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Kasauli Homestays

Mahal Farms Country Home, Olive Greens Homestay, The Chalet, The Woods, La Pinekonez Kussowlie, Sukhmani Homestay, Vanshika Homestay, The Attic Penthouse, Bulbul Royal Nest Homestay, Owl's Nest, Whispering Pine Homestay, Serenity Homestay, Kasauli Pine Breeze and many more.

The long list of Homestays in Kasauli makes it easier for travellers to stay in an upbeat setting with all the essential amenities. Homestays in most cases are a far better alternative to a hotel stay where you get to enjoy the place like a local. Kasauli is a small cantonment and town in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh which is popular as a small Himalayan getaway from Chandigarh and Delhi. And people from major towns love to be a part of local culture while staying in homes of Kasauli.

Major Kasauli homestays are located away from the main town in order to give a more natural feel to the character of the place. With quick names like Mahal Farms, Olive greens, chalet etc., one would also enjoy amenities like bonfire in evening, indoor games, restaurant, wi-fi and much more, so one may have a complete feeling of being at home. Some homestays also give an opportunity to interact with locals while also staying near to them. Below is the well designed list for you, making your vacation exciting like anything. Staying in Kasauli's homestays is a must-do on your Himachal tour packages. Choosing one of these cozy accommodations guarantees an authentic experience surrounded by Kasauli's peaceful beauty. 

Here are some of the best homestays in Kasauli:

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Sukhmani Homestay

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Sukhmani Homestay is a three bedroom house that can accommodate at least 6 to 7 people. The homely ambience, tastefully furnished interiors, huge terrace and colossal balcony area win hearts of the people who visit this place. It is nothing fancy but a good budget stay option with a maid available to cook for you.

Location: Village Khajret, P.O. Jubbar, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh 173204

Facilities: Internet, lawn, bonfire, barbeque

Timing: Check-in: 2 PM | Check-out: 12 PM

Price: Range from INR 2000 to INR 5500 per night (for one room).

Distance from Kasauli bus stand: 1.5 KM approximately.

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Vanshika Homestay

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Situated in the heart of the  Mall road, Vanshika Homestay is one of the pocket-friendly Kasauli homestays that is easy to locate. This homestay also gains some extra brownie points on its easy accessibility to the main market, ATMs and medical shops and it is one of the best homestay in kasauli.

Even after being situated in the middle of Kasauli, Vanshika gives some amazing views of the surrounding, especially during sunset hours. 

Location: Vanshika Homestay, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh 173204

Facilities: Terrace view, parking, balconies and an in-house restaurant.

Timing: Check-in: 2 PM | Check-out: 12 PM

Price: Around 2000/night

Distance from Kasauli bus stand: 2.7 KM approximately.

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Olive Greens Homestay

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Situated on the fringes of Kasauli at a distance of about 3 kilometres from the main town- Olive Greens Homestay has a five-star rating by its guests on most of the registered sites. The entire apartment goes out for rent and the place boasts of two enormously royal bedrooms with four beds that can take in at least six people and it is very famous homestay in kasauli.

Location: Garkhal - Madhiyana Road, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh 173204

Facilities: Parking, Medical support on call, hot water, Internet.

Timing: Check-in: 12 AM | Check-out: 11 AM

Price: Around 4000/ per night (for the entire apartment).

Distance from Kasauli bus stand: 4.5 KM approximately

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Bulbul Royal Nest Homestay

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Closely located to some of the hip nightclubs of Kasauli- Bulbul Royal Nest Homestay is a newly constructed apartment with two spacious rooms and a fully equipped kitchen. The rooms are installed with separate balconies that enable a breath-taking view of the surrounding valley.

The lounge and the dining space redefines luxury. The staff goes out of their ways to make your experience comfortable and memorable.

Location: Garkhal - Madhiyana Road, 173204 Kasauli, India

Facilities: Balcony view rooms, fully equipped kitchenette, First aid kit

Timing: Check-in: 12 PM | Check-out: 12 PM

Price: Around 3500/night (for the entire apartment).

Distance from Kasauli bus stand: 3.5 KM approximately.

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Whispering Pine Homestay

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Whispering Pine Homestay is one of the offbeat Kasauli homestays as it is located several miles away from the town. The opulent deluxe bedroom units in this homestay have balconies and sit-out spaces. Since it is a bit far from the town, free shuttle is available throughout the day.

