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  • If you are more of a discoverer, then Melbourne is the best place for you because Melbourne is a city of secrets. When you visit Melbourne during the summers, the beaches of the city should definitely be on your top go-to list. You can relax in the summer sun on a calm bay beaches in Melbourne.

    Known as Melbourne’s beachside playground, St Kilda beach is purely paradise on earth. You will love the view of port Philip, palm line boardwalk, safe sandy beach, huge range of beach activities that St Kilda Beach offers and its colourful past and present.

    Elwood Beach is one of the largest reserves and open areas in Elwood suburb. It is surrounded by open spaces that invite exploration. The beach has great fridges, vegetation that is cared for, storm water-filtering techniques, sports & recreational clubs, kiosks, restaurants and all other basic amenities.

    Here are the best beaches in Melbourne:

  • 01St Kilda

    Image Credit : Andru1308
    When you visit Melbourne during the summers, the beaches of the city should definitely be on your top go-to lists. There are many breath-taking beaches in this second largest city of Melbourne and St. Kilda Beach is one of them.

    Image Credits : ~David

    Highlights –
    Running for over 700m in length, St. Kilda beach is purely paradise one earth, especially during the hot summers. The waters are abode to various simmers of all age groups who come here to beat the heat. Also the shores are full of people who engage in some water sports or the other. You will find no dearth for refreshments as there are a number of restaurants and bars lined along the sea baths of St. Kilda.

    Location –
    Port Philip, Victoria.

    Activities –
    Swimming, kite-surfing, wing-surfing, water-skiing, jet-skiing, beach volleyball, sailing, rollerblading, skating park, boardwalk, walking, jogging, cycling and many more.
  • 02Elwood Beach

    Image Credit : AnnieSee
    Located in the small suburbs of Elwood, this beach has undergone a complete transformation in the recent past to look swanky and clean with all kinds of facilities today.

    Highlights –
    Elwood Beach is one of the largest reserves and open areas in Elwood suburb. It is a perfect location to bring kids to, as there are many activities to indulge in during the weekends and sunrise hours. Recently, the DSE (Department of Sustainability & Environment) invested close to 3millionAUD to completely redevelop the beach. Today, the beach has great fridges, vegetation that is cared for, storm water-filtering techniques, sports & recreational clubs, kiosks, restaurants and all other basic amenities.

    Location -
    8km south of Melbourne CBD.

    Activities –
    Life-Saving Club, Sailing Club, Football Club, swimming, surfing, fishing and wind-surfing (allowed at Point Ormond). Apart from this, fitness enthusiasts make use of the well-constructed walking, jogging and biking tracks of this beach to sweat it out during the early morning hours.
  • 03Half Moon Bay,Black Rock

    Image Credit : *Equinox*
    Named after its crescent shape, this beach is located in the 350m long Half Moon Bay.

    Image Credits : Geoff Penaluna

    Highlights –
    This is one of the quietest and safest beaches in Melbourne. The place contains a jetty and a ramp for launching boats, which tourists can take for short ferry rides. Just at a little distance from the jetty, one can spot the remains of the HMVS Cerberus which went underground during 1926. Historians love to come here to see this spot. You can come here for a relaxing stroll along the shores as not many people come here during the day. The place gives the feeling of a secluded fishing village as one gets to experience first-hand experiences with natural extravaganzas here, in spite of being in a commercial city like Melbourne.

    Location –
    Port Philip, southeast of Melbourne.

    Activities –
    Yachting, surfing, swimming, boating, fishing, walking, jogging, eating delicious food at the local cafes & restaurants and many more.
  • 04Brighton Beach

    Named after the famous Brighton Beach in the UK, this one in Melbourne is one of the most-visited beaches in the city.

    Image Credits : goldberg

    Highlights –
    The first thing that will attract you when you come to Brighton Beach, is the colourful bath boxes that are found on the shores. All of identical sizes and structures, these multi-coloured bath boxes are the only types of accommodation available here. With its turquoise blue waters, yellow & soft sands and the golden rays of the sun to accompany you, you can enjoy some relaxing moments here. During summers, the beach gets a little crowded; however, it doesn’t get too claustrophobic. That’s the speciality of this beach. It is easily accessible as well, which makes it friendlier for tourists.

    Location -
    11km southeast of Melbourne CBD.

