Adventure Sports in Kintamani

Kintamani Adventure Packages

Duration Price
ATV Ride and Day Tour In Kintamani Bali9 hours
INR 4,100
Ubud Cycling Tour8 hours
INR 2,308
Mountain Cycling in Abun Village and Kintamani in Bali9 hours
INR 3,650

Tourists who love to experience virgin adventure can take part in activities like maneuvering the heavy duty ATV bikes through the rough terrain of the Kintamani village. Another adventure that gives you butterflies in your stomach is the helicopter ride which lets you enjoy the bird's eye view of Mount Batur and the pristine caldera lake.

Mount Abang is the third highest peak in Bali and tourists can hike up the summit of Mount Abhang through highly forested hiking trails and enjoy panoramic views of the mountain, villages, and the lake amidst the mountains.

Apart from these, there are also a couple of water adventure sports in Kintamani that promise euphoric experiences. Canoeing tops the list as adventure junkies can spend a relaxed time rowing through the placid waters of the lake as you soak in the beauty of the surrounding scenery.

Banana boat ride is another activity which can be done as a group. Sitting on banana-shaped boats, tourists can ride on them as the speed motor boats pull them in good speed racing against the waves and the wind. All these activities are performed under expert supervision and with safety gears like life jackets, helmets, and hiking poles. 

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Which are the best Adventure sports in Kintamani?

1. ATV Ride: No matter, if you are a seasoned quad biker or a newbie, quad biking is one of the very popular Adventure sports in Kintamani to explore the rugged topography on those beasty All Terrain Vehicles. Most ATV tour operators let you hire bikes for a couple of hours and you can steer them through many off beaten tracks like ranches, bamboo forests, streams, and beautiful villages.

Enroute your ATV ride, you can stop anywhere to capture some amazing nature vistas or even visit any attraction at your own pace. This activity usually takes about 2 hours and during this time period, you are free to explore the Kintamani region at your own will.

2. Canoeing: The caldera lake amidst the Mount Batur has sparkingling and calm waters that are ideal for canoeing and kayaking. Rated as one of the most exciting water Adventure sports in Kintamani with amazing views of the mountains around, a trip to Kintamani is never complete without canoeing in the lake waters.

Tourists can hire canoes and steer them carefully through the gentle waves of the lake. As you do so, revel in the beauty of the distant mountains, the clear blue skies, and the serenity engulfing the region. There are stalls on the banks of the lake where you can rent canoeing equipment and safety gears like jackets, and gloves.

3. Mount Abang Hiking: Mount Abang is the third highest mountain in Bali that is located on the eastern side of the caldera lake. The mountain is one of the few places left untouched by the tourism industry and hiking to the mountaintop which is at an elevation of about 2,150 metres above sea level is one of the most imposing adventure sports in Kintamani.

The hiking trail runs mostly through the lush forests and on the way, there are many temples nestled within the forest to stopover, rest, and offer prayers. The hike to the peak usually takes about two and half hours on an average. Once atop the summit, the views of the shimmering caldera lake and the landscapes around are truly rewarding. The best time for this hike is during early morning.

4. Helicopter Ride: One of the nerve-wracking Adventure sports in Kintamani, Helicopter Rides here let the adventure enthusiasts soar high over the region and enjoy bird's eye views of the landscapes below. As you zoom past in the private helicopters, you can enjoy panoramic views of the terraced rice fields below, the sprawling lush green valleys, active volcanoes of Mount Batur, and the sparkling waters of the caldera lake.

Helicopter rides are usually considered a safe extreme sport and yet the thrill quotient is incomparable making it one of the most sought after activities in Kintamani that the tourists want to indulge in to soak in the magnificent views of the terrain and natural wonders in the area.

5. Banana Boat Ride: Sitting on banana-shaped boats, adventure enthusiasts can enjoy the most fun-filled water sport, 'the banana boat ride'. The boats are then pulled by a speed boat that offers a cherishable experience. Usually 4 people are accommodated in the banana boats and all the safety gears like life jackets are provided by the activity operator. Tourists can indulge in the activity in Toya Devasya, Kintamani.

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