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The Customs House Sydney is a very important building and plays a major role in the life of the people of this city. The building stands as a historical and cultural icon. The Customs House of Sydney has a fantastic library with a truly extensive collection of books, a beautiful atrium, a comfortable lounge and a fine dining restaurant within its walls.

The Customs House Sydney is a heritage site and holds a place of great significance in the historic and cultural background of Sydney. The place where the house now stands is the exact location from where the Aborigines saw the first fleet of prisoners coming and it is also the place where the first prisoner, that was given a death sentence, was executed. 

Now the building is the center of attraction for tourists and locals alike. It has a 2 level library that holds over 50,000 books and other publications. There is a nice and comfortable lounge area where you can sit and relax; a magnificent, sun drenched atrium, an exhibition space and a fine dining restaurant. 

One of the major attractions here is the miniature scale version of the Sydney that took over 20 years to complete. This scale model has to be updated as the city's skyline changes. The city model comes to life at nights when numerous fiber optic lights light up making the model look exactly like the city. The building also offers a birds eye view of the city for which you will have to climb up the helix staircase to the first floor from where you can look at the city from a new perspective. 

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• The miniature model of Sydney is one of the major attractions of the Customs House. The sights shown in this model are extremely accurate, giving you the feeling of looking down at Sydney from high up in the clouds. 
• The Customs House Sydney holds the largest collection of magazines both local and international in the waiting area for you to read while you rest your feet for a bit. 
• The library at the Customs House holds over 50,000 books of different kinds and has a lounge area where you can sit back while reading an interesting book. 
• There is a fine dining restaurant in the building itself called the Cafe Sydney that offers delicious gourmet meals with a mesmerizing harbor view.

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