    Activities –
    Yachting, Sailing, Swimming, Walking, Biking, Kite-surfing and more.
  • 05Mothers Beach

    Image Credit :  Cavalier92
    As the name suggests, Mothers Beach is a favorite amongst locals because of its family friendly nature and safe shallow waters. An hour’s drive from Melbourne’s CBD, Mothers Beach is sheltered by towering cypress trees and has a number of BBQ and picnic facilities that make for a great day out with the family. On the Mornington Peninsula, one is lucky enough to have some of Victoria's best bay and back beaches that are separated by a small stretch of land in between. Some of the beaches are only accessible via coastal walking tracks within National Parks whilst others are located near the main shopping strip along Point Nepean Road. Mothers Beach is below the Mornington Park and playground so it can be easier to get parking and it overlooks the Mornington pier. There are also toilets and BBQ's. One of the Mornington’s three beaches north of the jetty, this is a stand-out for its family friendly safe swimming and shallow waters. It has a lovely stretch of clean sand and there are picnic tables and barbecues under shady trees.

    Image Credits : avlxyz

  • 06Williamstown Beach

    Image Credit : N G M
    Providing beautiful views of the commercial landscapes of Melbourne, Williamstown Beach is one of the most-loved beaches in this city by locals and tourists.

    Image Credits : Steel Wool

    Highlights –
    This beach is situated very close to the main city is often one of the most sought-after weekend getaways for locals. It is fondly addressed as Willy Beach by the locals. Every month local traders put up waterside craft stalls at the Nelson’s Place Point. If you are lucky enough, you can watch the lively ambience in this waterside stall and buy some excellent local handicrafts at reasonable rates.

    Location -
    It is very easily accessible through public transport as it is just about 5 minutes away from Gem Pier Station.

    Activities –
    deep water swimming, paddle swimming, sunbaking, sailing, walking, relaxing strolls, watching fireworks at night during important festival days etc.
  • 07Sorrento

    One of the scenic and beautiful beaches of Melbourne, Sorrento, is an absolute treat to watch during the sunset hours.

    Image Credits : voulaonadventure

    Highlights –
    Encompassed by a canopy of Port Philip Bay waters on one side and Bass Straight waters on the other side, Sorrento proves to be an awesome tourist spot for people of all age groups. The foreshore that surrounds the beach is replete with absolute natural extravaganza, making it one of the Melbourne’s most beautiful beaches. Added to this, the beach has lots of jetties clear-water rock pools and an incredible coastline that you just cannot get enough of! Visit here during the evenings to time your trip with the sunset, to experience the beauty of the beach in its full form.

    Location –
    Around 90minutes from the Central Business District of Melbourne.

    Activities –
    Awesome walking trails which find lots of early morning walkers and joggers making full use of it daily.
  • 08Altona Beach

    Image Credit : gbannerman
    Are you looking for a quiet beach to enjoy the serenity of the waters with great peace & tranquillity? Altona Beach, in Melbourne, is the right choice for you.

    Image Credits : Cliffano

    Highlights –
    This is not only one of the quietest but also one of the cleanest beaches of Melbourne, which makes it great for swimming for kids as well. Earlier, the beach waters were filled with seaweeds. However, a mass level of cleaning happened and today, the waters are crystal-clear. Altona Pier,which is 500m long, crosses this beach, making it an ideal picnic spot. There are lots of restaurants and small eateries along the shores of the beach.

    Location –
    About 25minutes away from Central Business District of Melbourne and 500m away from Altona Railway Station.

    Activities –
    Swimming, walking, kite-surfing, etc.
  • 09Mornington Peninsula

    Image Credit : Rob'nDasha
    Out of Victoria’s total coastline, 10% is occupied by the beautiful and scenic Mornington Peninsula.

    Image Credits : Derrick Tan

    Highlights –
    Modelled on the likes of a coastal village from Europe, this 260-km long coastline contains all activities that are ideal for family vacations. The marine park here has been declared as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and is home to over 500 species of fishes and 1000 species of marine plants. Port Philip Bay and Western Port are the two famous bays here. Endless sands, clear waters, perfect climate and the blue skies make this spot look absolutely heavenly. Reefs full of rocks, meadows replete with sea grass, expansive plains full of sand and sponge gardens are the common habitats found in this peninsula, which favour the diverse range of species housed here.

    Location –
    One hour away from the Central Business District of Melbourne.

    Activities – Swimming, surfing, sailing, kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, scuba-diving, snorkelling and more.

  • 10Hampton

    Image Credit :  hooverdust
    This is one of the ancient and beautiful beaches of Melbourne.

    Highlights –
    During as early as 1913, the Life Saving Club of Hampton was introduced. Until then, the Hampton Beach was only made of huge expanses of sand. It was during the 1950s that this beach was actually formed when a boat harbour was constructed in this location. Today, the beach is a whopping 900km long and is a huge hit among the locals, who come here for weekend trips. Rocks & reefs, boat harbour, life- saving club and a great ambience are some of the major highlights of this beach today.

    Location –
    About half an hour away from the Central Business District of Melbourne.

    Activities –
    The beach has been declared as a safe swimming area, which makes it suitable for kids as well. Other activities that are done here are kite-surfing, windsurfing and fishing.