Peninsula Hot Springs Overview

Peninsula Hot Springs is an award-winning natural hot spring and day spa destination located on the outskirts of Melbourne. Rejuvenate your body and mind as you enjoy an exclusive bathing and spa experience at the Mornington Peninsula. From bathing and spa options inspired by the world’s sought-after practices to wellness programmes that heal and relax, Peninsula Hot Springs is a must-visit Melbourne attraction.

The award-winning natural hot springs and day spa destination is located on the Mornington Peninsula and is just 90 minutes away from the city of Melbourne. Peninsula Hot Springs features pools and private baths supplied by natural thermal mineral waters. These thermal springs are common on the coastal oasis of the peninsula and provide a quiet and serene place for visitors to relax and rejuvenate their mind, body and soul and it is one of the amazing tourist places in Melbourne.

The peninsula offers several options for its guests. The Bath House is a social area where guests can enjoy an exclusive bathing experience. Some of the most popular techniques employed here include, Turkish hammam, reflexology walk, cave pool, and a hilltop pool offering scenic views of the region around. There is also an amphitheater in the Bath House, which includes seven pools. All of these pools are geometric and offer a relaxing bathing experience. Other facilities and attractions in the Bath House are - ice caves, saunas, cafe, a wellness center, and open-air stage.

Another popular section of the Peninsula Hot Springs is the Spa Dreaming Center. This sanctuary-like place is a blissful retreat from the rest of the world, as it offers you a place to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The center places special importance on tranquil space, and is only allowed for people who are above the age of 16 years. The service offered in the Dreaming Center includes thermal mineral pools, traditional sauna experiences, bamboo showers with massages, cold plunge pools, Moroccan hammams, infrared sauna rooms, Zen Chi massages, and hanging tree pods. You can also enjoy relaxing by the pool at the poolside lounges.

The wellness programs at the Peninsula Hot Springs offer a unique combination of healing waters along with mindful activities to calm your body, soul and mind. You will get to experience a wide range of movements, and enjoy the ultimate calming experience here. There are also several other activities you can choose from, like - body clay, fire and ice, yoga, reformer pilates, and aerial yoga.

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• Relax and rejuvenate your body and mind as you retreat into the calm of nature at the natural thermal springs of Peninsula Hot Springs.
• Indulge in an exclusive bathing experience as you choose from a wide range of options, including Turkish hammams, cave pools, hilltop pools, and reflexology walks.
• Disconnected from the real world at the spa experiences of Peninsula Hot Springs that offer traditional sauna experiences, thermal mineral pools, cold plunge pools, bamboo showers with massages, Moroccan hammams, Zen Chi massages, infrared sauna rooms, and hanging tree pods.
• Visitors can also participate in wellness programmes designed by Peninsula Hot Springs to calm their soul and senses with their special combination of mindful activities and healing waters.
• Experience refreshing activities like yoga, body clay, reformer Pilates, fire and ice, and aerial yoga, and replenish your body with healthy meals at local dining outlets.

How To Reach

Peninsula hot springs is located 123 kilometres away from Melbourne and the entire journey will take you around an hour and a half. Here are your best options for this journey:

Via Train: Metropolitan train services run from the southern cross station in Melbourne to Frankston. From here, you can connect through Hastings to Stony Point on Westernport Bay and reach the Peninsula easily.

Via Bus:  Buses from the city of Melbourne to areas around the village operate all days of the week. There are several bus routes you can take for the sun. Bus number 788 leaves from Frankston station to Portsea every 45 minutes from Monday to Friday and every 2 hours on weekends. You can reach the Peninsula from Portsea by getting a taxi.

For direct transport from the airport to the Peninsula without entering the city, you can get the airport bus which runs on a regular basis. This may be the costlier option than others listed here

Via Ferry: If you want to take the scenic option, you can take a taxi from the airport to the Queenscliff Harbour. From here you can take a Searoad Ferry to the Peninsula. The ferries run every hour on the hour from 7 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. throughout the week.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Peninsula Hot Springs is during the winters, that is, June to August. The summers (that is, between December and February) on the continent can get quite steamy and oppressively hot. You will not be able to enjoy all the facilities of the peninsula in such weather.

Here are the reasons why you should plan your visit to this plan during winters:

1. Once the winter season hits, you will be forced to hole into your house, in order to protect yourself from the freezing temperatures. Not a lot of outdoor activities are suitable for the winters, but hot spring bathing is one of the best things you can enjoy in this weather without worrying about the freezing cold. That is why it is recommended to pay a visit to the Peninsula just before the hot months arrive. It will also help you get rid of the cabin fever one is prone to in winters.

