Masrur Overview

Masrur is an old village situated in the remote areas of Himachal Pradesh. Most of the tourists visit this village to see the architecture of the temples situated here. A lot of tourists visit the place while touring around famous places in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

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Location: Masrur is 40 kilometers from Kangra, a district in Himachal Pradesh. It is very close to Dharamshala and is quite accessible from roadways through Lunj. Roadways are the best way to reach the place which is what most people prefer.

Highlights: Masrur is quite famous for its rock cut temple which is also known as Himalayan Pyramid. They are a set of complex temples known for their classic Indian architectural style. These temples are around 6-8 centuries old which makes them more special.

Best time to visit: Usually people love to visit the place during winter season given the nice climate in North India.

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