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Bangkok lies in the heart of Thailand and is popular as a party hub for travellers and tourists alike. With a tropical Savanna climate, the best time to visit Bangkok is from the months of November to March, when the weather is quite favourable. If you are in the mood to party and explore the wonderful treats of the city, then the best time of year to visit Bangkok is during the New Year's eve, when the city is lit with colours and lights. 

When planning your trip to Bangkok, it is highly recommended that you equip yourself with the knowledge of the best month to visit Bangkok and the best season to visit Bangkok so that you do not end up missing out on the fun and adventure that this city has to offer to you. In this guide, you will find everything that there is to know about the best time, season, and month, and when you should visit Bangkok.

Best Time to Visit Bangkok for Sightseeing

Bangkok is usually bustling with crowds all around the year, with some months typically busier than others. The Thai new year, regarded as the largest of all festivals in the town, attracts heavy traffic of visitors. Thus, the month of April, which is when it happens, might be best avoided if you wish to steer clear of the crowds. The holidays around New Year and Christmas make the streets equally busy.

You may want to avoid the months of September and October, which are wrought with heavy rains. One of the Best time of year to visit Bangkok is during the months of December to March when the weather is highly favorable, the sun is friendly and the climate is mostly dry. Although you can also make it here during the month of November when the weather is beginning to dry up and hence, feels comfortable to take a stroll wherever you wish. 

Best Time to Visit Bangkok for Honeymoon

Preparing for a honeymoon in Bangkok and wish to know what would be the best time for it? When you plan your honeymoon, you certainly wish for it to be the perfect time of your life, when you spend some quality time and moments with your loved one. Among the best months to visit Bangkok for your honeymoon is January to March, when the weather is friendly, the crowd is controlled and you can easily get access to most tourist destinations, without waiting in long queues.

This city offers an immense array of tourist destinations, where you can plan a visit with your partner and quench your thirst for travel in this touristy heaven. During these months, the winter temperature may dip down to 23 degrees, which makes this time of the year perfect for people who are on their honeymoon.

Best Time to Visit Bangkok for Shopping

If you are searching for the Best time to visit Bangkok to make the most of shopping, then you are in for good news. There is no specific time when the shopping frenzy takes over the crowds. People are usually found shopping all round the year. Except for a singular shopping event in the month of June, when a grand sale is organised, you will find it fairly convenient and rewarding to shop at any other time.

Your trip to Bangkok should be focused more on considering the right weather for shopping enough on the streets of Bangkok because that is something which might impact your trip to Bangkok, more than anything else. As such, you will find all popular shopping destinations and malls open to your arrival, at any time of the year and it is not hard to find the most exotic collections and special souvenirs, which you can take back for your loved ones. 

Best Season to visit Bangkok 

- The High Season which spreads from November to March 

Regarded to be the best time to visit Bangkok, the weather is so charming and friendly that you will have no problem while sightseeing. The weather is cool and dry and the crowd is usually at its peak. The event of New Year and Christmas witness particularly large crowds. At this time, the rush can be a bit too much and most bars and pubs are packed with people drinking beer.

Accommodations can fill up pretty fast and prices can be unprecedented and high. Always book your stay in advance before heading down to Bangkok during this time. If you are coming here for a nice holiday with family, your advance bookings might prove to be a saviour in a time when almost everything is booked up. 

- The Shoulder Season which spreads from April to June, and September, and October

During this time, the crowds might not be as high as the high season, added to which is the fact that this is the time when Bangkok is the hottest and wettest out of all the other months. Temperature-wise, things will be really bad so make sure that the accommodation booked by you in advance is well air-conditioned.

Since the rains are quite heavy during the months of September or October, it will be wise of you to carry an umbrella and adequate clothing to ensure that even if you get wet, the clothing does not weigh you down. Also, it will be wise to pack cotton clothes which fit loosely. 

