20 Restaurants in Kintamani For Satiate Your Hunger! - 2024
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Kintamani Restaurants

Grand Puncak Sari Restaurant, The Amora Bali, Batur Sari Restaurant, Lakeview Restaurant, Pulu Mujung Warung, Sari Mountain View Restaurant, Warung Tarumas and many more.

A unique selection of local and international dishes, top-notch services, and unobstructed views of Mount Batur – there is a rare range of restaurants in Kintamani that promise to offer all these delights to their guests.

Kintamani is one of the lesser-explored parts of Bali featuring two magnificent natural attractions – active volcano of Mount Batur and the stunning Lake Batur. And, to treat epicures with the best of the regional grubs, there are some excellent restaurants all across Kintamani. From lavishly laid out buffets to extensive a la carte menus and bars, these eateries are sheer delights for foodies.  

Since the list of top
Kintamani restaurants features places such as Madu Sari Restaurant and Grand Puncak Sari, as long as you are in this area, you are never too far away from delicious Indonesian food to pamper yourself with. Whereas, some guests prefer options like Resto Apung and Gong Dewata over others to enjoy the perfect Instagrammable settings and locations of these restaurants. Or you could simply hit either of Floating Restaurant Kedisan and Resto Apung to enjoy a meal on Lake Batur while Mount Batur stands right in front of you. If you're on a budget, consider exploring Bali budget packages to make the most of your culinary adventures.
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Best Restaurants in Kintamani


Grand Puncak Sari Restaurant

Enhance your Kintamani tour experience with a buffet lunch at Grand Puncak Sari Restaurant, one of the best in the region. This restaurant is best known for offering grand views of Mount Batur and Lake Batur while you are served with a wide range of freshly cooked delicacies from the local cuisine.

Whether you are just a couple of people or a large group, the restaurant has plenty of space to accommodate large groups with various seating arrangements.

JL. Raya Penelokan, Kintamani, Batur Tengah, Kec. Bangli, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80652, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 8 am to 5 pm

Price: IDR 70,000 for standard lunch buffet

Signature Dish/Cuisine: Indonesian, Orinetal, and Continental Cuisines

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The Amora Bali

Authentic flavours of the region, romantic setting, and matchless scenery – The Amora Bali is one of the best restaurants in Kintamani highly recommended for couples. Indulge your taste buds in a memorable dining experience at The Amora Bali as your eyes feast on the sweeping vistas of Mount Batur cloaked in refreshing greenery and the vast expanse of Lake Batur.

From beverages to authentic Balinese food items, everything is served fresh and delicious at The Amora.

 Penelokan Main Road No.999, Central Batur, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali 80652, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 8 am to 4 pm

Price: Starts from IDR 75,000 per person

Famous Dish/Cuisine: Satay and Fried Noodles


Batur Sari Restaurant

A popular restaurant with well-trained staff to serve you with great hospitality and delectable food. Drop by Batur Sari Restaurant one of the evenings in Kintamani to get surprised with a wide range of choices available on buffet and, of course, to witness the magnificence of Mount Batur and Batur Lake while you have your meal.

Eat to your heart’s content and then take some moments to click selfies with your companions with the grand scenery in the backdrop.  

 Penelokan Main Road, Central Batur, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali 80652, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 11 am to 6 pm

Price: IDR 1,40,000 per person

Famous Dish/Cuisine: Sate Lilit and Fried Banana

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Lakeview Restaurant

Owing to the views of Lake Batur one gets to enjoy from up here and the impeccable service, Lakeview Restaurant finds its name among the most popular restaurants in Kintamani. Relax in the tranquil atmosphere of the restaurant while enjoying the gastronomical delights served to you.

If you are in the mood to try it all, you can opt for buffet lunch, or you can order your favourites from the menu, and relish with a spectacular view before your eyes.

 JL. Raya Penelokan, Kintamani, Sukawana, Kintamani, Denpasar, Bali 80652, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 8 am to 9 pm

Price: IDR 100,000 per person

Famous Dish/Cuisine: Indian and Indonesian Cuisines


Pulu Mujung Warung

Easily one of the best among Kintamani restaurants, Pulu Mujung Warung features a lot in addition to authentic Balinese dishes. Whether you are craving a pizza or your taste buds are asking for some savoury appetizers, this restaurant with fine interiors has a lot of delights for your hunger pangs.

And while you treat yourself with a wide range of unique flavours, the panoramic views of the giant volcano with plush covers of vegetation greet you to make your lunch all the more pleasant.

 Penelokan Main Road, Central Batur, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali 80652, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 9 am to 4:30 pm

Price: Starts from 45,000 per person

Famous Dish/Cuisine: Balinese Sataye, Pizza, and Beverages

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Sari Mountain View Restaurant, Bar and Coffee

One of the highest rated eateries in the region, Sari Mountain View Restaurant, Bar and Coffee is acclaimed for making available an exciting range of refreshing beverages in addition to offering a journey into the local culinary culture through its buffet meals.

