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  • If you are in Sydney, you can never be bored, be it day or night. There is always a new restaurant to try, undercover bar to hunt down or beaches calling you to take a break from the daily hustle bustle of the city. You can spend your whole day at Sydney beaches because of the comfort they provide.

    Freshwater Beach is a stunning family beach wedged between two headlands. You can enjoy swimming, surfing and some beach sports at the Freshwater Beach. There is a life size statue of Hawaiian 'duke' Kahanamolu on the beach, the person who brought surfing to this region.

    Live like a villager and explore like a tourist at Bondi Beach, everyone who have been at Bondi Beach would surely have loved its village atmosphere. One of the most beautiful beaches, you will always find some activity going on here. It is a perfect getaway for those having busy lifestyles.  

    Here are the Best Sydney Beaches:

  • 01Beach Hopping Private Tour in Sydney

    Beach Hopping Private Tour in Sydney
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    About the Activity:
    • Engage in an offbeat beach hopping tour of Sydney that will take you to the lesser known coasts of this vibrant city.
    • This tour is a customized tour and you can chose the timing according to your convenience.
    • Sydney is known for its host of beaches all of which have a distinct identifying feature.
    • Explore the magnificent waterways and national parks in Sydney’s north, the unspoiled ocean beaches, and the bits you simply won’t see without a private vehicle.
    • Enjoy the surf beaches, secret beaches, bushwalks and Aboriginal rock carvings.
    • End this exciting tour after 3 hours.

  • 02Freshwater Beach

    Image Credit : nigelhowe - flickr
    Freshwater is an amazing beach nestled between two peak lands. In the northern peak it does provide protection in the summer from the waves, however throughout the year the waves are fairly consistent. Freshwater Beach is under the aegis of the Manly-Freshwater National and World Surfing Reserve that recognizes the environmental, cultural and historical values of beaches. The Beach is beautiful and stands apart in its own right for its environmental heritage. Most tourist places are fun but this aims to educate the people with regards to safeguarding our environment.

    Location: It is located in Freshwater, NSW, which is a suburb in Sydney.

    Highlights: There is also a saltwater pool which is famous with swimmers. It is also the home of Hawaiian 'duke' Kahanamolu , the person responsible for bringing surfing to this region. There is life size statue of him on the beach.

    Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
  • 03Bondi Beach

    Image Credit : clicheshots - flickr
    It is one of the world's most beautiful and famous beaches. Everyone who goes there falls in love with its village atmosphere. It is almost a kilometer long and dotted with lifesavers. There are always some activities going on at bondi, mostly centered on the pavilion. Bondi is a perfect combination of nature and waves. It is a perfect getaway for those busy lifestyles as it is delightfully famous for its harsh waves. If you love beaches and are absolutely in love with the sun and sand, then Bondi is a must before you say goodbye. Bond with the friendly locals at bondi and explore the beach through them. What a better way to know Australia than via Aussies right?

    Image Credits : Eat.Drink.See.Do - flickr

    Location: Bondi Beach is a suburb in Sydney in New South Wales.

    Highlights: It always has activities going on at Bondi, and special events for days when it is raining. It also has a lot of food stalls along the line.

    Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
    Bondi Beach Offshore Adventure Ride

    Bondi Beach Offshore Adventure Ride


    h1 HourlSydney

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  • 04Manly

    Image Credit :  TheGirlsNY - flickr
    Manly Beach is a part of the northern beaches of Sydney. It covers three parts- Queens cliff, north steyne and south steyne. It's main street for shoppers and diners, runs through the ferry wharf and harbor to the peninsula to Manly beach, the boundary between north and south steyne. Manly Lifeguards work the entire year at South Steyne, and work from October to April at Queens cliff and North steyne. After an energy filled day at exclusive Aussie beaches, unwind from unwinding by exploring the insane night acne at this beach. The nightclubs on this beach will keep you on your toes all night. Before that do remember to shop till you drop and try the sumptuous cuisine at one of the restaurants.

    Location: It is located at Manly, NSW 2095, Sydney.

    Highlight: Manly Beach is known for its restaurants, nightclubs and dive bars.

    Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
    Half Day Tour around Manly Beach

    Half Day Tour around Manly Beach


    h3 Hoursh45 MinuteslSydney

    Starting from


  • 05Bronte

    Image Credit : Eat.Drink.See.Do - flickr
    Bronte is a small popular beach in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. It is 2 km south of Bondi and situated north of Coogee. The beach is frequented by walkers, swimmers, surfers of all kinds. It provides various trails due to its paved coastal footpath with the rocky cliff tops. A long distance swimming event is also held here every December. The 30m pool in the south end is very famous among locals in Sydney. Come here for an amazing walk with your loved one. This is an absolutely beautiful place for those long endless conversations and creating timeless memories. Knowing well the beauty once, you are sure to return to this beach time and again.

    Image Credits : Eat.Drink.See.Do. - flickr

    Location: Bronte Beach is located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

    Highlight: It is well known for its amazing surf waves and water sports.

    Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
  • 06Avalon

    Image Credit : Google
    Due to the much preferred sea-change the locals from Sydney have started to prefer Avalon beach for the better 'surfer lifestyle'. So the water sport community here has grown allowing for it to become a major attraction. Along the north head land, the waters there attract a lot of long boarders for its huge waves. The 25 meter ocean rock pool attracts a lot of visitors for its refreshing experience. Little Avalon, south of Avalon produces comparatively harsher waves making it fun for tube rides. It's 'surfer lifestyle' has made this a major water sport attraction all over the world and is on the top of every water sport fanatics' bucket list.

    Location: Avalon is located in the northern suburb of Sydney.

    Highlight: Avalon is known for its crispy waves much preferred by professional and amateur surfers alike

    Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
  • 07Whale Beach

    Image Credit : Francesco Supertramp - flickr
    Designed by Ace Architect Alexander Stewart Jolly, Whale Beach is the home of Wedge which is a well known surf break. It is located 40 km north of Sydney city central business district and has various places and spots for the perfect wind for surf junkies. Whale Beach comes under the Pittwater council, among the northern beaches region. Its beaches are amazing but one also has to be careful about the looming whales. The government had provided a lot of security and it also has an enclosed pool. The beach, being very famous is frequented by locals and tourists alike. Catching the surf winds is comparatively easier due the equally spaced out waves. At Carol Reed, there is a heritage listed single stories bungalow made from sandstone.

    Image Credits : Travis_Simon - flickr

    Location: It is 40 km north of Sydney central business district.

    Highlights: It is famous for the wedge, a surf break.

    Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
  • 08Shelly Beach

    Image Credit : Google
    Among the Famous Manly beaches, Shelly beach is the Crown jewel. It is a protected marine reserve. The beach is near North head and fairy bower. Due to its marine diversity and shallow depth of 12 meters it is popular with snorkelers and divers. One can also walk around the bush track which had spectacular views of the north head and northern beaches. There is also a restaurant called le kiosk located in proximity to satiate your hunger.

    Location: Shelly beach is located in the northern suburbs of Sydney.

    Highlights: It is a haven for marine life enthusiasts, as it offers amazing under water tours with an intricate view of marine life. So, if you are a water baby, nothing really should stop you from visiting this much delightful and amazingly refreshing, Shelly beach.

    Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
  • 09Palm Beach

    Image Credit : mdalmuld - flickr
    The Palm Beach is the northern most part of the northern beaches. It's mesmerizing sands and shining blue water is perfect for swimming, chilling and surfing. Palm Beach has been divided into two, with the north offering perfect surfing conditions while the south offers a more protected swimming environment. The beach has an extravagant 35 meter ocean pool for toddlers and amateur swimmers. There are popular eateries like Jonah's, Dunes restaurant and The boathouse. Palm Beach also has a golf course nearby for golf aficionados.

    Image Credits : ★Yo photography

    Location: It is located 41 km North of Sydney. So, if you travel towards the north, never miss out on the very beautiful and inviting Palm Beach.

    Highlights: If you feel like exploring, Ecotreasures provides for seekers their famous Sydney's hidden treasure tour then Palm Beach is one highly recommended spot.

    Best time to visit: September to November, March to May
  • 10Chinaman's Beach

    Image Credit : Google
    Chinaman's Beach In Rosherville Reserve, Sydney Harbour, is a relatively isolated Beach. It is near Balmoral beach and faces Clontarf Reserve. It is a local favorite since it is a perfectly nestled area with just about zero waves thereby making it just the right place for snorkeling, swimming and kids. Chinaman's Beach is also famous for canoeing and kayaking. The beach is extremely clean, so rest assured that as a concerned parent you can witness your children building sandcastles, collecting shells and discovering rock formations in extremely hygienic surroundings. Moreover, if it’s your lucky day, who knows, you might even stumble upon a sea creature!

