Mahebourg, Mauritius: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Mahebourg

If you want to spend a few days of quietude, then the best place to head to is Mahebourg. It is a quaint little town on the southwest coast of Mauritius and was named after a French governor Mahé de Labourdonnais. It greets you with it’s alluring sunsets, dramatic beaches and cool winds. It is a place where time is befriended, silence revered and purity unrivalled with the bounties of nature that exist in their purest form.

This sleepy colonial town is mostly inhabited by fishermen who head out on their boat to have an excursion of the sea. It is home to some of the most intriguing museums that give you an insight into the tradition and rich history of this scenic village. You can witness over here the unique amalgamation of Creole, Dutch and French architecture. It is also revered to be the jump-off point to the nearby islands and sandy beaches of South Mauritius.

This place is a paradise for the low key travellers who’re in the lookout for pocket-friendly accommodation options. It invites visitors to have a walk-in it’s cobble-stone waterfront where the fishermen can be seen relaxing on their wooden boats. Soak in the sun and sand as you take a walk along it’s beaches only to get mesmerized as the sky bursts into a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues when the sun mellows.

How to Reach Mahebourg

Mahebourg is located 4km from Mauritius airport. You can easily reach Mahebourg from Mauritius airport using these modes of travel.

By Bus- Many direct buses run by Airport Terminal Operations Ltd depart from Mauritius airport to Mahebourg every ten minutes on a daily basis. It takes approximately nine minutes to reach Mahebourg from Mauritius airport by bus.

By taxi/cab- You can land at the Mauritius airport in Port Louis, and from here you can hire a taxi or cab that will drop you at Mahebourg in around 8 minutes. This is also the fastest way to reach Mahebourg from Mauritius airport.

Best Time to Visit Mahebourg

The best time to visit Mahebourg is between November and October and Late April to May, when the temperature is less humid and hot. Here are a few other seasons when you can visit Mahebourg for an ideal experience.

January-April(Summer): The temperature during this season is relatively hot and humid. This is considered to be the peak season to invade the beaches of Mahebourg. The average temperature is around 27 degrees on the coast during this season.

November to April(Monsoon): Mahebourg experiences frequent rainfall during monsoon. The months of February and January are prone to the cyclone, and therefore you’re not recommended to visit Mahebourg during these two months.

May-December(Winter): This is considered to be the ideal time for surfing and trying out other water sports activities in Mahebourg as the waves flow in the right direction during this season. During winter the temperature ranges between 27-28°C in Mahebourg.

What Not to Miss at Mahebourg

Here is the list of some of the fun activities that you must try at Mahebourg for a rewarding experience.

1. Soak into the rich history and culture of Mahebourg- Mahebourg is home to centuries-old museums that recite the tale of the splendid culture and history of this city. The National History Museum is one such museum that stands as a testament to the victory gained by French over the Britishers during the Vieux Grand Port battle.

It displays exhibits, artefacts, ancient naval maps and engraved curios of giant turtles. You should definitely visit this museum to seep into the history of this colonial town.

2. Sample the drool-worthy street food- Mahebourg is extremely renowned for it’s street food culture. You can sample the fresh seafood and other local delicacies here. From the national dish of Mahebourg dholl puri to spicy potatoes samosa and gateaux piments you can get some of the best delicacies over here at apt prices.

3. Visit the Monday Market to have the best shopping experience- Mahebourg is dotted with little markets which remain heavily crowded at any time of the day. Mahebourg holds this market every Monday, and you can buy over here everything ranging from clothes to souvenirs and beachwear.

4. Get ready for a spiritual retreat at Notre Dame Des Anges Church- This is yet another stopover for the religious enthusiasts who’re in lookout for the divine blessings of God. This church was originally built in 1849 but it was demolished several times due to natural calamities. It has been revamped thrice due to the effect of these calamities.

It boasts of great architecture and grandeur which further lures the visitors to visit this church. The visitors especially gather over here to pay their offering to missionary Pere Laval. She is known to be the central figure of devotion in this church.

5. Have a delicious binge at some of the best restaurants- When it comes to sampling the local food of Mahebourg, you’ll find some of the best restaurants over here that promise to offer you the best food in the town. Pyramid Snack, Le Jardin De Beau Vallon and La Vielle Rouge are the most renowned restaurants of Mahebourg that offer the best regional and seafood cuisines.

These restaurants also offer an idyllic setting to pace up your binging experience further. The Pyramid is especially considered as the hero of the street food segment. The biryani of this restaurant is the absolute favourite of every visitor, and you shouldn’t miss it too once you’re over here.

6. Have a memorable tour of Rault Biscuit Factory- Manioc biscuits are the absolute favourite of people living in Mahebourg. If you too love its lip-smacking taste and want to know the secrets behind its production, then Rault Biscuit Factory should be your ideal spot. This factory is located in the outskirts of Mahebourg and gives you a sneak peek of biscuit production.  You can learn here everything ranging from making the handmade dough to hotplate baking and even tasting the finished product.

7. Learn about the colonial era battles that were fought in Mahebourg- If you want to soak into the history of Mahebourg, then Sir Gaetan Duval Esplanade should be your topmost destination. It is located at the Mahebourg waterfront and you can learn about the Grand Port battle over here.

You can also find a memorial over here that has been built to honour the fallen soldiers of that time. It also offers a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean and Mouchoir Rouge island.

Places to Visit near Mahebourg

Here are some of the fascinating places to visit near Mahebourg for a fun-filled vacation.

1. Grand River South East- This is a beautiful river located in the Indian Ocean around the southeastern side of Mauritius. You can explore the beauty of this cascading river through a boat ride. The winding path of this river leads to some of the most scenic coastal villages. The best thing about this river is that the colour of the water keeps on changing from turquoise blue to dark green putting the visitors in complete awe with its scenic transition.

