Luna Park, Melbourne: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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About Luna Park

Luna Park, the oldest amusement park of Melbourne was built in 1912. It is brimming with various brand new thrilling rides to satisfy all the thrill seekers and is a destination for all Melbourne families as well as tourists. With existing for over 100 years, Luna Park in St. Kilda is the most renowned and adored theme park without a doubt. 

Roller Coaster is the most cherished attraction of the Park. The spectacular and large wooden coaster takes passengers around the entire park at lightning speed and it is one of the best places to visit in Melbourne.

Luna Park extends a range of attractions and rides for every age from their latest additions, the free revolving mini roller coaster Speedy Beetle and relaxing ferries wheel Moon Balloons, to old classics such as Dodgems and fidgety thrill rides like the Pharaoh’s Curse and Power Surge.

You can not miss visiting Luna Park when exploring Melbourne, no matter what your age is. You can also plan a function like kid’s parties, weddings, engagement events and Christmas parties at Luna Park.

It also provides free Wi-Fi to all the visitors for smooth connection. As Melbourne’s ultimate destination for fun, Luna Park is the perfect venue for your school’s end of year activity day, school program or the start of the school holidays.

How to Reach Luna Park

Public Transport:

Two main Melbourne tram routes are 16 and 96 which stops outside the Luna Park. You can catch these routes from whichever subway is closer to you. Several buses also pass through St Kilda, including the 246, 600, 606, 623, 922 and 923.

By Cab:
You can hire a cab directly from Melbourne Airport to Luna Park Melbourne.

Best Time to Visit Luna Park

The most important thing to consider when planning a trip to Luna Park Melbourne is the weather. The best time to visit Luna Park Melbourne is during the Southern Hemisphere’s summer months of December to February.

During this time of year, the weather is hot and sunny, and there are plenty of things to do across town.

- Summer:
In Summer Season, the weather would be sunny but one can enjoy all the rides without any hustle. Also, the park remains open on Fridays in the warmer months.

- Monsoon:
Monsoon is not the perfect season to visit Luna Park Melbourne because they shut down some rides due to the weather.

What Not to Miss at Luna Park

At Luna Park, you can enjoy the following rides:

1. The Great Scenic Railway 
Built in 1912, it is the oldest and most exhilarating, iconic heart of the Luna Park. Its dips and turns of almost 1 kilometer will give you a convivial experience.

2. Speedy Beetle
Speedy beetle is a roller coaster which will twirl and turn you and will randomly spin in any direction which would be a mind blowing and fun filled ride.

3. Spider
Spider travels in a circular motion along with flying high, dipping down, rotating and revolving rapidly at the end of its long legs to make it a wonderful and superb ride.

4. Road Runner
Luna Park’s star feature is a ride for all ages which turns and glides along its curvy sports rack. Road Runner gives a marvelous experience to people of all ages.

5. Holodeck
It is an amazing motion simulator ride which creates the feeling of being in a real motion environment while sitting in your seat as you watch the screen of the pod ride.

6. The Ghost Train
The Ghost Train has been a terrifying ride since 1934. Its haunted tracks are riddled with terrible ghouls and frightening scares.

7. Supernova
Supernova is a thrilling ride that will fly you up 32 meters into the sky; your chair rotates 12.5 meters in circular motion and gives you a marvelous ride experience with amazing bay views or starry sky.

8. Happy Swing
Happy Swing is made for younger visitors and is a pleasant ride for children of all ages; children can ride on their own and enjoy the swing back and forth on this giant gentle ride.

9. Betty Choo Choo
Betty choo choo is another ride for younger guests. The trackless train takes toddlers and rides them around the park for a joyous experience.

10. The Power Surge
As the name suggests, it is an energetic and high speed turbulent rotating ride which flies sky high, spin, twists and rotates you for a psychedelic experience.

11. Mirror Maze
 Assembled with 75 individual mirrors this mirror maze is filled with reflections and is so hard yet fantastic. Get involved in the dark and enigmatic maze to see how long it takes to find your way out.

