Demo Overview

Demo in Bangkok is a pulsating hub of nightlife, offering an electrifying experience for party enthusiasts. This dynamic club opens its doors on specific events, approximately once a week, transforming into a beacon for EDM lovers. Renowned for hosting globally acclaimed DJs, Demo ensures an unforgettable night of music and entertainment.

Majorly catering to the high-profile localities and throbbing young crowd, this place remains quite full from Wednesday to Sunday. For those seeking an unforgettable Thailand trip, a night at Demo is an essential highlight, promising a blend of pulsating beats and a lively atmosphere. There are two specified rooms in the club, one closer to the entrance designed with orange neon, playing hip hop, and the other main room which focuses on electro. Base heavy beats, R&B tunes, and tech music energize the dance floor. There is no entry free but drinks are chargeable starting from 250 Baht and beers from 220 Baht. The ambience of the club is quite friendly and welcoming though the same remains quite filled with Thai’s and seldom with foreigners.

Location: Thong Lor Street Soi 10, 20 mins walk from nearest BTS Thong Lor.

Timings: 19:00 pm to 2:00 am

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