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Mount Abang, standing majestically in Bali's eastern region, is a haven for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. With its towering peak reaching 2,151 meters above sea level, it offers breathtaking views of lush forests and picturesque landscapes. Hiking trails wind through dense vegetation, leading to the summit where panoramic vistas of neighboring mountains and Lake Batur await. A trek to Mount Abang promises an unforgettable journey into Bali's natural beauty.

Standing tall at 2152 meters over the ocean level as the second most noteworthy mountain in Bali, Mounta Abnag is another best place to visit in Kintamani while touring with our Bali trip packages from India. It is known as the virgin mountain by local people, the trek is the traveler to top of the dauntless environment. Along the trek you'll pass the green tropical woodland that existed hundreds of years. 

The trek turns out to be more stimulate as you implore at the temple amid the trek to the pinnacle. Get an opportunity to witness the phenomenal scene are served by the pinnacle of Mount Abang as the guide clarifies you about the historical backdrop of the Balinese culture. 

Highlights: While you head out for a trek to this mountain stop at a Traditional Bali Coffee Processing or Bali Agrotourism, place to see different Tropical estates and perceive how to make Balinese espresso in extremely customary process, and we get the chance to test of them and in addition nearby natural teas, espressos the surprisingly handled Coffee Luwak, the most costly espresso on the planet.

Location: Mount Abang is located at Bangli Regency approximately 60 kilometers from the main city of Denpasar.

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