12. Dodgems
Fasten your seatbelt for a bumpy and delightful ride. Dodge the crazy cars and enjoy the fantastic ride in the ever popular dodgems.

13. Twin Dragon
This dragon ship swings high just like a giant pendulum and is a great ride for you and your gang.

14. Enterprise
Perfect for abiding thrill lovers, this ride tilts in its frame to rotate at 87 degrees along with going forward and upward all at the same time. You’ll be hooting and screaming as gravity shifts and your world begins to spin.

15. Pharaos's Curse
Another thrilling ride is Pharaoh’s curse which will confuse you as you fly up and down. It swings to 19 meters into the sky and your up becomes down and your down becomes up.

16. Coney Drop
Takes you 13 meters high into the sky and drops you from different levels down to earth, Coney drop is an exciting ride to give you a stirring encounter.

17. Red Baron
Perfect for younger guests, red baron is a gentle circular motion and dipping plane to give a delightful ride to the tiny toddlers.

Other Essential Information About Luna Park

18 Lower Esplanade, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

This is the exact address of Luna Park Melbourne with the contact details.  You can park your car at council rates in and around the park. The Palais Theatre on Jacka Boulevard also has parking at council rates, if you are planning to go by your own vehicle.

The standard timing to visit Luna Park Melbourne is 11AM to 8PM.

Distance from Airport:
The distance between Melbourne Airport (MEL) and Luna Park is 25 km. The road distance is 29.9 km.

Tickets at Luna Park Melbourne:
Luna Park offers online and offline purchasing of tickets to enjoy the rides. Entry fees of Luna Park are $5 per person which will be deducted from the price of the subsequent ride ticket purchase price. Luna Park prices are as follows:

- Family of 4 people unlimited rides –
$ 149.95 a family of four people can enjoy unlimited rides at Luna Park for $149.95 which is a great deal for all the family members.

- 0-3 unlimited rides –
$17.50 tiny toddlers can get all the pleasant rides for just $17.50 

- 4-12 unlimited rides –
$39.95 all the amazing rides for the young guests is for $39.95

- 13 – Adult –
$ 49.95 children older than 12 years would be considered adults and for all the adults, the unlimited rides are for $49.95.

- Single ride for adults –
$10.95 if an adult wants to enjoy only a single ride then he has to pay $10.95. 

However, if the child is 110 cm or over, they can not ride alone, or the adult has to pay $10.95 for the ride.

History of Luna Park Melbourne

On December 13th 1912, the construction of the Luna Park was brought to an end by American showmen J D Williams, together with the Phillips brothers Harold, Leon and Herman. Mr. Moon opened his giant mouth for the first time to St Kilda and thousands of people gathered into Melbourne’s Luna Park for the first time.

Since that day, Luna Park flooded with visitors who enjoyed the oldest theme park in Australia to its fullest. Every year, the visitors bring their families back to enjoy the thrilling and amazing rides in the most memorable park. Luna Park reopened in 1923 after being closed in the year 1916 and new and improved attractions.

By the late 1970s, a variety of latest rides were added and replaced some already existing rides. All the lastest rides and the interiors are based on the concept of Coney Island, New York from 1903.

This entire mission was developed by American entrepreneur J D Williams who was accompanied by the Phillips brothers who later brought the Luna Park enterprise to Australia.

Food at Luna Park

Luna Park has a wide variety of food from classic fairy-floss, pop-corn, snow-cones and hot-dogs for kids and adults to remember their childhood while enjoying a range of gourmet pizzas, sandwiches made in deli-style and lip smacking burgers.

It also offers a great range of healthy as well as vegetarian cuisines. To ensure freshness, all the food is cooked on a daily basis. There are best restaurants around the park to choose the best meal from:

1. St Luja
The atmosphere of the place is great and they have a downstairs area for private parties. Their menu includes all kinds of meat, mac and cheese, vegan food, vegetarian food to cover all the people’s desire and to offer a variety of cuisines to all the visitors out there.

