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What You Should Know More About New Zealand

  • Travel advice:

    • You can get to New Zealand by air and also by taking cruises, from international destinations.

    • Carry smart, informal, and casual clothes while travelling to New Zealand. Summers are warm and springs and winters are cold. You can visit New Zealand anytime of the year.

    • There are international ATMs available throughout New Zealand. You can use international credit and debit cards throughout the country.

    • Do not smoke in pubs, restaurants, and public areas. Smoking is banned at these places.

    • Tipping is not customary in this country. Tip only if you find the service outstanding.

    • Eat food only after it is blessed in Maori.

    • The colour red is a taboo in New Zealand. Do not wrap your gifts in red colour.

    • Do not touch the head or the hair of any person in New Zealand as it is considered a gross insult.

    • Use first name for introducing yourself, it is a norm in New Zealand.

    • Always shake hands to greet someone, and make eye contact while greeting anyone.

    • Follow the protocols of Maori culture for formal and informal occasions.

    • Open your gift as soon as you receive them.

    • While eating put your hands above the table. Keep your elbows off the table.

    • Do not be late for any appointments or make exaggerated claims about anything.

    • Do not feed seagulls at the beaches.

    • Drive on the left side in New Zealand.

    • Do visit marae, which is sacred to Maori people. Do not eat or drink anything inside a wharenui, which is a meeting house. This place is considered as sacred as any holy place and eating or drinking here is considered against the religious beliefs.

    • The locals take their sports and sports team seriously. Do not say anything bad about All Blacks when in this country.

  • Drinking laws

    You have to be 18 years or above to purchase alcohol. There is no minimum age limit for drinking alcohol in New Zealand.

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