Pick anything you like from numerous vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, most of which are regional preparations. And if you would like to be selective, there is also an option to try items from an à la carte menu.

Jl. Raya Penelokan 888 Br Masem, Batur Selatan, Kintamani, Batur Sel., Kintamani, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80652, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 8 am to 7 pm

Price: IDR 175,000  per person

Famous Dish/Cuisine: Indian and Asian Cuisines


Warung Tarumas

When in Kintamani, you must let the wide selection of local dishes at this restaurant tempt the foodie in you, and make you want to try them all. Located in the serene atmosphere of Jalan raya in Kintamani, Warung Tarumas is a food paradise for fish lovers as there restaurant specializes in fish-based dishes cooked in the local style.

And if you are a budget traveller, looking for ways to cut down on your travel expenses, filling portions are served at reasonable prices at Warung Tarumas.

Jl. Raya Kintamani, Batur Sel., Kintamani, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80652, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 1 am to 6 pm

Famous Dish/Cuisine: Fish Fry in Balinese style

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Resto Apung

Letting you admire the beauty of Mount Batur from a different perspective, Resto Apung is located in the middle of Batur Lake, and can be accessed through a bridge laid out above the lake waters. Add new flavours to the experience of Kintamani exploration by approaching this floating restaurant and becoming gluttoned with a mix of exotic delights.

With items such as fish-wrapped satayi, baked nila fish, and fried tilapia, Resto Apung is easily one of the best restaurants in Kintamani for a true Balinese culinary experience and exceptional photography opportunities.

Jl. Raya Kedisan, Kintamani, Songan B, Kec. Bangli, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80652, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 10 am to 10 pm

Price: IDR 30,000 to 1,00,000

Famous Dish/Cuisine: Fried Banana, Fried Fish, and Fried Tilapia


Madu Sari Restaurant

If too many options on the list of the finest Kintamani restaurants have rendered you spoilt for choice, Maru Sari Restaurant is an absolute stunner featuring numerous options to satiate your craving for delicious food.

You can also pick one of the alcohol-based drinks and raise a toast to the beautiful moments you spend with your friends and family in Kintamani. Whether you would like to enjoy your meal in an open-air sitting area or you want to sit inside and admire the view from your table, Madu Sari Restaurant assures great comfort along with quality food and services.

Penelokan Main Road, Central Batur, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali 80652, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 8 am to 4 pm

Price: IDR 1,00,000 – 2,00,000

Famous Dish/Cuisine: Mujair and Fried Rice (Indonesian Cuisine)

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Restoran Batur Indah

Great location and even greater taste of food – Restoran Batur Indah is a rewarding stopover on your Kintamani exploration. Whether or not you are a gourmand, you will love this traditionally designed restaurant is a treasure trove with a sumptuously laid out buffet.

While some dishes on the menu are authentically local, some of these feature an amalgamation of local flavours and international items. Most importantly, it doesn't matter what you eat here, it will neither be hard on your stomach nor wallet.

Penelokan Main Road, Central Batur, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali 80652, Indonesia

Opening Hours: Noon to 5 pm

Price: IDR 75,000 per person

Famous Dish/Cuisine: Balinese Cuisine


Warung Abang Sari

Luring in crowds of tourists with its beautiful structure and palatable meals served here, Waran Abang Sari comes highly recommended, especially if you have not tried Balinese food yet. In addition to a spectrum of regional dishes, there is also a variety of internationally consumed dishes available here to catch your fancy.

The prime location of the restaurant and lush green surroundings create a mesmerizing atmosphere for guests to relax and rejuvenate on their quick halt for food.

Penelokan Main Road, Central Batur, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali 80652, Indonesia

Price: IDR 75,000 per person

Opening Hours: 8 am to 10 pm

Famous Dish/Cuisine: Indonesian Cuisine

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Floating Restaurant Kedisan

As the name suggests, this classy eatery floats above the calm waters of Lake Batur, and is located at the foot of Mount Batur. From location to menu, everything about this restaurant is several notches above the rest which makes it one of the finest restaurants in Kintamani.

You can either opt to enjoy your meals outside the structure, by the water, or you can sit inside with all the comfort and relish the view from the glass that soars from floor to ceiling. If you have developed a thing for the local flavours of Indonesia and seafood, the food here will definitely make you crave for more.  

Jl. Trunyan, Songan B, Kintamani, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80652, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 8 am to 8 pm

Price: Meals from IDR 27,000

Famous Dish/Cuisine: Seafood


The Lookout Resto & Bar

Counted among the best eateries in Kintamani, The Lookout Resto & Bar features good seating arrangements, classy interiors, panorama of sprawling foliage and the mighty Mount Batur, and most importantly, conveniently laid out buffet.

Hop from one dish to another as an extensive menu comprising of palatable dishes from Balinese Cuisine awaits you at this restaurant. If you are a fan of Chinese Cuisine and seafood, you are going to love all the flavours here. You are also strongly advised to try some arak-based drinks to relax your body and prepare you for further exploration.