- The Low Season which spreads from July to August

During this time, the monsoons are just beginning and you can expect quite a lot of frequent and short bursts of rain. From the point of a tourist, you might find this an attractive time to be here, if you are looking for cheap deals on bookings and shopping excursions. The crowd is limited during this time and as such, the weather is not exactly intolerable. So, you can bet for a cheaper spend on your entire holiday during this time at just the slight discomfort of the unfavorable weather.

Also, while it is raining, you can always enjoy various indoor activities, such as the museums, temples, aquariums and more. Malls and shopping areas are always open to welcome guests. This may not be the Best time to visit Bangkok but surely good for those who wish to travel on a light budget. 

Best Time to Visit Bangkok by Month 

- January

The tropical climate of this Asian town has hot and humid weather at all times of the year. There is no dearth of sunshine and warmth during this month so you would want to pack light and breezy outfits, which don’t make you sweat out timidly while you travel. Since you will be travelling in air-conditioned indoors too, keep warm clothing handy as well.

For your visit to temples, it is suggested that you wear pants and avoid crop tops or cut sleeves and shorts, which might not be considered appropriate clothing. The timid rain keeps things cool but also quite dry. 

Average Maximum Temperature: 27 degrees Celsius
Average Precipitation: 10 millimetres
Temperature Range: 32 degrees Celsius – 22 degrees Celsius

- February

Fairly similar to the month of January, there are no more than three full days of rain in the town. The temperatures during this month are relatively higher than the rest of the world during this time and might cause a heat stroke if you do not take the requisite precautions.

It is important to keep yourself hydrated while you are travelling around the town and always get access to an air-conditioned interior when you think that you have had enough of the heat outside. Your clothes should be loose and typically comfortable enough so that you may not feel distressed under the wrong fabric. 

Average Maximum Temperature: 29 degrees Celsius
Average Precipitation: 30 millimetres
Temperature Range: 33 degrees Celsius – 24 degrees Celsius

- March

The weather begins turning warmer during this time and the rainfall is spread around roughly five days. It is important to understand that you cannot spend a lot of time outside in the heat during this time, otherwise you run the risk of severe dehydration and heatstroke.

Sightseeing can turn into an unpleasant experience which is why it is not recommended that you book any outdoor activity for the day during this time. If you do have to step out, make sure you are planning an indoor activity with air-conditioned interiors to avoid trapping yourself in the oppressive heat. 

Average Maximum Temperature: 30 degrees Celsius
Average Precipitation: 30 millimetres
Temperature Range: 34 degrees Celsius – 26 degrees Celsius

- April

April happens to be the hottest month all around Bangkok, making this one of the most miserable time for tourists to step out. The high temperatures combined with the humidity in the atmosphere to make the weather near hell for you. At this time, going out for sightseeing is one of the poorest decisions to make for tourists.

The rainfall is also quite a bit more than usual. Reports of fatigue and heat stroke among tourists are also common. Therefore, it is important to stay hydrated and use appropriate sun protection. 

Average Maximum Temperature: 32 degrees Celsius
Average Precipitation: 70 millimetres
Temperature Range: 35 degrees Celsius – 27 degrees Celsius

- May

With the onset of this month, the rains make their way in Bangkok. The sweltering heat from the previous two months subsides with some relief for the residents although the moisture in the air can make things worse for few. With most of the month experiencing heavy rainfalls, this is not a great time for sightseeing. During this month, some floods around the city can also be seen.

Using a raincoat may not be of many conveniences so equip yourself with an umbrella if you are travelling to the city during this time. This is the reason why tourists usually avoid this month for travelling to this city. 

Average Maximum Temperature: 32 degrees Celsius
Average Precipitation: 190 millimetres
Temperature Range: 35 degrees Celsius – 26 degrees Celsius

- June

The rainfall and temperatures around the town are almost similar to May. Although this month feels slightly more comfortable than May, tourists need to plan their clothing accordingly. Umbrellas are a must accessory and clothing should only be loose and lightweight. At all times, remember to carry additional protective clothing for the times when the cold gets the better of you.

