Ladakh Festival, Leh - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

About Ladakh Festival

As every Ladakh lover will know, Hemis festival celebrated at Hemis Monastery has a large number of admirers. It falls onto the month of July usually but the dates would be changing according to the calendar followed by the Buddhist monks. Yuru Kabgyat Festival is a two day festival at Lamayuru Monastery in the month of July. In this one as well, there is a mask dance and similar rituals followed in other major monasteries in the region. Ladakh festival is celebrated in the month of September every year in Leh and its villages. Filled with music, dance, traditional art forms, cultural representations, this festival will last for six beautiful days. Deskit Gustor festival at Deskit Monastery, Thiskey Gustor Festival at Thiskey Monastery, Losar Festival, Saka Dawa Festival and Karsha Gustor Festival at Karsha Monastery are some of the major festivals that give the visitors colourful memories of Ladakh and its life.

One major similarity in these festivals is the presence of dance and music. Each festival includes dance and music for different but unique reasons. The mask dance is seen in almost all the festivals. Also, the music played by using the wide drums, small trumpets, cymbals, large wind instruments and large pipes is believed to be one of the inevitable part of every festival of Ladakhis.

Location: There are plenty of monasteries in Ladakh, some are really close to Leh town and some are quite far. You can reach the monasteries via bus, bike or jeep.

When to go: Mostly, the festivals happen after the winter season. According to the lunisolar calendar followed by the monasteries only, the dates of festival will be declared. But on a usual note, the dates of almost all the festivals fall in between the months of June and October.

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