Ashtamudi Lake Overview

The incredible beauty of Kerala, Ashtamudi lake has eight branches that coincide with the Arabian sea after converging into one channel, hence the name Ashtamudi, where Ashta means eight and mudi means branch.

Spell-binding the travelers with its inarticulate and persuasive charm, this second largest lake in Kerala is one of the most popular
places to visit in Kollam. Beautifying the banks of this lake, palm and coconut trees, intensifies the fascinating experience of calm and lush green waterways.

Thriving harmoniously in Kollam district of Kerala, Ashtamudi lake immerses the tourists with tremendous pleasure by granting them an experience of houseboat cruising.

Things to do
- Backwater Cruising, Fishing, Experience unimaginable stay in a houseboat, Island visit.

- Kollam, district of Kerala

- Coasting by houseboat will start from INR 2500.

- Welcome travelers 24 hours preferred timing by travelers from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Best time to visit
- To enjoy most of it, visit between November to March for cool and pleasant weather.

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