Plenty of planning on your travel front is required since the rains can disrupt them constantly. Be prepared to alter your plans, should the need be felt, since heavy rains can always disrupt your travel itinerary. 

Average Maximum Temperature: 31 degrees Celsius
Average Precipitation: 150 millimetres
Temperature Range: 34 degrees Celsius – 26 degrees Celsius

- July

July is one of the lowest seasons to see tourist footfall and thus, certainly not the Best season to visit Bangkok. While the average temperatures may be seen falling ever so slightly, rainfall tends to increase. This kind of weather usually continues up till September.

If you are preparing to come here during this month, make sure that you are equipped with the proper gear to tackle the rains. Rains usually come here in short bursts that last up to 30 minutes. Pack light and loose clothes for yourself which will complement your travel this month. 

Average Maximum Temperature: 31 degrees Celsius
Average Precipitation: 160 millimetres
Temperature Range: 33 degrees Celsius – 26 degrees Celsius

- August

The temperature is closely identical to that of the previous month and during this month, you might come across a lot of flooding on the streets. With levels of humidity reaching 74%, the air feels sticky and moist, as a result of which, you will find yourself sweating a lot.

Since there are not a lot of travellers in the city during this time, you need not worry about large crowds but at all times, you must carry your umbrella and the clothing must be kept light and loose so that you can feel comfortable. Carry easy slip-on shoes which can be worn and removed at the instant. 

Average Maximum Temperature: 30 degrees Celsius
Average Precipitation: 190 millimetres
Temperature Range: 33 degrees Celsius – 25 degrees Celsius

- September

One of the wettest months of the year, more than 20 days are predicted to experience rainfall during this month. The average temperatures are felt to fall down but it is unlikely that you will feel the coolness just yet. Sunshine is very occasional and the humidity is punishing.

Although the rainfall is excessive during this month, you will easily be able to duck inside a closed interior since most bursts of rain are short. During this month, typically pack clothing which can dry up quickly. You should be equipped with an umbrella, SPF, and some warm clothing for the air-conditioned indoors to keep you from feeling cold. 

Average Maximum Temperature: 29 degrees Celsius
Average Precipitation: 290 millimetres
Temperature Range: 33 degrees Celsius – 25 degrees Celsius

- October

Come October and the rainfall starts getting lighter and sparser. By the end of this month, the people here will be bidding goodbye to the killing moisture in the air and eventually, it will be perfect enough for the tourists to start flocking to the town.

Usually, unless it has been raining a lot, the streets won’t be flooded and pliable enough to get around for sightseeing. Your clothing should be such that even if you come across the rains and get wet, your wet clothing may not make you feel bogged down. As usual, keep an umbrella ready and wear cotton clothes to travel light. 

Average Maximum Temperature: 29 degrees Celsius
Average Precipitation: 210 millimetres
Temperature Range: 33 degrees Celsius – 25 degrees Celsius

- November

For the locals, this month marks the onset of the cold season. On average, the rains occur for a maximum of five days throughout the month. This month can certainly be regarded as the Best month to visit Bangkok owing to the pleasant weather and coolness in the atmosphere. However, always remember to protect your skin with adequate SPF. The formula of wearing loose and light fitting clothes still holds valid.

Although, do carry some warm clothing to protect yourself indoors from the chilly air. This is the time when the pace of nightlife picks up in Bangkok, which is why you will find plenty of party mongers on the streets at night time. Due to the relatively cooler climate, the sightseeing experience is also a pleasant one during the day. 

Average Maximum Temperature: 27 degrees Celsius
Average Precipitation: 60 millimetres
Temperature Range: 32 degrees Celsius – 24 degrees Celsius

- December

This is one of the driest months in Bangkok and probably the Best time to visit Bangkok. You might be lucky enough not to encounter any rain at all. You will definitely find the streets flocked with tourists from all over, enjoying the cool weather and spending time exploring the many sightseeing destinations of Bangkok.

