Ad Here The 13th Overview

Experience the pulsating heart of Bangkok's nightlife at Ad Here The 13th. As a premier entertainment destination, this club opens its doors once a week, hosting electrifying events that showcase the best of EDM. Renowned international DJs take center stage, unleashing beats that reverberate through three distinct spaces – the disco room, the main room, and the terrace.

Planning a Thailand holiday package? Don't miss out on the ultimate nightlife experience at The 13th – where the beat never stops, and the excitement is limitless. This unconventional oddly named bar, Ad Here the 13th, located in Samsen Road looks every bit like a shabby old place in Bangkok’s old city. Restricted in space this is nowhere a place for big crowd but all the fallacies gets in dust when once hears the live music played here. Truly dedicated to music lovers, this place is quite unique in compared to the regular live music bars in Bangkok. Crammed up in this bohemian-esque restricted space, many tourists and locals find the joy of soul searching music. The vintage furniture and the age old photos hanging in the walls elevate the ambience and the theme of a hipstar hangout. A cool place to drop in for a delightful evening though one must drop in early to fetch some seats. House blues and jazz are the favourites here and even drinks come cheap.

Location: 13 Samsen Road, Bangkok

Timings: 19:00 pm to 12:00am

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