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Royal Botanic Gardens

If you are someone deeply interested in botany then you must not skip the Royal botanical gardens in Sydney. The place was opened in 1816 which makes it one of the oldest scientific institution not only in Australia but in the whole world.


Location: The Royal botanical garden is located in the Mrs. Macquarie's road in Sydney and the place is quite accessible from most of the major locations in the city.

Highlights: It is one of the major botanical gardens located in the heart of Sydney where you will find plants of a wide variety of species.

Price: The entry is free to all which makes more people come here and explore the place.

Best time to visit: The botanical garden is open from 9 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening so you need to visit the place during these times to be able to see plants that are on the display.

Puffing Billy Railway

Puffing Billy travels through the Dandenong Ranges east of Melbourne (sometimes referred to as 'The Dandenongs') All aboard Puffing Billy – Australia's most popular steam train ride! Running daily from the foothills at Belgrave to the mountain town of Gembrook, Puffing Billy is the most fun way to tour the Dandenong Ranges. Puffing Billy's rattling red carriages run across three historic timber bridges, uphill and down dale, through valleys and plains filled with tree ferns, and under the shadow of towering mountain ash. The route runs through the eucalyptus of Sherbrooke Forest, past the steam museum at Menzies Creek and the picnic grounds at Emerald Lake, in the pretty town of Gembrook. The one-way journey is 24 km (15 miles), taking just under two hours. Puffing Billy is Australia's favorite steam train and is one of the finest preserved steam railways in the world. This century-old steam train is still running on its original 25-kilometer mountain track from Belgrave to Gembrook, through the beautiful forests and fern gullies of the Dandenong Ranges.

Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo is Australia's oldest zoo and was modeled on London Zoo. The zoo was opened on 6 October 1862 at the Royal Park site in 55-acre (22 ha) on land donated by the City of Melbourne. Before this, animals were housed at the botanical gardens in Melbourne. Visitors can see historical cages, including the heritage listed Elephant House, which has been renovated and adapted for use for customers paying to sleep overnight in tents at the zoo in popular Roar and Snore evenings. These evenings allow the public to see some of the nocturnal animals at the zoo in evening guided tours by keepers. One of the most famous exhibits was Quinine the elephant. The zoo is set among flower gardens and picnic areas. Many of the animals are now organized in bioclimatic zones: African rainforest featuring gorillas, mandrills, pigmy hippos and parrots; Asian Rainforest with tigers and otters; and the Australian bush with koalas, kangaroos, emus, echidnas and endangered hairy-nosed wombats.


Eureka Tower

What is a trip without any adventurous activity? Get some adrenalin into your bodies when you come to Melbourne by taking part in the Europa Skydeck.

Highlights – Located at a height of 292m, the Eureka Tower promises to provide ultimate thrill and entertainment to the adventure enthusiasts.

Get a panoramic view of Melbourne City from around 300m above sea level from all 360 degrees. There are close to 30 viewfinders on the Skydeck, through which you can spot some of the major landmarks of Melbourne from the towering heights of the Eureka. This is the only place in the world where you will find “The Edge” – a glass cube located at 88th floor of the tower, providing incredible views to tourists who are suspended from here.

Location – Southbank precinct of Melbourne.

Timings – 10AM to 10PM.

Price – 20AUD per adult and 11.50AUD for kids aged between 4 and 16years. 

Williamstown Beach

Providing beautiful views of the commercial landscapes of Melbourne, Williamstown Beach is one of the most-loved beaches in this city by locals and tourists.

Highlights –
This beach is situated very close to the main city is often one of the most sought-after weekend getaways for locals. It is fondly addressed as Willy Beach by the locals. Every month local traders put up waterside craft stalls at the Nelson’s Place Point. If you are lucky enough, you can watch the lively ambience in this waterside stall and buy some excellent local handicrafts at reasonable rates.

Location -
It is very easily accessible through public transport as it is just about 5 minutes away from Gem Pier Station.

Activities –
deep water swimming, paddle swimming, sunbaking, sailing, walking, relaxing strolls, watching fireworks at night during important festival days etc.

Sorrento Beach

One of the scenic and beautiful beaches of Melbourne, Sorrento, is an absolute treat to watch during the sunset hours.

Highlights –
Encompassed by a canopy of Port Philip Bay waters on one side and Bass Straight waters on the other side, Sorrento proves to be an awesome tourist spot for people of all age groups. The foreshore that surrounds the beach is replete with absolute natural extravaganza, making it one of the Melbourne’s most beautiful beaches. Added to this, the beach has lots of jetties clear-water rock pools and an incredible coastline that you just cannot get enough of! Visit here during the evenings to time your trip with the sunset, to experience the beauty of the beach in its full form.