Make sure that you are always wearing enough SPF and carry an umbrella and some warm clothing, to shield you from the extremities of the weather. It is highly unlikely that you will require that umbrella but it is better to be on the safer side. 

Average Maximum Temperature: 27 degrees Celsius 
Average Precipitation: 10 millimetres
Temperature Range: 32 degrees Celsius – 22 degrees Celsius

Best Time to Visit Bangkok for Events and National Festivals 

Bangkok Events in the Month of January

* New Year

One of the Best time to visit Bangkok is this public holiday. The government organizations are usually shut during this day and the local residents prefer to visit the local temples. You can visit the endless shops and malls in the town. 

* National Children Day

This day is celebrated in the month of January on a Saturday of the month which falls in the second week. Many attractions, such as the zoo, theme parks and museums offer free entry for all. Today is also the day when places like the Grand Palace and the Government House are opened for the general public. 

* Bangkok Fringe Festival

This is held at the Patravadi Theatre, this festival takes place between January and February. A number of international artists are lined up for performances at the festival, which includes multiple shows of performing arts, dance music, puppetry, and films. 

* Chinese Lunar New Year 

Celebrated over a span of a week, this is the time when the Thai Chinese residents in Bangkok take some time to celebrate and rejoice the festival. The place to be at is Chinatown, where you will find firecracker display, popular dragon dances and lanterns, and typical food stalls, which are known to serve the most authentic Chinese delicacies. 

Bangkok Events in the Month of February

* Makha Buch Day

The Buddhist Lunar festival is celebrated on this day, which happens to be the night of the full moon in the third lunar month. Devotees march around the temples with lit candles in their hands, to mark the celebrations. If you wish to be a part of these celebrations, you can visit the Wat Benjamabophit or the Golden Mount, and here you will find the most number of monks in the town. 

Bangkok Events in the Month of March

* Bangkok International Fashion Week Event

The event is organized during a span of five days in the middle of the month. You can catch up on the event at Impact Exhibition and Convention Centre, where you can browse for a number of products such as clothing, jewellery, bridal displays, and handicrafts, which are brought together under one roof. 

* National Book Fair Event

Held annually, this international event serves as a platform for writers as well as publishers to come together. It is located near the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre between the months of March and April.

Bangkok Events in the Month of April

* Chakri Day

Every day, the event is held on April 6 and marks a day of importance for the people of Thailand. This day marks the founding day of the Chakri Dynasty, which is known for the origination of the present royal family. While businesses usually remain open today, most government establishments remain closed, while the Thai people can be seen placing wreaths around the statue of the popular king Rama I. 

* Songkran

During the time of the revered Thai New Year celebrations, you will mostly find all official institutions shut down while only a few major shopping malls can be found open. The three - day event usually garners enough fun and popularity for the festivities to last up to a week.

If you are present in the town at this time, be prepared to be a target of the many water guns, hoses and buckets full of water, with which residents engage in water fights. This is why some tourists do not find this one of the best times to visit Bangkok. 

Bangkok Events in the Month of May

* Coronation Day

Probably not the best time to visit Bangkok, the day of 5th May is a known public holiday in the name of the anniversary celebration of the famous King Rama IX. For those who have made contributions to the country, royal rewards are presented. Some of the rooms of the Grand Palace which are usually closed to the general public are also left open for visitors. 

* Visakha Bucha

This holy festival is observed on the day when the full moon emerges and marks the day when Buddhists visit their temples. Bars and pubs are left closed on this day and for those which are not, playing loud music is prohibited. 

Bangkok Events in the Month of June

* Amazing Thailand Grand Sale Event

The event takes place around the middle of the month. If you are traveling to Bangkok during this time, make sure that you pick some of the best deals at this sale, not only from stores but also from many restaurants and hotels, which offer surprising discounts and offers during this time. 