2. Donovans
Located on the St. Kilda Beach front, Donovans is the place to get a cherishable experience in Melbourne. The place has a coastal view, Mediterranean range of cuisines and cozy atmosphere.

It offers seafood, Australian and Contemporary food options along with vegetarian and vegan friendly dishes. It also offers seating, highchairs, wheelchair accessibility and also serves alcohol like wine and beer.

3. Sister of Soul
Sister of Souls offers different Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options to all the visitors with Australian and healthy cuisine options. It also provides options for deliveries, reservations, outdoor seating and also has a bar which offers you a range of alcohol.

4. Bay City Burrito
Burrito brings the unmatchable spirited atmosphere and flavors of San Francisco's Mission District. BCB is known as the guys who brought real burritos to Melbourne which are the healthiest and original. An array of amazingly tasting Burritos are the first USP of the menu while the rest of the menu consists of Mexican standards.

Also, people who are vegetarians or vegans, can relish on the carefully catered alternatives from the menu. All orders are made right in front of you with a health focus.

5. Galleon Cafe
Brushed with the blush shades of pink and blue, Galleon café offers a wide variety of Australian and Vegetarian friendly food. You can also choose from the vegan and gluten free options.

It is situated right in the middle of the street which makes it a very easily accessible place. Moreover, it is not only loved by foreigners but locals alike. So if you happen to be at Luna Park, make sure to eat at this cosy cafe.

6. Dogs Bar
Dogs Bar is Melbourne's oldest small bar, located on the leafy surrounds of Acland Street in vibrant St Kilda. Off the main tourist strip, here you will enjoy a very local vibe with artists, models and accountants mixing with the world to create Dogs Bar's iconic feel.

With a classic European interior, an extensive range of wines by the glass and bottle along with Australian Craft Beers, the Modern Australian menu accommodates all of these elements with a range of shared food, mains, desserts and cheeses. It provides gluten free Australian food to the visitors.

Tips for Luna Park Melbourne

All Luna Park ride prices include the $2 entry fee

- Children of the age of 3 years and under are free to enter Luna Park St Kilda

- All Luna Park ride tickets must be purchased from the ticket box. They are not available anywhere else in Luna Park

- You can take your own food in and enjoy lunch or you can purchase food from the vendors.

- You can buy an unlimited ride entry or you can get tickets for a certain amount.

- There really is something for everyone there.

- On a hot day it takes plenty to drink to stay hydrated and healthy.
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People Also Ask About Luna Park

  1. Are there lockers available at Luna Park Melbourne?

    Yes, Lockers are available for hire if secure storage is required. Personal property is the responsibility of every guest. Melbourne's Luna Park will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles whilst riding its attractions or left in a queue line there lockers available at Luna park Melbourne.
  2. Can you go on rides with a broken bone or plaster cast?

    No, for your safety Luna Park doesn’t allow you with a broken bone or plaster cast on rides.
  3. Is Luna park wheelchair accessible?

    Currently, the central areas of Luna Park are accessible via wheelchair and they have disabled facilities at both ends of the Park. Luna Park wants all the guests to enjoy its rides and attractions and does everything possible to accommodate guests with disabilities.
  4. Can I wear thong or flip flops on rides?

    You can wear a thong on the rides but to stay comfortable you should avoid flip flops and wear comfortable shoes.
  5. What age group do the Luna park rides and attractions appeal to?

    There are different rides for different age groups; all ages from toddlers to adults can enjoy different rides.
  6. Are all the rides safe?

    All the rides are safe as per the standards and technology but it is very much advisable to you to follow safety instructions properly to not let any chances for a mishappening as your safety is always in your hand.
  7. How many rides are there for infants to three years of age?

    There are almost five to six rides for infants, Betty choo choo, happy swing, carnival games are some of them.
  8. Can I bring any personal belongings to the ride?

    No, you can not bring unnecessary belongings to the ride as it is unsafe for you and for the people around you. It is always a good option to stay handsfree on the rides so that you can follow up with the safety instructions completely and moreover your stuff could fall during the ride disturbing others too. So, it is always better to opt for a locker at the park to keep everything safe and secure.

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