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About Alleppey Beach

With tempting natural beauty in its right hand, Alleppey beach of Kerala is a major pull for hundreds of tourists every day, considering its calm shores, golden sands, and alignment of palm trees. The beach is an ultimate picnic spot for locals at one end and a place for relaxation for travelers on another who do not miss to wash their feet, before heading to backwaters and houseboat ride. An age-old sea-extended iron pier adds another charm to it which is a picture perfect location for photographers.

Also known as ‘Venice of the East’, Alappuzha beach is known for hosting events like beach festival, sand art festival and much more that opens up as a gateway to locals. What adds another insta-worthy attraction nearby is an old lighthouse, which reminds one of the needs of sailors. Without any doubt further, a visit to Kerala is just not complete without visiting here, sitting near the shore, and soaking in the fresh misty air.

Attractions and Activities:

Wish to know what Alleppey beach has more to offer to all the wanting eyes? The beach does not only present itself with sands and waters but also high and tall iron pillar piers that extend itself within the waters and get hit by gushing waves. Interestingly, these waves couldn’t brisk 137-year-old structure showing the strength like anything while giving an awesome location for selfie lovers. Another thing that catches the attention includes lighthouse nearby, patched with red and white colors. A colonial feel can be extracted at Alappuzha beach, all by itself.

One can surely indulge in the greeny atmosphere of Vijay park nearby which has a lot of amusing facilities for kids to play and benches for adults to sit and enjoy the peace and calm aura. Moreover, Sea view park comes with nominal fees entry and provide activities like boating, swimming pool, slides along with a straight forward view of sea waters..

When it comes to perform activities at Alapuzaha beach, options are no less. Once you are done with drenching into lovely beauty of Alleppy beach, go for a long walk on this shoreline with the loving ones. Or come here to celebrate a picnic with family and friends, while enjoying coconut water and snack down the lane.

Drown into the glamour of Alleppy beach festival where colors, amusement rides, camel rides, rituals and shopping spaces, all come alive right in front of eyes. And once hangover is away with amazement of this festival, indulge in sand art festival, while seeing and praise the beautifully carved and amazingly designed art, all made up with sand by creative artists. One must not miss these creative and culturally enriched things to do at Alleppey beach which is indeed appreciable while allowing you to explore major attractions nearby.

Best time to visit Alleppey beach:

For most pleasant and lovely outing at Alapuzaha beach, strike in between winter months, including a span of October to March. A flip between 17 to 30 degrees settle the moods while cool breeze makes the aura happy and alive. As blue sky hovers the head, one can stand on the sands without any glitch in the mid-sun.

If the plan strikes around summers or April to May, no worries! Even if temperatures are quite high up to 37 degrees, a walk without lot of heads around is worthy. Moreover, evenings bring respite from all the scorching heat of the day.

And when the monsoon arrives in between June to September, the place becomes a piece of heaven, indeed! Yes, it is not recommended to step in waters considering gushing waves, chill and relax at the aligned palm trees is more than worth.

How to reach from Alleppy bus stand:

Settled at a gap of approximately 4 km between the beach and KSRTC bus stand, the destination is easily accessible by various modes of transport. Hire a cab, catch the local bus or rent a bike from any homestay nearby, and get going towards the beachfront.

If you select to catch a local bus, municipal bus stand is quite near to the main stand, from where regular bus services are available towards the whole city. Crisscrossing the usual Indian traffic is quick with local autos that will easily land one to get airkissed at the Alleppey beach.

Places to visit in and around Alleppey beach:

Done with beach love? If no, head to Marari beach which is about half an hour drive from the beach of Alleppey. If yes, let’s get going for another set of exciting zones around the Alleppey beach area. As you head out from here for exploration, hit the backwaters first. You will remember Bollywood to Tollywood movies right from the first sight where palm trees are settled as the division of the waterways, giving a sight worth to behold. Step on the houseboat, and if time permits, enjoy an overnight stay along with delicious local meals.

Do not forget to observe lighthouse, sea view park and Vijay park which are in near proximity to the Alleppey beach. Enjoy some delicious snacks with coconut water near to the beachline before heading to various major attractions.

At a drive of 40 minutes, this beautiful rusty Arthunkal church is settled in a calm manner. When churches are already in discussion, why not to take another half an hour drive and touch grandeur of St. Mary Forane church.

Head for ancient pieces of architecture with Krishnapuram palace where a load of murals, paintings, and colors are in abundance giving awe to eyes and mind. And when it comes to Ambalapuzha temple, the exquisiteness is just mind-blowing.
August brings a glorious joy to Kerala with Nehru Trophy snake boat race which is indeed a not to miss during the season.

Once you land at this beautiful location, we are sure you will not be ready to leave it soon! Take a deep breath, get bewitched with surreal environ and indulge in the peace of life.

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