The homestay is loaded with amenities like TV, refrigerator, wi-fi and 24*7 room service. The free-parking space earns it some bonus points as well.  

Location: Village Ghardi, Dharampur, Tehsil Kasauli, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh 173210

Facilities: Coffee maker, terrace dining area, parking and balcony view rooms.

Timing: Check-in: 1 PM | Check-out: 12 PM

Price: Around 1500/night (for the entire apartment).

Distance from Kasauli bus stand: 12.5 KM approximately

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The Chalet

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Nestled at a height of 1927 feet above sea level, the Chalet is a vacationer’s paradise. The mud and pine wood built cottages evoke a sense of living in the Himalayas in the truest forms. The Chalet is a nicely constructed bedroom duplex that is a part of a larger resort complex.

It bestows a view of a magical sunrise in the morning, besides a splendid morning, you can also expect a marvellous panorama of the Himalayan peaks surrounding the region. The Chalet also features an open terrace that makes it one of the dreamy homestays in Kasauli to spend your holidays.

Location: Major District Road 10, Garkhal - Madhiyana Road, Kasauli, Himachal

Facilities: Central heater, Parking, Coffee maker, Microwave, Refrigerator, Wifi.

Timing: Check-in: 1 PM | Check-out: 11 AM

Price: Around 3500/night (for the entire apartment).

Distance from Kasauli bus stand: 3 KM approximately.

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Mahal Farms Country Home

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Mahal farms Country home is closely located to some of the gothic houses of the bygone era. This bungalow is located in a serene environment with vistas encompassing the snow-covered peaks in the distance. You can also engage in a game of table tennis at this property and it is very popular homestay in kasauli.

Below MES Bungalow, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh 173204

Activity centre, Bonfire arrangement, valet parking, balcony etc.

Check-in 12 PM | Check out - 12:30 PM.

INR 2000/night

Distance from Kasauli bus stand:
1.6 km.

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The Woods

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A total of 10 well-appointed rooms are available in The Woods. The cottages are situated three kilometres from Kasauli in a hamlet named Mashobra. The Woods is highly praised of heart-touching hospitality and the tranquil space.

Location: Garkhal Kasauli Road, Solan District, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh 173201

Facilities: In house restaurant, internet, parking and 24*7 room service.

Timing: Check-in: 12 AM | Check-out: 11 AM

Price: Around 2600/night (for the entire apartment).

Distance from Kasauli bus stand: 4.5 KM approximately.

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La Pinekonez Kussowlie Homestay

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A walk into the majestic galleries of La Pinekonez Kussowlie 1 will enable you to enter a world that brims with art and culture. The resort follows an ancient way of living in the mountains- from organic farming to proper waste management; they do everything at their disposal to maintain a green and symbiotic relationship with the environment. 

Location: Major District Road 10, Garkhal - Madhiyana Road, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh 173202

Facilities: Wi-Fi, hot water, parking etc.

Timing: Check-in: 1 PM | Check-out: 11 AM

Price: Around 1800/night (for the one room). 

Distance from Kasauli bus stand: 1.1 KM approximately.

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The Attic Penthouse Homestay

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This classy penthouse is a power booster to the ones looking for a unique stay in the mountains. Featuring french windows, upbeat decor, huge terrace, wooden fire stovetop, plush sofas and hot and cold AC. The front deck with recliners and the bookshelf add more appeal to its exclusive list of characteristics and it is very famous homestay in kasauli.

The Attic Penthouse is one of the most stylish homestays in Kasauli that uses solar energy to power the entire property. You can expect a 180-degree view of the surrounding mountains like Kasauli hills, Barog and Sanawar.  

 Parwanoo Kasauli road, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh 173201

Facilities: In-house kitchen, fireplace, Microwave, coffee maker and fridge

Timing: Check-in: 2 PM | Check-out: 12 PM

Price: Around 8500/night (for the entire penthouse).

Distance from Kasauli bus stand: 14 KM approximately.

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Owl's Nest Homestay

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The modern interior and pine wood architecture of this plush duplex command your attention. Owl’s Nest is one of the premium homestays in Kasauli. True to its name, Owl’s nest is an oasis hidden deep into the wild and is a nature lover’s delight.

The swimming pool is so tempting in the middle of the machaan that you might plan to ditch the cold weather and throw yourself into it. It features all the essential necessities like an indoor fireplace and a fully equipped kitchen etc.