Location –
Around 90minutes from the Central Business District of Melbourne.

Activities –
Awesome walking trails which find lots of early morning walkers and joggers making full use of it daily.

South Bank

One of the most popular attractions of Brisbane is the South Bank. It is the cultural destination of the city based close to the meandering Brisbane River. Stretch of green landscapes and sweet music of the water gushing is the essence of this location. Based in the southern part of the city this is the heart of Brisbane cultural destination.

The place is filled with world famous, reputed and famed group of restaurants serving all kinds of gourmets, shopping zones, markets, fun activities and street Beach. As per statistics about 11 million people visit South Bank every year. There are three massive undercover car parking zones in this area to cater the footfalls here. Lazy strolls from Kangaroo Point leads to South Bank which is often availed by visitors here. In a whole visiting South Bank is a must for all visitors to catch the real entertainment of the city. 

Kings Park

One of the largest inner city parks of the world with around 6 million people visiting the destination every year, the Kings Park is one of the most visited places in Australia. With some of the fascinating collection of flora, this place is much visited for picnics, nature walk and for ceremonial events. Providing stunning views of the Perth city and the Swan River this is based on Mt Eliza. There are options of fine dining in the in house restaurant and one can also enjoy a cup of coffee with the locals. Being the first park of the country, it is also home to State War Memorial and State Botanic Garden.

The park has more than 1700 native species along with a many alluring collection of wildflowers. The Kings Park Festival is also quite popular a festival in this area and it is celebrated every year in the month of September. 

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Most Popular Places Around Victoria

What You Should Know More About Victoria

  • Q. Travel advice:

    • Travel by public transport as hiring private taxis can be expensive in Victoria.

    • Enjoy the vibrant nightlife of this place, but do not get involved in any drug related situation.

    • Take care of safety rules while enjoying water sports as well as other adventure activities over here.

    • If you are driving by yourself, make sure that you have a driving license which is valid and also take care of all the traffic rules.

    • Read about the public behavior laws of Victoria and behave accordingly.

    • Do not go out alone at late hours as it might be unsafe sometimes.

  • Q. Drinking laws

    The legal age to consume alcoholic drinks in Victoria is 18 years for all types of mind as well as hard alcoholic drinks.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What You Can’t Afford To Miss?

    Phillip Island

    The Phillip Island offers an unadulterated coastline filled with charm and natural beauty. The vibrant beaches of this region are a home to a lot of flora and fauna and they are also a safe place for the island’s most famous species-the fairy penguins. Thus, the island’s most famous attraction is the Penguin Parade, where visitors can witness migrations of penguins. If you go further to Seal Rocks, you can also get to sight fur seals.

    The Great Ocean Road

    This is a heritage listed road in the city of Victoria which stretches over 243 kilometers. This is one of the most famous beaches as it offers a plethora of natural beauty and stunning beaches. This drive takes you through some of the major coasts like Torquoy, Lorne and Angelsea.

    Mornington Peninsula

    The Mornington Peninsula is an hour’s drive away from Melbourne’s CBD and the most famous aspect of this place are the cellar doors which ornament this region. Another famous aspect of this place are numerous famous restaurants, where you can refill your stomach from time to time. This place will also offer you some of the most picture-perfect spots where you can get the best pictures clicked.


    If you are seeking some solace and solitude for yourself, this place is where you should head. The extensively green farmlands, untouched waters and tall standing mountains along with beaches on one side is what Gippsland has to offer you. You can also visit the Wilsons Prom National park, where you will get to see 400 million year old limestone formations at the Buchan caves.


    Echuca is a home to the largest fleet of paddle steamers in Australia. It is also a major getaway spot to the Murray River region, which is an area packed with Australia’s history and culture. Echuca is a famous holiday destination, especially if your agenda is to take a break from busy life, enjoy the warm climate under the sunny skies, while witnessing some of the most mesmerizing sunsets.

    Daylesford and Spa Country

    If you want to indulge in sheer relaxation and rejuvenation, you should make your way to the Spa Country in Victoria. The Daylesford is also a town full of calmness and never-ending plethora of ways to enjoy yourself, like the therapeutic waters of the springs and numerous spas and wellness centers.


    Ballarat is a gold mining town in Victoria and is a cultural and historic hub. This place is a developing community, where the past and presence balance continuous to still thrice. To get an essence of the old mining days, you should definitely visit the Sovereign Hill, which is an exavt replica of the 19th century Ballarat.

    Melbourne City

    Melbourne is officially declared to be the best city in the world to live in and hence, you cannot miss out on going here when you are in Victoria. The notable restaurants, entertainment, coffee, live music shoes, hidden bars, art galleries, night clubs and a hip urban life is what you are going to experience in Melbourne.

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