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About Thrissur Beach

Thrissur Beach is one of its kinds in the entire Kerala region which bears every charm to attract people from all walks of life. Situated on the coastline of Arabian sea, the beach offers alluring views during sunrise and sunsets.Earlier, the beach used to attract only the locals but as the time passed the beauty of the beach won hearts of the tourists even in the distant lands.

Thrissur beach is situated in the city of Thrissur which is also the cultural capital of Kerala. Besides the beach, the place is famous for the ancient temple, churches, and mosques.With people flocking around on the sunkissed golden sand bordered by swaying palm trees and the sound of the waves, the place gets charismatic as the dawn happens.

People coming from all around the world to witness the natural beauty of the place indulge themselves into various activities that happen on and around the beach like swimming, surfing, fishing, sunbathing, boat rides and birdwatching on the dreamy stretch of vast blue water.
Water resorts situated around provides a panoramic view of the sea along with an opulent stay option.

For those who are looking for spending some quality time with the family, there are ample opportunities for all age groups such as playgrounds, garden, and waterfront parks.
A lot of locals treat this place as a picnic spot on weekends.Ayurvedic massage centers offer relaxing massages with locally grown medicinal herbs. As the locals grow herbs in the area, the refreshing smell fills the surroundings and rejuvenate the people visiting the place. One can indulge themselves in various sorts of water sports such as kayaking, Catamaran sailing, scuba diving. One of the most profound experience is the fishing that one can indulge in with the help of local fishermen.

To satisfy the eating urges, the place also provides options for trying out some of the authentic recipes of the south.
The costermonger provides lip-smacking food options to try and attracts a lot of tourists as well as the local crowd. Plenty of resorts provide a perfect dining experience to the guests and makes the tourists feel relaxed and relish the Malayali cuisine.So to adore the natural beauty of the sea, the land, and sizzling coastline, one must visit the enchanting Thrissur beach. Here is some of the indispensable information to consider while planning to visit the place.

Best time to visit:

Winters begins in December and continues till the mid of February. The temperature ranges from 22̊C to 30̊c.The climate remains delightful which makes it an exceptional time to visit the place.

The summer begins in the month of March and continues till May. The temperature reaches till 38̊c.This time the climate remains hot and humid and but the beach offers comparatively colder air as it is surrounded by forest and greenery around.

The place experiences heavy rainfall and can hinder the travel in the month of July.So winter is the most preferable month and the city celebrates “Thrissur Pooram” in summer.

How to reach Thrissur beach:

Thrissur beach is well connected from railways, roadways, and airport.The beach is about 79 kilometers from Cochin international airport and is the nearest one.The nearest railway station is Thrissur railway station which is nearly 29 km from the beach and Guruvyoor(a township of Thrissur district )railway station which just is 5kms.The connectivity is also favorable if one is visiting by road.

The distance of the beach from Thrissur city via road is 33.3 km which can be covered in an average of 45 mins.
Buses and autorickwas also ply from Thrissur as well as Guruvyoor.

Things to do at thrissur beach:

Azhikom: Thrissur beach
is famous for the amalgamation of the river with the sea. The view is mesmerizing and adds fervor to natural beauty. Visitors from all over the world come over to witness this phenomenon.

Fishing is one of the important activities that is practiced by locals. One can get involved with the fishermen and experience this. The site of fishermen expanding their vast nets to harvest fishes is worth watching.The fish showcase that is open only during the evening also attracts a number of tourists and locals.

Adventure activities:
The beach paves the way for a lot of activities such as paragliding, parasailing, swimming, and kayaking. A lot of water sports guides help people to experience water activities.

Coral reefs
: The unexplored underwater life attracts scuba divers from around the world to visit this beach.

Boating in backwaters: 
One of the most alluring experiences is rowing through backwaters. Lush green landscape, swaying palm trees dotted on both the sides with small hamlets makes the view picturesque and worth experiencing.

Bird watching
: Bird watching is also one of the activities to get involved into at the beach. Every year assemblage of migratory seagulls visits the place. This seascape attracts plenty of zoologists and photographers to picture them and learn about them.

