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What You Should Know More About New Zealand

  • About the destination

    New Zealand is also known as ‘The Paradise of the Pacific.’ Known for its geysers, mountains, lakes, valleys, nocturnal and flightless birds that can only be seen in this country, tourists can enjoy many more outdoor and water sports activities. This country is a haven for all kinds of tourists. For adventurers, nature lover, shopaholics, beer lovers, and foodies, New Zealand provides diverse places to see and things to do. You can plan your tours as per the activities that you want to do. Maori is an indigenous culture that is the heart of this country. New Zealanders, famously called as, ‘Kiwis’ are known for their friendly, warm, and easy going nature. They speak in English with a Kiwi accent.

    This is a homeland for thrill seekers. For those who want to feel an adrenaline rush bungee jumping, jet boarding, gliding, canoeing and kayaking in lakes and rivers, watching birds and dolphins, diving, golfing, hand gliding, and more, this country offers umpteen outdoor and adventure activities. Family and disabled people too can have a good time visiting New Zealand, as facilities are available for disabled tourists. New Zealand also offers lively and animated party scenes for clubbers and party goers. With a live DJ, good food and drinks, you can have the best of night-life in New Zealand.

  • Travel advice:

    • You can get to New Zealand by air and also by taking cruises, from international destinations.

    • Carry smart, informal, and casual clothes while travelling to New Zealand. Summers are warm and springs and winters are cold. You can visit New Zealand anytime of the year.

    • There are international ATMs available throughout New Zealand. You can use international credit and debit cards throughout the country.

    • Do not smoke in pubs, restaurants, and public areas. Smoking is banned at these places.

    • Tipping is not customary in this country. Tip only if you find the service outstanding.

    • Eat food only after it is blessed in Maori.

    • The colour red is a taboo in New Zealand. Do not wrap your gifts in red colour.

    • Do not touch the head or the hair of any person in New Zealand as it is considered a gross insult.

    • Use first name for introducing yourself, it is a norm in New Zealand.

    • Always shake hands to greet someone, and make eye contact while greeting anyone.

    • Follow the protocols of Maori culture for formal and informal occasions.

    • Open your gift as soon as you receive them.

    • While eating put your hands above the table. Keep your elbows off the table.

    • Do not be late for any appointments or make exaggerated claims about anything.

    • Do not feed seagulls at the beaches.

    • Drive on the left side in New Zealand.

    • Do visit marae, which is sacred to Maori people. Do not eat or drink anything inside a wharenui, which is a meeting house. This place is considered as sacred as any holy place and eating or drinking here is considered against the religious beliefs.

    • The locals take their sports and sports team seriously. Do not say anything bad about All Blacks when in this country.

  • Drinking laws

    You have to be 18 years or above to purchase alcohol. There is no minimum age limit for drinking alcohol in New Zealand.

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    North and South Island tour

    You can take a nine day tour to visit different places for sightseeing, shopping, water sports and adventure activities in north and south island of New Zealand. In the north island, you can visit Auckland and visit museums, bridges, and places of sightseeing that give a complete insight into the Maori culture. You can visit the Piha Beach and Waiheke Island for surfing activities. You can visit the Sky Tower, Maritime Museum, Coromandel Peninsula that has hot water beach, Whangamata and Rotorua for their parks that have exotic bird species and animals native to this island. Visit the Thermal Reserve, pine forest, and Pohutu Geyser in Rotorua  and Turangi.

    In south island, visit Kahurangi National Park, explore Maitai River, walk the Milford track, visit the Milford Sound, which is one of the most beautiful places to visit. Enjoy 4 day walks, cruises, and many other outdoor activities at this place. There are lakes, waterfalls, and valleys that offer stunning view at the Milford Sound. Watch whales at Kaikoura, walk the Heaphy Track in Kaiteriteri’s Golden Bay. There are many beach and walking trails that you can take here.

    Outdoor and adventure activities

    You can go Abseiling at Waitomo, bungy jump at the Lake Taupo in Queenstown, Auckland, explore caves at Nelson and Waitomo in south island, go dolphin watching in Auckland, take to gliding in Omarama, white water rafting and heli-hiking at Fox Glacier, hike in most of the national parks, forest areas, and also go bush walking in New Zealand. You can go scuba diving and snorkelling at the Matauri Bay, scuba diving at Abel Tasman Marine Reserve, and swim with dolphins at the Kaikoura, Bay of Islands. Throughout New Zealand, water sports and outdoor activities like, sailing, kayaking, zorbing, wind surfing, sky diving, rock climbing, mountaineering, rap jumping, paragliding, jet skiing, ice climbing, kite surfing, aerial sightseeing, bird watching, hot-air ballooning, and many more activities are available.

    Food, wine, and Maori culture

    Fish and chips are a staple diet in New Zealand. New Zealand has a cafe culture that offers one of the best espresso coffees. You must try the local cuisine dishes, like the roast kumara, ANZAC biscuits, hangi, Kaimoana which is a Maori sea food dish. Try the lemon & paeroa which is a popular lemonade drink that is synonymous to this island. New Zealanders love their beer. You will find the best of beer and wine flowing in most of the restaurants and pubs. You can visit vineyards and try wine tasting in Marlborough, Waipara, and Central Otago. New Zealand produces one of the best Sauvignon Blanc wines.

  • What you will like here?

    Nature, outdoor, and adventure activities

    New Zealand is a paradise for thrill seekers and nature lovers. There are umpteen beaches, parks, reserves, forest areas, and places of sightseeing that offer bountiful view and numerous outdoor activities.

    Food, shopping, and beer

    Apart from getting an insight into the distinct Maori culture, you can taste their shellfish and rock lobster varieties. Food, wine, beer, and night-life is the best you get in Auckland and other cities of New Zealand. You can shop for local crafts, fashion and travel items at most of the street shops in this country.

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