Rizong Monastery, Leh: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Rizong Monastery

Yuma Changchubling is the more fascinating name of one of the famous monasteries in Ladakh region that is Rizong Monastery. To the west of Alchi on the road to Lamayuru is the location of Rizong gompa. Lined by the beautiful mountainous terrains, Rizong Monastery is perched on a rocky hill top north of Indus River.


The history says that before the establishment of the monastery in the year of 1831, there was a hermitage for teaching the Buddhist religion to the monks. Lama Tsultim Nima was the person behind the construction of the hermitage and in the later stage as the number of monks was increased, he started the construction of the current monastery, much bigger and expansive. Now, the monastery belongs to the powerful sect of Buddhism, Gelugpa or Yellow Hat sect.

Structure of the monastery

At the centre of the monastery there is a relic shrine which has another name as Sku- Gdung that preserves the relics of the founder of the monastery. The frescoes of Dharmaraja and other deities are all around the shrine. Shakyamuni Buddha’s statue is the main attraction of the assembly hall as well as the idols of other deities give the hall a complete sacred atmosphere. The sacred chamber, Thin-Chen shrine etc have many other idols and all together create the harmonic serenity inside the monastery.

Location: It is located at a distance of 73 Km from Leh. You can reach by bus or jeep.

Timings:The gompa is open on all days from the month of June to September

Entry fee: The entry to the monastery is free

Highlight: A name that should be read in association with Rizong Monastery is Chulichan Nunnery under the administration of Rizong gompa. 20 nuns are residing there. People visit this nunnery also during the tour.

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