Location: Divine Valley, Dochi, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh 173209

Facilities: Fully equipped kitchenette, Pool, Indoor fireplace, Geyser etc.

Timing: Check-in: after 3 PM | Check-out: before 12 PM

Price: Around 5000/night (for one room).

Distance from Kasauli bus stand: 5.5 KM approximately.

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Serenity Homestay

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This three-bedroom apartment houses an exceptionally large terrace that overlooks rolling hills and cloud soaked valley. The place provides a nicely manicured gardens and balconies for you to have a gala time here.

The place also boasts of incredible service by the staff available at the flat throughout your stay. The home-cooked food is highly suggested at Serenity Homestay. 

Location: Village Khajret | P.O. Jubbar, Kasauli, Kasauli Tehsil, India

Facilities: Indoor fireplace, internet, parking space, hot water, microwave, refrigerator etc.

Timing: Check-in: 10 AM | Check-out: 12 PM

Price: Around 3000/night (for the 3X bedroom).

Distance from Kasauli bus stand: 1.1 KM approximately

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Kasauli Pine Breeze Homestay

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This is one best budget homestays in Kasauli to spend your holiday. Situated on the Dharampur-Solan road, the homestay is enveloped in a thick border of Alpine forests. There are 14 well-appointed rooms based on various themes, out of which six rooms are from the deluxe category and remaining are super-deluxe. The rooms have a separate sitting area, balconies,  mini refrigerator and modern amenities. The isolated property is mostly flocked by vacationers.

Location: Village Chabal, Kasauli Hills, Garkhal, Kasauli. Kasauli India 173204

Facilities:  Internet, lawn, bonfire

Timing: Check-in: 12 PM | Check-out: 12 PM

Price: Around 2800/night (for one room).

Distance from Kasauli bus stand: 5 KM approximately.

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Paradise Valley Homestay

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Paradise Valley: Tucked away on the old Kasauli road, Paradise Valley stands true to its name. It is run by a local family and is famous for a nearby waterfall which makes people fall in love with this property. The greenery that surrounds the apartment is a treat to the sore eyes. Travellers who are photography enthusiasts can make the best out of this place.

Along with some large deluxe rooms, you get to enjoy a pretty pool in the campus. Paradise valley homestay is truly a breath of fresh air.

Location: Vill Jangeshu, P.O: Masool Khanna, Dist: Solan, Tehsil: Kasauli, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh 173220

Facilities: swimming pool, geyser, lawn, bonfire etc.

Timing: Check-in: 1:30 PM | Check-out: 11:30 AM

Price: Around 1500/night (for one room).

Distance from Kasauli bus stand: 12.5 KM approximately.

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Royal Pine Hills Homestay

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The well-groomed garden of Royal Pine hills is a place to spend your evenings in the mountain. The rooms are huge with an attached balcony and a separate terrace. The homestay is around 18 kilometres from Solan valley and 10 kilometres from the main town of Kasauli.

Location: Kanda Road, Dharampur, Ghadyani, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh 173209

Facilities: Hot water, bonfire, medical facilities, adventure activities, parking, internet

Timing: Check-in: 12 PM | Check-out: 12 PM

Price: Around 1200/night (for one room).

Distance from Kasauli bus stand: 10 KM approximately

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Dagshai Homestay

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Dagshai homestay is a comfortable stay option in Dagshai hills, Dharampur. It is a set of multiple apartments which are recently built. The rooms offer a large balcony that enables a view of the layered hillslopes.

Location: Dagshai-Dharampur Rd, Dagshai, Himachal Pradesh

Facilities: Balcony, AC, room service, parking etc.

Timing: Check-in: 12 PM | Check-out: 12 PM

Price: Around 1500/ per night (for the entire apartment).

Distance from Kasauli bus stand: 13 KM approximately

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Valley View Home

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This peaceful villa is fitted with two bedrooms equipped with modern facilities like a fridge, TV and AC etc. The entire apartment can provide shelter for 4 to 5 people at once. The rooms are spacious with attached bathrooms. The location of this place is a bit far away from the main town but it is still loved for being away from the hustle and bustle of Kasauli.

Jagjit Nagar Road, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh 173225

refrigerator, AC, kitchenette, and parking.

Check-in: 12 AM | Check-out: 11 AM

Around 1100/night (for one room).

Distance from Kasauli bus stand:
10.5 KM approximately.