    Location: Chinaman's Beach is located at Mosman NSW 2088

    Highlights: It has a small playground with lots of greenery for kids to play. And if you do get hungry, which you will after having an insane amount of fun, you can just drive up to the Spit or at the Balmoral beach.

    Best time to visit: September to November, March to May
  • 11Redleaf Beach

    Image Credit : Google
    Redleaf Beach is an ideal Harbour side Sydney beach which is a must visit for every visitor. Take a dip at the Murray rose pool which was earlier known as red leaf pool at the west end of the beach. Its Harbour side will provide you a safe enclosure to swim in. No more worrying about the kids. It has no shortage of space, with its 90 by 60 meter area as you can be assured of a leisurely swim even if it's crowded. Go on a lovely walk after your swim and dry yourself in the shining sun to feel yourself close to the nature. After that move over to enjoy a fantastic bite as you contemplate your beautiful life looking over Darling point and Harbor Bridge.

    Location: 536 New South Head Rd, Double Bay NSW 2028

    Highlight: A good place for family and swimming trainees.

    Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
  • 12Collaroy Beach

    Image Credit :  haubentaucher3d - flickr
    A suburb in northern Sydney, it is 22 km north-east of Sydney's central business district. It is among the northern beaches' region. Famous for its great swimming conditions, amateurs as well as seasoned players will not hesitate to make this their play ground. This beach provides the perfect waves for all skill levels. No more bickering in a friend circle over which beach to surf at, come to Colloroy and everyone feels right at home. Advanced surfers can move on to crazy wave magnets like Narabeen and long reef. It has a lot of amenities to complement your wave time, like picnic area and Rock paths. There is also a surf shop, a restaurant and a cinema for fun seekers.

    Image Credits : Kyle Taylor, Dream It. Do It. - flickr

    Location: Colloroy Beach is located 22 kms north-east of Sydney's central business district.

    Highlight: The beach seems ideal for both seasoned and amateur swimmers.

    Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
  • 13Wattamolla Beach

    Image Credit : everyday sh⊙_☉ter - flickr
    When you specifically want to just feel that clear granular sand below your feet as you lie down letting all your worries wash away with the waves, come down to Wattamolla beach in Sydney. Arrive here with your family and stretch yourself below the shade of cabbage tree palms and then head to the beach. A popular place, it has something for everyone in your family, so that you can bond like never before. When you're hungry, eat a BBQ lunch to your heart's content and then go for a walk on the beach track. After digesting your food well, get ready for some light water sport and try out canoeing, kayaking or liloing.

    Image Credits : sridgway - flickr

    Location: Wattamolla beach is located at the Royal national park.

    Highlights: Wattamolla beach provides a unique experience as this beach is located within a national park.

    Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
  • 14Silver Beach

    Image Credit : Google
    Silver beach, on the kurnell peninsula is your answer for a relaxing time. When life stretches you thin, stretch yourself over this pristine wonder of nature known to all as Silver beach. True to its name, you thank yourself when you see the silvery gleam of this beach shine in your loved ones eyes. In the front of Botany Bay spend your time in the midst of surreally clean sand and immerse yourself in the supreme pleasure of slowly dipping down into its crystal clear waters. The Silver beach is known for its functionality as a family outing venue with everything available at a convenient location. It is a great picnic spot and like all other beaches in Sydney it will cradle you and tease you to come explore its exquisite beauty.

    Location: Silver beach is located on the Kurnell peninsula adjacent to Botany bay.

    Highlights: It is known for its clean beaches and crystal clear water.

    Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
  • 15Bilgola

    Image Credit :  iansand - flickr
    Bilgola Beach is a suburb in the northern part of Sydney and is one of the very beautiful surfing beaches in Sydney. The term 'Bilgola' is derived from an ancient Aboriginal phrase which means 'swirling waters'. The legendary Bilgola Beach is famous for its beauty. You will come here for the beauty but stay back for the serenity it offers to the mind. Once everything quiets down, you can hear the ocean, all of your worries will melt away in the 'swirling waters'. Nearby there are a lot of places to crash and munch while you look over the beach.

    Location: Bilgola Beach is 33 km north-east of Sydney's central business district.

    Highlight: It is known especially for its beautiful surf winds. You can swim, twist, twirl and play all your favorite water sports here at the Bilgola Beach.

    Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.