There could be nothing better than soaking the sun during daytime on the golden sand with coconut groves and forests in the background.The experience becomes much more profound during the evening while strolling with bare feet on the sands, listening to the melody of the waves kissing the shores and crimson colored sky, dimly lit with colors at horizon due to sunsets.

Picnic spots:
The beach is also used by the locals to spend leisure time during weekends.Locals bring up their food and play equipment and come along with the family to spend time together and spend the day enjoying. Not only this, but the parks created by the government also provides ample opportunity for the kids to play around.

Herb farm: 
On the opposite side of the shoreline is Ramachapadam, farmland that cultivates Ayurvedic herb, Ramadhan. Due to the presence of this herb, the air carries a light aroma of the herb with itself that revitalizes the whole environment.

Ayurvedic massages: 
Small massage centers offers relaxing massages to the people using the organically grown herbs and oils having medicinal properties.

 Plenty of shacks and vendors offer a large variety of local food to the tourists which are worth trying. Such flavorsome food options not only completes the visit but also leaves the mark of the tradition as it defines the cultural setting of the place

Places to visit in and around thrissur beach:

Vadakkunnatthan temple
A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is one of the oldest temples.Adorned with beautiful murals and exquisite architecture, this temple attracts a large number of tourists especially at the time of “Thrissur Pooram” which is celebrated in summers and during Mahashivratri which is celebrated in winters. Apart from being beautiful, the temple emanates vibrant positive energy and is recognized as a UNESCO heritage site.

Shakthan thampuran palace
Palace turned into a museum is one of the most impressive palaces of Kerala.The palace is built in Dutch and Kerala style.The double storied structure harbors the museum which contains bronze and sculptural gallery. The place has cultural, historic and architectural importance.

Athirapally waterfalls: Imagine lush green forest cover and a sizzling waterfall tearing down the boulders.The gust of wind carrying cold water shower, drenching the surroundings. This place offers the relaxing and most soothing experience while bringing down the heat during summers. Along with being one of the most beautiful waterfalls, it sustains plenty of plant and animal species.

Guruvayoor shree krishna temple
:This temple attracts a lot of Hindu devotees from around the world and all around the year. The architectural style and elements inside the temple are the beautiful impressions of the Hindu folklore. The healing powers of the temple are said to have a lasting impact on the devotees. But only Hindus are allowed inside the temple.

Kerala kalamandalam
It is the University of art and culture and is one of the most respected centers for learning various art forms that were born in south India. The university is known to have preserved Kerala's culture. Located in the serene place, it is the perfect place for the artists to practice.

Thrissur zoo and state museum
: The place is a must visit with kids as it holds a number of different kinds of flora and fauna. One can spend the day in 13.5 acres of land which is well maintained with greenery and the rhythmic sound of chirping of birds.

Our lady of dolours basilica
: Also known as Puthen Pally, the church is largest in India and third largest in Asia. It is famous for the gothic architecture. The bible tower with murals that showcase various parts of Jesus life is the unique feature of the church.

Hence the Thrissur city is not only dotted with picturesque natural beauty but also is the cultural center of the Kerala region.

Places to stay near thrissur beach

The Nattika beach ayurveda resort
: Located on the Thrissur beach, the resort descends into sandy shores of the beach with palm and coconut trees lines around the property. They provide perfect Ayurveda and yoga treatment. Villa style rooms offer beautiful views of sunsets and sunrise. The resort also holds traditional and cultural programmes on weekends.

Meiveda beach resort
The beach resort is situated at the walking distance of the beach. Designed in the eco-friendly format, the villas of this resort provide the utmost experience to those who are looking for serenity and peace. This place also provides incredible ayurvedic treatment. Besides being situated on the beach, the resort is reflected Kerala's architecture in the design of the building which makes it even more worth visiting.

Coconut island
If you are looking for an offbeat stay where you can embrace nature at its best, this place is the answer for all your prayers. This is a private and exclusive island which is situated on the backwaters near the beach. The place can be reached by boat and is full of natural beauty.

It can accommodate only one family and requires pre-booking for the same. One can indulge in a lot of activities with the locals also living just 200 meters on both sides of the island.
Therefore there could not be any better place than “God’s own country” to connect with self as well as with the nature.

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