Magnanimous walls of basalt rocks and thick vegetation dominate this area. Catamaran cruising and speed boat trips are some of the most enthralling activities that you must try while you’re over here.

2. St. Aubin House- This is the favourite stopover of the history buffs who want to have a glimpse of the rich history and tradition of Mauritius. The dining room of St. Aubin House is a throwback to the colonial era as it is decorated with dainty chandeliers and has antique wooden furniture. You can witness a nursery growing vanilla and anthurium flowers and a rum distillery in the garden of the house. St. Aubin House gives you a chance to learn about the fascinating history of vanilla production.

3. Blue Bay Beach- Located on the eastern side of Mauritius, Blue Bay Beach is the best destination for a family trip and honeymoon. It is the most famous spot for swimming and sea-bathing.

The turquoise water of this beach accompanied by lush greenery offers an enthralling view to the visitors. Blue Bay Beach also houses the biggest marine park where you can have a glimpse of the fifty different varieties of coral species. This beach also offers many thrilling water sports activities like parasailing, banana ride, windsurfing, yachting and water scooter ride.

4. Ile des Deux Cocos Island- This is an idyllic tropical island located on the southeastern coast of Mauritius near Blue Bay Marine Park. You can visit this private island for the ultimate dose of relaxation and rejuvenation as it is dotted with some of the best beach shacks, spas and cafes.

It also has thatched bungalows where you can relax and enjoy the tranquil setting of this island. It’s palm-shaded shores, and sandy beaches offer visitors the most picturesque setting for a memorable vacation.

5. Eureka House- This a 19th-century house that has been built in Creole-style on the banks of river Moka. The interiors of this old age house have been decorated with ebony and mahogany antiques.

You can also find old ceramic, beautifully painted chinaware, books and photographs of people who lived over here. This is considered to be the largest house in Mauritius with one hundred nine doors and windows.

Other Essential Information About Mahebourg

Places to Eat in  Mahebourg

If you’re looking to have a scrumptious binge, then Mahebourg is dotted with some of the best restaurants that offer you a heavenly affair of delicacies.

1. Chez Patrick- This is one of the most famous restaurants in Mahebourg known for its authentic Creole cooking. You can find here everything ranging from Creole clams to octopus curry and other local delicacies. It’s unpretentious atmosphere, and relaxing vibes further invites the visitors to have a delightful binge. Apart from the set menu it also offers some star dishes of the day that you must try.

2. Les Copains d'abord- This restaurant holds an enviable position among the visitors due to its lip-smacking cuisines and pretentious services. You can find a wide range of authentic Mauritian dishes over here like prawn croquettes, seafood curry and wild-boar ribs that are served with Rodrigues honey. You can also witness over here live musical performances on special occasions which heightens your eating spree. The best thing is that you can have a splendid view of Mahebourg waterfront while enjoying your food over here.

3. La Colombe- La Colombe is a street-side style restaurant that is decorated with disco lights and has a kitsch décor. It has a lively ambience, and you can sample here both local as well as international cuisines. Creole musical night is organized every Saturday over here for a celebratory affair. The best thing is that all the dishes are quite aptly priced over here that allows you to have a wholesome binging experience.

4. Le Jardin De Beau Vallon- This restaurant is located in a tranquil setting across the edge of a sugar estate and offers some of the best local delicacies in the town. You can have la carte dining experience in the main building of the restaurant, and you can have pizzas, paninis, snacks and in the casual bistro bar. The bar also specialises in serving exotic cocktails and a wide range of wine and beer.

Places to Stay in Mahebourg

Here are some of the best hotels in Mahebourg that offer you a comfortable and relaxing stay.

1. Le Jardin de Beau Vallon- This luxurious hotel is located just a ten-minute drive from Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Airport. It offers free Wi-Fi, a parking area and a front desk for 24-hour assistance. The rooms feature a private entrance, a private bathroom and a balcony. It also has a bar and a restaurant where you can enjoy the best delicacies in the town. 

2. Chillpill Guest House- This is a 3-star property that offers top-notch amenities and services like a tour desk, a car rental desk, mini bar and an infinity pool. The rooms over here are quite spacious and well-decorated with a colonial theme. It also has an on-site dining restaurant and a bar where you can enjoy the finest food and drinks in the town. They have multilingual staff to ease out communication and to ensure the best services to a wide range of guests.

3. Auberge Le Saladier- This guest house is the absolute favourite of the visitors who’re in the lookout for a lavish yet budget-friendly stay option.  It has eight spacious rooms that have been refurbished recently to give a modern appeal to the visitors. The rooms feature air conditioner, wi-fi, ceiling fan, television and a refrigerator. It also has an on-site restaurant where you can have a lavish meal.

4. Sacha Resorts- This is a 3-star guest house that offers premium facilities to visitors like free Wi-Fi, indoor pool and 24-hour help desk service. It also features an outdoor terrace where you can relax and spend some quality time. The rooms are quite spacious and offer all the basic amenities like air-conditioner, television, mini bar and coffee maker.

Travellers' Tip before visiting Mahebourg

Here are some of the traveller's tips that you must keep in mind before visiting Mahebourg.

1. The hotels in Mahebourg charge double the amount for water. It’s therefore advisable to buy water from the local stores.

2. Carry your medicines and first aid kit to deal with critical health issues.

3. Tipping is not mandatory in Mahebourg. So it depends totally upon you whether you want to pay a tip to the staff on availing any service or not.

4. Google maps is not completely optimised over here. So always opt for a planned tour and stick to your guide while travelling over here.
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