Kedisan, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali 80652, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 11 am to 6 pm

Price: IDR 90,000 per person

Famous Dish/Cuisine: Balinese Cuisine

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Tepi Danau Restaurant

While exploring the gems of Kintamani, take out some time to let your tongue savour a number of iconic dishes from Balinese Cuisine as well as some popular choices from International Cuisine at Tepi Danau Restaurant.

A beautifully built eatery located opposite Mount Batur, overlooking the magical site of Lake Batur, Tepi Danau Restaurant is a must try if you enjoy the liberty buffet meals offer. Take pleasure in feasting on your meal in the outdoor seating area, gulp in a fine drink from the bar menu, and take in the lush green surroundings!

Penelokan Main Road, Central Batur, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali 80652, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 10 am to 5 pm

Price: IDR 110,000 per person

Famous Dish/Cuisine: Indonesian Cuisine


Segara Hotel & Restaurant

Whether you are looking for a comfortable stay or scrumptious traditional food around Mount Batur, Segara Hotel & Restaurant is an excellent choice well within anyone’s budget. The restaurant sits idyllically in the tranquil setting of the traditional farming village of Kedisan across Lake Batur, letting guests relish a magnificent scenery.

Freshly cooked food is cooked using hand picked organic vegetables to make sure the guests enjoy the authentic flavours in all the Indonesian and other dishes that are served here. Furthermore, there is also a range of beverages available here to choose from.

Kedisan, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali 80652, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 10 am to 9 pm

Price: IDR 60,000 per person

Famous Dish/Cuisine: Chinese and European Cuisines

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Amerta Sari Hotel & Restaurant

A paradise for all food lovers in Kintamani, Amerta Sari Hotel & Restaurant is a pretty eatery overlooking Mount Batur, Lake Batur, and the wide expanse surrounding them. If you are travelling to Kintamani with family and friends, and you want to stop by for a wholesome meal or snacks, Amerta Sari is highly recommended due to the variety of food items available here from Western and Balinese cuisines.

Besides, on special request, candle light dinner can also be arranged to add colours of romance to your evening in Kintamani. The proximity to major tourist attractions in the area and ease of access also add to the appeal of the restaurant.

Jalan Windu Sara, Penelokan, Kintamani, Kedisan, Kintamani, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80652, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 7 am to 9 pm

Price: IDR 60,000 per person

Famous Dish/Cuisine: Indonesian Cuisine


Rumah Makan Arlina

A famous hotel named Rumah Makan Arlinas houses this pretty restaurant which is known to leave no stone unturned to please its guests. The modest interiors, wooden furniture, and refreshing foliage around makes the experience of enjoying a meal here an opportunity to spend some cheery moments with your family and friends.

The variety of food ranges from spicy main course dishes to toothsome desserts from the local and international cuisine.

Jl. Pendakian Gn. Batur, Batur Tengah, Kintamani, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80652, Indonesia

Price: IDR 85,000 per person

Opening Hours: 8 am to 10 pm

Famous Dish/Cuisine: Indonesian Cuisine

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The Vintage Resto

Overlooking the serene Lake Batur, Vintage Resto is an ideal place to take a halt while discovering the wonders of Kintamani, and grab some palatable food. With an inclusive menu that features numerous delicious dishes from Balinese Cuisine as well as a small but interesting selection of international food items, this cozy restaurant receives admiration from tourists.

Apart from the food, the casual ambience and funky decor of the restaurant makes it a popular choice among backpackers as well as families.

Location: Jl. Pendakian Gn. Batur, Batur Sel., Kintamani, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80646, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 8 am to 10 pm

Price: IDR 85,000 per person

Famous Dish/Cuisine: Balinese Cuisine


Bumi Ayu Restaurant

A popular choice among locals and tourists alike, Bumi Ayu Restaurant is one of the budget restaurants in Kintamani where you could take benefit of value-for-money concept. Overlooking the endless stretch of Lake Bature, offering a great photograph opportunity, this restaurant is located within Bumi Ayu Hotel complex.

Although dishes from International Cuisine are also available, one must try at least one of the regional delicacies as the restaurant specializes in Indonesian Cuisine.  

JL Penelokan, Kintamani, Batur Tengah, Kec. Bangli, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80652, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 1 pm to 12 am

Price: IDR 110,00 per person

Famous Dish/Cuisine: Fried Fish and Indonesian Fried Rice

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Gong Dewata Restaurant

Like most restaurants in the region, Gong Dewata Restaurant is also a good vantage point to relish the scenic beauty of Mount Batur. But what sets this apart from other restaurants in Kintamani is the fantastic mix of local and international food that can be enjoyed on a buffet meal.

Owing to that, you will always find the eatery crowded with tourists seeking some moments of inactivity to get refreshed. While the freshly cooked food leaves you in awe of the culinary art, the magical scene before your eyes will leave you spellbound.   

Central Batur, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali 80652, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 8 am to 4 pm

Price: IDR 120,000 for buffet

Famous Dish/Cuisine: Indonesian Cuisine

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