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About Kumarakom Beach

The entrancing backwater destination in Kerala, Kumarakom Beach is one of the most popular travel terminuses nowadays. With enchanting natural beauty and charm, the destination can be best described as a town of beautiful cluster islands that are widely surrounded by the Vembanad Lake.

The heart of the backwaters, the Kumarakom beach is an ideal place to rewind your life. A perfect place to enjoy, the beach is located right near the bank of the largest lake in Kerala, Vembanad Lake, at the Kottayam District.

With its pristine sand, alluring natural beauty and smooth water flowing by – the beach attracts thousands of visitors from across the country. A perfect spot for the adventure lovers, the beach is all about the outdoor fun. From various water activities to volleyball, skiing to water polo – there are plenty of things that you can do on the beach which will give your adrenaline rush a perfect push.

The beach is on the walking distance from the Kumarakom town. With a number of restaurants and resorts all around, the visitors can enjoy a great stay and a perfect meal whenever they want at the beach. However, while at the beach, there are a few things that travelers should follow in order to enjoy their stay. For example –

If you are looking for ways to manage the heat of the sun, then carry sunscreens, caps, and hats.
If you are planning to get wet, do not forget to carry an extra pair of clothing.
The climate of the locality is quite humid. So, ensure that you keep your body hydrated. Drink a lot of water, juices and other fluids while on the beach.
If you are new to the place or you are visiting for the first time, then do not worry. There are trained professionals and guides who are always available for your help. They can guide you through the various activities that you can do on the beach.

After a long day of the historical tour in the Kumarakom town, visiting the beach can be a great way to unwind your mind. The rejuvenating experience can help you to connect with your true self and find peace within. A lot of people love visiting the beach for a morning meditation and yoga session as well. The clean and serene surrounding of the beach really helps people connect with the divine to a much deeper level.

Best time to visit Kumarakom beach:

The Kumarakom beach boasts pleasant and beautiful weather during the year. Travelers around the globe love to visit the place for its distinct charm throughout all the seasons. However, the best season to visit Kumarakom is the winter season; during the months November to February. For these months, the temperature is quite moderate and the climate becomes perfect for houseboat riding, sightseeing and to do various other activities.

The summer season, however, is quite hot compared to the rest of the seasons; but due to its fewer population, the place still easily explored. Monsoon season, on the other hand, offers you a unique traveling experience, when you can enjoy your time in Kumarakom by exploring its natural beauty.

How to reach Kumarakom beach:

Reaching Kumarakom beach is quite easy. Whether you are taking a train, a bus or you are traveling by air, Kumarakom offers easy communication to its travelers. As the town does not have its own railway station or an airport, you need to get down at its nearest city.  If you are traveling by air, you can land on the Cochin International Airport and then take a bus or a taxi.

If you are traveling via train, you can get down at the Kottayam Railway Station, which is just 16 km away from the beautiful town. Kumarakom is also accessible via road. A huge network of roads is connected to its nearest cities, villages, and towns.

Things to do at Kumarakom beach:

The Kumarakom beach has a lot of things to offer to its visitors. Here are a few interesting things that you can do in Kumarakom –

Explore the Kumarakom bird sanctuary: 
The name already suggests what it has to offer. The Kumarakom bird sanctuary is a paradise for the birdwatchers, where you can witness thousands of varieties of birds from a close distance.
Located near very close proximity to the beautiful backwaters, the bird sanctuary is a hub for various local as well as migratory birds like Owls, Waterfowls, Egrets, Parrots, Darters, Herons, Kingfisher, and Siberian Storks. The 14 acres bird sanctuary is situated in the Kottayam district and is one of the best places to visit in the Kumarakom Beach.

Enjoy a backwater trip on a houseboat: 
Imagine residing in a houseboat and enjoying a beautiful ride on the backwaters. At Kumarakom Beach, people love exploring through the charming and quaint backwaters; while enjoying the serenity of the lush greenery and the elegant Vembanad Lake. If you wish to be a part of such a lavish experience, all you have to do is rent a houseboat and begin your voyage.
These houseboats are properly equipped with all the essential items and luxuries that you may require.Depending on your requirements and the season, you can rent a houseboat either for the day, for an entire night or a couple of hours

Experience a beautiful Kathakali Performance: 
A land of vibrant traditions and colorful culture Kerala has some of the best things to offer its visitors. Its traditional dance form, Kathakali is an integral part of the state’s traditions and while on Kumarakom, you must watch a Kathakali performance.
The dance form’s dynamic mudras, soothing rhythm, and charismatic facial expression are surely going to make you mesmerized. There are a lot of resorts in Kumarakom that offers such performances on some special nights. If you get a chance, do not miss out on such a lovely evening.

Go for trekking to Aruvikkuzhi waterfall: 
If you are an adventure lover, one of the most exciting things that you can do in Kumarakom is to go for a trek. The scenic and gorgeous Aruvikkuzhi waterfall are a must visit for people who love exploring new places. Surrounded by sedimentary rocky outcrops and rubber plantation, the waterfall is a haven for nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts alike.
On a 2km muddy trail trek, one can begin his journey towards the cascading waterfall and enjoy the breathtaking view of the surroundings and sparkling clear water of the fall. A lot of people also love to enjoy a picnic day near the waterfall.

Be a part of the famous Chundanvalloms: 
Chundanvalloms, or the snake boat race is one of the most famous events in Kumarakom. If you are in the town between August and September, then you should enjoy a snake race. There is a number of races that happen in Kumarakom during these months, each holding its own glory and charm.
These exciting and thrilling boat races entirely change the calm and soothing atmosphere of the backwaters and turn it into a sizzling and fiery battle spot.

Places to visit in & around Kumarakom beach:

Apart from enjoying the beautiful views around the town, there are plenty of places to visit in and around the town. Take a look –

Vembanad Lake: 
The glory of the town, Vembanad Lake is basically the convergence place for a total number of 10 rivers. The beauty of the lake and its mesmerizing backwaters make you fell in love with the place. If you have just got married or you are looking for ways to rekindle your love after long years of togetherness, Vembanad can be a great option for a romantic getaway.
All that you need to do is rent a boat, ride on it through the crystal-clear water and spend some beautiful and romantic time with your partner.

Kumarakom Beach: 
Another happening spot that you must visit while you are around Kumarakom is Kumarakom Beach. Perfect spot for the adventure lovers, the beach has a range of options available for people to enjoy. Here, you can go for windsurfing, water skiing, parasailing, and boating along with many other activities.
Or, if you are just there to enjoy some me time, you can simply sit back, and relax – and get yourself lost in the tranquility of the place. The beach also has some luxurious resorts nearby where you can spend a night or two.

For the lovers of nature and hills, Vegamon is the place to be. With enthralling hills, stunning greenery and serene beauty, Vegamon is not just another green valley in Kerala. The place has something mysterious that attracts its visitors in many ways. A perfect combination of bliss and mysticism.
Vegamon offers a number of recreational activities for you to do. You can enjoy a beautiful trek across the Vegamon pine trees or can go for paragliding – the place is all about offering you a heavenly pleasure. Wanderers of all kinds – this place should be in your bucket list.

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