* Crab Festival

Held every year at the Central Plaza Rama, if you are someone who is in for some crab tasting, make sure you head to this one. Apart from eating the crab itself, you will also be a witness to international cooking descriptions and live displays. 

Bangkok Events in the Month of July

* Asana Bucha and Khao Pansa festival

Probably not the best month to visit Bangkok, this is the event when the two most prominent Buddhist holidays take place one after the other. While the former is the day when Lord Buddha was known to preach his first ever sermon to five disciples, the latter marks the start of the Buddhist Lent. During this time, monks retreat for meditation, for a period which lasts up to three months. 

* Pattaya Marathon Event

This usually takes place in the outer regions of Bangkok. This event is highly popular among runners from all over the world, who come here to be a part of the event and take a view of the expansive coastal regions and attractive passes. Runners can choose from an array of miles to run, between 5 thousand and 21 thousand.

Bangkok Events in the Month of August

* Short Film and Video Festival

This festival is held around the middle of the month every year at the art and culture center in Bangkok. During this festival, an avid display of Thai – Indie films is made, along with some typical global as well as gay programs. The focus of this festival is to showcase short movies, documentaries, animation movies, student movies and more. 

Bangkok Events in the Month of September

* Chinese Mid - Autumn Moon Fest

Although this festival originates from China, it has been altered to fit the traditions of the Thai people. Chinatown is a popular destination to be at if you are looking to relish an unbelievable amount of culinary delights. Take a pick of roasted chestnut to mooncakes and so much more. There is a lot to relish here. 

* International Dance and Music Festival

This is Bangkok’s biggest annual art fest which features a number of dance and music styles including ballet, jazz, classic and more. It runs from September to October. 

Bangkok Events in the Month of October

* Awk Phansa Festival

Among one of the Best season to visit Bangkok is this festival which signifies the end of the Buddhist lent after three months. The Thot Kathin ceremony is popular, where monks are brought food and robe donations. A formal ceremony is also held at Wat Arun. 

* Halloween

This event is not quite popular with the Thai people on their own but when it comes to Bangkok, which is a proper tourist hotspot, you will find plenty of parties around bars and pubs, where people get together, dressed up in different costumes, to commemorate the event.

Bangkok Events in the Month of November

* World Film Festival

The festival is held during the first few days of the month and is popular for being a singular event where around 80 international movies are displayed including the work of the European Union Film Festival and more. The array of movies displayed includes short films, animation movies, and documentaries.

* Beer Garden Fest

If you have heard about Oktoberfest in Germany, you might be able to relate to this one. During this event, some of the popular brands of beers are made available on the tap. This is a national event but is most popular over here in Bangkok. Live music bands and food stalls decorate the event across plazas, malls, and bars.

* Loy Krathong Festival

One of the reasons why tourists find this month to be the Best month to visit Bangkok is because of this festival. The Thai people make a boat with banana leaves and flowers and place a candle in the center and assemble around the lakes to pay homage to the water goddess by offering their rafts. It is a magical sight to bear witness to.

Bangkok Events in the Month of December

* The King’s Birthday Fest

Every year, the celebration is held on 5th December, which gives the tourists a chance to serve reverence to the revered king of Thailand. The grand palace is decorated in beautiful hues and the visitors can bear witness to a bright display of colors, along with the traditional dance and music of the city. 

* Christmas Day

Although not widely celebrated in the Thai culture, the Christmas season is one Best season to visit Bangkok. The increased marketing and commercial aura of the festival draws crowds in huge numbers, to witness the lit streets and establishments of the city and the shopping areas, which are decorated to meet the season’s greetings. 

* New Year’s Eve

Regarded as one of the largest party hubs in Asia, a number of people come down to Thailand to count the minutes to the new year. The Central World Square is where all the hip is and where you will find the best display of fireworks on the day of New Year's Eve. This is one of the Best time of year to visit Bangkok. 
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