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Kasaulis’ Bottom Homestay

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Kasaulis’ Bottom apartment is snuggled amid the picturesque valley. The positive bright interiors and the desolated property is quite inviting, especially to the ones seeking an escape into the wilderness of a hillside homestay. A group of 4 to five people can easily accommodate the space.

wi-fi, kitchen, microwave, refrigerator, balcony, garden, barbeque grill etc.

Check-in: 2 PM | Check-out: 12 PM

Around 4800/night (for the entire apartment).

Distance from Kasauli bus stand:
4.5 KM approximately

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The Anchorage Homestay

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This idyllic setting features two sprawling lawns, terrace, two en-suite bedrooms, an open kitchen, dining room and living hall. The Anchorage is a brand that is on everyone’s mind who is seeking luxury, comfort and peace. Animal lovers will be pleased to find a friendly Lab guarding the property at The Anchorage.

Parwanoo Kasauli road, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh 173201

Kitchen, terrace, lawns, parking, balconies.

Check-in: after 12 PM | Check-out: before 12 PM

Around 1500/night (for the entire apartment).

Distance from Kasauli bus stand:
3 KM approximately.

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Snowview Homestay

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Snowpoint Apartment is finely done up, a two-bedroom house with a functional kitchen and a king-sized drawing room. Set at a height of 5700 feet above sea level, this is one of the rarest homestays in Kasauli which gives an amphitheatre view of the rolling hills. 

Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

Wi-fi, kitchen, terrace, coffee maker, refrigerator, balcony etc.

Check-in: 2 PM- 5 PM | Check-out: 12 PM

Around 6000/night (for the entire apartment).

Distance from Kasauli bus stand:
1.5 KM approximately

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People Also Ask About Kasauli

  1. What are some of the good homestays in Kasauli for couples?

    1. Bubble Royal Nest Homestay: A countryside villa with a huge patio overlooking amazing views and numerous balconies, Bubble Royal Nest Homestay makes it the perfect homestay for those who are crazy for open spaces. 
    2. Whispering Pine Homestay: Red roofed villa with a huge lawn in front of it, Whispering Pine Homestay will make a perfect holiday home for you two.
    3. The Chalet: The Chalet is a beautiful wooden house furnished with an authentic Himalayan taste. Although a very comfortable place to stay but what strikes the most is its interiors which makes for a great studio for your photos.
    4. The Woods: The Woods is literally a tiny wooden house with a steep cone roof. It is an independent cottage whose bedroom is upstairs scooched in a triangle making it stand out of all the other homestays.
  2. What are some budget Homestays in Kasauli?

    1. Aagman 2C's Cottage: A luxurious villa furnished with amazing furnishings, Aagman 2C's Cottage fits right into your pocket with all the required amenities.
    2. StayApart - Nature Stay: Make with local wood, StayApart - Nature Stay is a great place to stay if you wish to be near nature. The homestay is accompanied by a roofed patio, garden with benches, and infinite views of the surrounding beauty.
    3. Sukhmani Homestay: A nice place with decent rooms and attached bathroom, Sukhmani Homestay is a budget-friendly homestay which will fulfill all your needs while staying cool with the budget.
    4. Divya Kunj: The best feature of the Divya Kunj Homestay is the patio which overlooks the steep valleys sloped down to the other part of the hill town giving your picture-perfect views.
  3. What are the amenities provided in Kasauli homestays?

    Some of the commonest amenities offered at Kasauli homestays are:

    - Free internet service
    - Free parking space
    - Doctor on call
    - Private balconies
    - Outdoor gardens
    - Outdoor seating
    - Lawns
    - Indoor games
    - Room service
    - Kitchenettes

    Some homestays in Kasauli also offer luxury amenities such as swimming pools, activity centres, sightseeing tours and adventure sports.

  4. What is the price range of Kasauli Homestay?

    The tariff rates for homestays in Kasauli can range anywhere between Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 6,000 per night. However, these rates are bound to fluctuate depending on season and duration of stays. Some Kasauli homestays also incur extra charges against certain luxury services.
  5. What is the best time to visit Kasauli?

    Although the hill station can be visited throughout the year, one’s stay in Kasauli homestays is bound to be twice as pleasant during the summer months. The summer months in Kasauli, between April and June, are pleasant and clear. Rainfall is scanty, offering tourists to enjoy the beautiful outdoors at leisure.
  6. How to reach Kasauli?

