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New South Wales located on the eastern coast of Australia is among the popularly visited destinations in the island-country. The perfect location borders Queensland in the north, Victoria to the south and Tasman sea to the east. The state is so expansive in terms of its geographical domination that it manages to surround the whole of the Australian Capital Territory. This place encompasses a whole lot of experiences right from, exciting water sports activities to the splendid and wild night-life. There is a lot that tourists can do and take away with them in forms of memories and pictures from New South Wales.

New South Wales whose capital is the city of Sydney is Australia’s most populated state. As per the estimated recorded in 2014, the state consists of approximately 7.5 million people thereby making it one of the most populated regions in Australia.

History dates back to 1788 wherein the state of New South Wales was first discovered. At the time of its discovery, the place consists of a much larger area. It included various other destinations such as Lord Howe Island, New Zealand and Norfolk Island among several others chunks of land. However, after the British colonized regions of Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland, New Zealand and the Northern territory in the 19th century, the regions were divided on the basis of their common interests. Not many are aware about this but New South Wales is also referred to as New South Welshmen due to the discovery made by the person.

While Lord Howe Island still remains to be a part of New South Wales, areas such as Norfolk island and Jervis Bay territory have gained their own respective establishments.

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Frequently Asked Questions About New South Wales

  1. Travel Advice

    • Beware of the bad: Take special care when it comes to choosing the services in New South Wales. You don’t want to fall into bad hands and be manipulated by sham packages. Australia sure is considered to be one of those safe countries in the whole of world. However, it is better advisable to remain safe than feel sorry later. Make sure you remain well aware of all that takes place around you.

    • Choosing the right stay is essential: Your whole experience of a certain holiday destination depends on the quality of the service you are provided with at the place. That is exactly why before you enter a certain place, you have to ensure that you conduct your share of research regarding the resort, hotel or home-stay you are going to be staying at, the guide you may hire, the basic necessities and other information. Make sure you know it all.

    • Health is wealth: When you visit a new holiday destination, you are probably entering a certain geographical location that your body is naturally not accustomed to. A sudden change in the type of food and water you consume as well as the air you breathe enables your body to take a little longer to adjust to the fluctuations. It is natural for one to fall ill in these circumstances. However, a little care taken by you will help prevent this consequence.

    • Developed but simple: New South Wales is quite developed. However, there are certain areas that are still quite rural by nature. Therefore, expect a relaxed atmosphere. Moreover, mosquitoes can become a part of this environment and quite frankly, they breed in city areas as well. They carry diseases such as encephalitis and Ross River fever that can leave you lacking energy. Make use of appropriate insect repellent and make sure your body is properly covered.

    • Drinking laws: Currently the legal drinking age in New South Wales in 19. Alcohol is easily accessible at restaurants, bars, clubs and pubs. What’s perfect about this place is that the night-life is quite happening given the simplicity of the place. You can party hard but also relax thereafter quite smoothly.

  2. Things to do in New South Wales:

    • Go on a climbing adventure through the Blue Mountains: The beautiful Blue Mountains is located approximately 2 hours away from New South Wales. This is what represents the stark contrast version of the dramatic, Australian metropolis. All from the feelings of negativity and stress is this absolutely stunning rocky landscape. Go on a climbing adventure through this beautiful space.

    • Kiama for a simplistic pleasure: Kiama is a small, simple coastal town located approximately 120kms away from Sydney. It’s natural blow hole is a primary attraction. It also comprises of the inspiring Seven Mile Beach that you can go on an early morning or late evening stroll at. It’s absolutely beautiful.

    • Camping at the Minnamurra rainforest: Are you the kind that loves adventure experiences? Well, New South Wales’ Minnamurra rainforest offers just that. With an incredible background full of thick green leaves, mystically hidden waterfalls and its essence of fauna is what Minnamurra offers to its visitors. There is a broad walk constructed especially for interested folks to go through a magical experience of a real-life dense rainforest.

    • Bar hopping at Newcastle: New Castle is another coastal city that is packed with hippies who believe in living in the moment. The city is especially popular for its art, fashion and music. There are numerous bars, resorts and pub that offer a very happening night-life experience for the visitors.

  3. What will you like in New South Wales:

    • Ski in the snowy mountains of Victoria: These are actually named Snowy Mountains due to the amount of snow found in the area. They are the highest mountain range that can be found in New South Wales. Winters are full of activities such as skiing, hiking and kayaking throughout the region.

    • Visit the Byron Bay: Byron Bay is not too far away from Sydney, and holds a great status among the travellers for its fine-cracking beaches, tropical rainforest and beautifully blue ocean. There are a couple of beach bars and resorts that offer stay options and other conveyances.

    • Watch wales in Stanwell tops: Stanwell Top is situated near Wollongong which offer one of the best experiences at watching wales. There are about 45 different species of wales in the Aussie waters. Take a boat and go taking a pick through all the regions of the sea.

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