Luna Park Overview

Luna Park Sydney is the harbor-side amusement park in Australia that entertains locals and tourists with a bustling midway, carnival games, rides, and big-top concerts. Ranging from tame to thrilling, Luna Park Sydney offers visitors a chance to indulge in more than 20 exciting and family-friendly rides. The highlight of this adventure park is Coney Island, which happens to be everyone’s favorite with a nostalgic draw.

Luna Park Sydney is the most iconic amusement park and tourist destination in Australia situated at the side of Sydney Harbor. Adored with spectacular views, this park features a giant smiling face of the Moon on the entrance with over 20 amazing rides, shows, and attractions. Some of the much-loved collections of exhilarating rides at Luna Park Sydney are the Hair Raiser, the Moon Ranger, the Tumblebug, and the Wild Mouse roller coaster. Each of these rides provides the ultimate adventure that completely satisfies the adventure seekers in you. Explore Luna Park Sydney as part of our exclusive Australia packages, ensuring a thrilling experience for visitors of all ages.

Through the rides at Luna Park Sydney, you can capture unlimited moments of fun with your friends and family and cherish the memories for a lifetime. Visitors can have a lot of fun on the rides, like the Ferris Wheel and Tango Train, situated on the edge of one of the most spectacular harbors in the world. You can witness the beautiful smile at Milsons Point from the vantage points around the Circular Quay and Sydney Harbor Bridge.

From the taming to the thrilling rides, Luna Park Sydney does not fail to entertain and make you astonished with its hair-raising rides at any level. The park is also endowed with restaurants and cafes, from where you can get some refreshments after a tiring and action-oriented adventure at Luna Park Sydney.


• Visit the iconic heritage-listed Luna Park Sydney to enjoy the thrilling and adventurous rides and attractions.
• Indulge in the nerve-chilling rollercoaster rides, like the Big Dipper and the Wild Mouse.
• Get filled with fright and wonder while enjoying the different rides at Luna Park Sydney.
• Enjoy the gorgeous views of the Sydney Harbor and its surroundings while riding the Carousel and Ferris Wheel.
• Be astonished by the amazement of the Mirror Maze and the Mystery Manor.
• Keep yourself thoroughly delighted with the dips, turns, and drops in the Wild Mouse roller coaster and the Hair Raiser.
• Grab your favorite drink and some light refreshments at the restaurants and food outlets, including the park’s famous restaurant, Altum.
• Spend a remarkable time with your family at Luna Park Sydney and cherish the moment for a lifetime.
• Win exciting prizes after winning at the slideshow games in Luna Park Sydney.
• Click Instagrammable pictures in front of the popular rides and flaunt them in your friend’s group.

How To Reach

By Ferry- To reach Luna Park Sydney, you can take a ferry to the Milsons Point Wharf, which is situated at the face of this iconic tourist attraction. If you are traveling in a group, you can avail yourself of the Captain Cook Cruises or Hop on Hop Off Harbor Explorer to reach Luna Park Sydney.

By Train- The nearest train station to Luna Park Sydney is Milsons Point Station. If you are traveling from the north, the station is situated just after Wynyard Station in Sydney CBD. On the other hand, this station is located after North Sydney Station if you are traveling from the south.

By Bus- Several buses operate through North Sydney Station and stop at Milsons Point. It is the fastest, easiest, and most scenic way to reach Luna Park Sydney.

By Car- If you are traveling from the Warringah Expressway, you must take the North Sydney exit and follow the signages to Kirribilli. From there, move towards Broughton Street, turn right into Fitzroy Street, left at the roundabout into Alfred Street South, right into Dind Street, and then left to Northcliff Street for Luna Park Sydney. On the other hand, if you are driving north over Sydney Harbor Bridge, take the first exit on the left following the bridge to Kirribilli, move towards the water on Alfred Street, and then go straight at the roundabout and turn right quickly onto Dind Street. From there, you can turn left to Northcliff Street to reach Luna Park Sydney.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Luna Park Sydney is between September and November and then from March to May, i.e., during the spring and autumn seasons. During this time, the weather remains warm and pleasant to enjoy all the rides and activities in the adventure park. Moreover, it is advisable to visit the attraction early in the morning to avoid crowds and get direct access to the attraction.

Other Essential Information

Tips to Visit Luna Park Sydney

Book your tickets to Luna Park Sydney online in advance to remove the hassle of standing in long queues at the ticket counter and get direct access to the attraction.

Wear hats and sunscreen at all times to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun in Luna Park Sydney.

Carry a water bottle to the park and refill them from the water stations at different locations in Luna Park Sydney.

Wear comfortable clothes and footwear to enjoy the thrilling rides and activities of Luna Park Sydney.

Check out the height restrictions before planning to hop on the different rides at the attraction.

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Point of Interest for Luna Park
Roller Coasters

Roller Coasters

There are four roller coaster rides in Luna Park Sydney, with Wild Mouse being the oldest and most favorite ride of all. The Wild Mouse roller coaster is a pulsating fun ride that flings you up, down, right out to the Sydney Harbor, and back again in just a minute. The Big Dipper is another roller coaster ride in Luna Park Sydney that is regarded as the first inline seating launch rollercoaster in the world and the fastest and tallest multi-launch coaster in Australia. If you are looking for a family-friendly roller coaster ride, you can go for Boomerang drops, twists, and turns for an exhilarating experience or opt for Little Nippler to enjoy with your little ones.

Thrill Rides

Thrill Rides

Out of the several rides in Luna Park Sydney, there are five thrill rides for people who are looking for an adrenaline rush into their veins. Some of the thrilling rides of Luna Park Sydney are Hair Raiser, Rotor, Sledgehammer, Tango Train, and Volare. Visitors can swing and spin at the same time over the Sydney Harbor in Sledgehammer or swing, fly, and enjoy the majestic Luna Park in Volare. You can also step into the legendary time capsule to stimulate your senses in Rotor, rock your socks off in Tango Train, and feel your hair standing while dropping at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour from 50 meters in the Hair Raiser.

Family Rides

Family Rides

Luna Park Sydney also provides an exciting experience for the entire family while aiming to satisfy all age groups. Bug, Carousel, Cloud Nine, Dodgem City, Ferris Wheel, Freaky Frogs, Loopy Lighthouse, and Silly Sub are some of the family rides that you must indulge in on your visit to Luna Park Sydney. You can drop up and down the Loopy Lighthouse, jump on and leap around in Freaky Frogs, and go on Cloud Nine with your kiddies. For an increase in the thrill level, you can hop on the Ferris Wheel or ride the electric car in Dodgem City.

Coney Island

Coney Island

Coney Island is the ultimate entertainment and adventure for the entire family in Luna Park Sydney. It is the only authentic fun house in Australia that takes everyone back to their childhood days with its thrilling rides, slides, and attractions. In Coney Island, you can stumble through Barrels of Fun, last the distance on the Joy Wheel, and tackle the Mirror Maze. This area is the center of the attraction of Luna Park Sydney, which makes you feel nostalgic through its exciting and thrilling rides.

Slideshow Games

Slideshow Games

After enjoying the energy-packed rides at Luna Park Sydney, you can move toward the slideshow games. The park offers eight slideshow games to double the fun without putting too much effort, like Basketball, Clowns, Crazy Crooners, Gone Fishing, Hi Striker, Knockems, Pull a String, and Test Tube Toss. Each of the games is worthy of scoring a good run and winning a prize. You can give your brains a battle of strength with the Hi Striker or get silly with the renowned Clowns.

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