    - By Flight: The nearest International airport to Kasauli is the Delhi International Airport, which is about 280 kilometers away. From here, one must either take a hired car or a bus to Kasauli. The journey takes about 6 hours under regular conditions. The nearest domestic airport is in Chandigarh, and it takes about 2 hours to travel from Chandigarh to here. 

    - By Train: Kasauli does not have a railway station of its own, and the nearest terminal is in Kalka. Several trains connect Kalka to the major cities around the country. From Kalka, one might take a hired cab or bus to Kasauli.

    - By Road: Kasauli is well connected to its surrounding cities by road. One can easily take a bus from any of the surrounding cities in Himachal Pradesh to get to Kasauli. 

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18 December 2019
It was a wonderful & memorable experience, everything including staff, cleanliness was amazing and great hospitality. Food served was delicious. It was worth it and the place is so beautiful and safe as well. Highly recommend.
21 January 2020
Chandraketu Bharadwaj Seclude Summer Vine, Kasauli
This stay is a beautiful property with clean and cozy rooms, good food, and really helpful staff. A place worth staying at. The location is nice, the view from the room was stunning., We had fun exploring the Kasauli. Will surely visit again and will even recommend to family, friends. Also, thank you Thrillophilia for providing us the best deals of stay with activities online.
19 December 2019
Gajbaahu Sinha Uncle Bob's Villa
We had an amazing quality family time at this amazing, well maintained, spacious, and well-staffed property with very good quality toiletries. The property offers a beautiful home away from home with all the luxuries of a five-star hotel with beautiful views of the valley. We had the best bonfire in the evening with all the music and dancing all around. The staff is ever smiling, caring, respectful, helpful and ever ready to make the stay comfortable & memorable. Can't ask for anything more. Perfect place to spend quality time in a place you can call home. Thank you Thrillophilia for making the best discounted deals for us.
20 January 2020
Bhoopat Adiga Uncle Bob's Villa
Smooth booking! from check-in till check-out it went great, I like everything on this Villa and my family too was very happy with the services, stay, foods, activities, and facilities. The guided hike to Monkey point was amazing. We booked the room from Thrillophilia due to the best price offered after comparing the prices from different websites.
01 February 2020
Minakshi Mukhopadhyay Seclude Kasauli
Visited the first time with friends. The accommodation provided was very comfortable, everything went perfectly well. The staff was helpful, the service was also very good. We also visited some nearby attractions like Monkey Point, sunset point, Christ Church, and many more. Thanks to Thrillophilia for booking on such short notice with instant booking confirmation. It was so easy to book online through this online platform.
02 February 2021
Loved the stay. The duplex apartment was beautiful. It also had a terrace, a parking and an outdoor lawn area where the owner arranged a bonfire for us. There is an in house kitchen with a cook and a dining table as well. Me and my friends went to celebrate our New Year’s party there and the night went great. The owner and the staff were all very welcoming and cooperative. The rooms were pretty comfortable.
16 December 2019
Ganak Bhattacharya 7 Pines Resort Kasauli
If you are looking for a weekend getaway from the air and noise pollution of Delhi then 7 pines is your best option. Tucked away in a quiet corner of Kasauli, this place is refreshingly calming. This absolutely beautiful stay is perfect for a getaway. We really had a great time. Highly recommended
20 February 2020
Well maintained property with great scenic views and calmness all round. Our rooms were having a great view of forest which we enjoyed a lot as we are nature lovers. Thanks to Thrillophilia for making last minute successful booking with instant booking confirmation and it was easy to book from this user friendly website. Will travel with you again!
10 December 2019
Had a great time staying at this hotel. Amazing hospitality. The rooms are very luxurious and the food at the restaurant was great. The staff was friendly and cooperative, They maintained high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Highly recommend the property.
03 January 2020
Dakshayani Ahuja Fortune Select Forest Hill
Fortune Forest hill resort is a must place to visit for nature lovers due to its location, ambience, vibrancy in the place is spellbound. The restaurant, coffee shop, swimming pool on the second floor are the spots to be enjoyed well in the property with your loved ones. The rooms are pleasantly good especially those opening up towards hills. The upkeep of the place and staff is added advantage. We were welcomed with non alcoholic drinks and both my kids enjoyed a lot at the resort with all the indoor outdoor games. Thank you Thrillophilia for such amazing deals online as compared to other online platforms.

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