasaragod.

This town can be visited anytime.

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Holding a collection of exotic flora with a variety of endemic plants, shrubs, and medicinal plants. This locale is also home to vivid fauna offering magnificent visuals of nature at its best. All of it created by a single man Abdul Kareem, who turned a barren land to this paradise, what it is today.

If you are a nature lover and you are thinking of skipping out on this scenic beauty, then definitely you’ll regret it later.

23 kilometers away east of Kanhangad town.

The forest park is 24 hours open for all;

Entry fee: 
There is no such entry fee, but you can book the tour packages to the forest which start from INR 1300 per person.

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A major town of Kasaragod district, this locale is considered to be a wellness retreat. This destination is one in all package as it has its own set of backwater stretches, a beach, and a hermitage not yet ruined by tourist influx. You can also go on a houseboat tour and cruise for a few days.

A little holiday destination of its own is indeed nature’s set up marking its presence in the best tourist places in Kasaragod. A perfect locale for all those who wish to explore the rich culture and traditions of Kerala as well as explore old architectural masterpieces.

Just one hour away from Kasaragod district.

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