2. The hot springs have a lot of healing properties and can rejuvenate your body and mind like nothing else. Bathing in the mineral water of these hot springs in winters can bring about various health benefits like increase in blood circulation, increase in lymphatic functions, healthy skin and better sleep. It should be noted that the healing properties of the spring are more effective during the winters, because the difference in temperature of water and air speeds up the health benefits.

3. Another benefit of visiting the hot springs during winters is that you will get to witness the remarkable range of the flora and fauna native to this region in the winters. Most of the wildlife and forests here have evolved to thrive in the freezing temperatures and can be enjoyed at their best only during the winter months.

That is why, it is recommended to plan your visit during the winters, that is, between May and October.

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Other Essential Information

Location: 140 Springs Lane, Fingal, Victoria, 3939

Timings: 7 am to 10 pm, every day

Distance from Melbourne Airport: 123 km

Tips for Peninsula Hot Springs

To make the most out of your experience at Peninsula Hot Springs, make sure you follow these tips:

1. It is recommended to book your seat here in advance, as the peninsula can get quite easily filled in peak tourist season.

2. It is also advised to make your booking well in advance. Last minute bookings and those on the same day will cost 10% extra.

3. Public transport on the peninsula is limited. You will have to take a bus to Rye hotel, from where you can get a cab.

4. Children are allowed at the peninsula, but those under 16 are restricted in certain areas. Be mindful of that when planning your holiday.

5. Bathing suits and robes are available on site, so you don't need to carry them.

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Day Wise Timings
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Normal Timings:
07:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Normal Timings:
07:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Normal Timings:
07:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Normal Timings:
07:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Normal Timings:
07:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Normal Timings:
07:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Normal Timings:
07:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Point of Interest for Peninsula Hot Springs


If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with your mind and soul, you have to try the bathing experience on the peninsula. The natural thermal mineral waters are supplied by the underground pools deep under the earth and form private baths on the Peninsula. The pools are surrounded by lush green forests and also offer some of the most scenic views of the region around. This further adds to the ethereal experience of bathing in the hot springs in the middle of nowhere.

Additionally, the mineral waters of these springs have several health benefits. It can help you with better circulation to all organs of your body, providing them with much-needed oxygen. They also activate the lymphatic function and help clean out the toxins in your body. Moreover, mineral waters are extremely good for your skin and can also help you with insomnia.

Nourish your soul in the middle of the jungles and awaken your senses as you dip your toes into the fresh water. There is nothing quite as relaxing as these steaming spas hidden in the middle of the trees, in caves and amongst the stone pathways of this region. Immerse yourself in this one-of-a-kind experience with only the sound of birds and frogs accompanying you, and return home with a fresh mind and body.

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The Peninsula Hot Springs offers several spa treatments to completely relax your body and work out those knots in your muscles. All you have to do is surrender your body to the experts in the Peninsula and relax. The signature spa treatments include several balancing therapies that well help with working out and rejuvenating the fatigued parts of your body. Not only that, you will also feel as if your mind is calmer because of the varieties of essential oils used in the treatment here.

The spa treatments and therapies are designed in such a way that they honour the traditional elements of cultures from all across the world. From facials and body treatments to relaxation massages, everything is designed to cleanse, refresh and restore your body. You can also get a medium or high pressure treatment if you are feeling especially tired.The Spa Dreaming Centre at the Peninsula Hot Springs also includes a geothermal bathing section where you can take a refreshing bath.

The bathing experience is included with all the treatment that is offered in the spa. It should be noted that the Spa Centre is reserved only for guests above the age of 16 years. The experts at the Spa also recommend that everyone should take a bath before getting a treatment at the Spa centre, as this will include the therapeutic results of the treatments. Some of the treatment options offered here are: organic facials, organic mineral mud wraps, peninsula vine massages, organic bio active facials, botanical sea salt exfoliation etc.

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There are several fine dining options available at Peninsula Hot Springs to nourish your appetite and satisfy your taste buds. Replenish your body with some of the best continental and seasonal dishes available at the restaurants and cafes available within the premises of the peninsula. Delicious breakfasts, variable lunch and dinner menus, and ready-to-go snacks await you here.

Here are the best establishments for enjoying the excellent food at this place:

  • Spa dreaming Center Cafe: The cafe overlooks the serene hot springs of the Peninsula and offers some of the most nourishing food in the region. You can find various fusion dishes here and enjoy your food in the beautiful setting of the place after your Spa treatment. One of the best things about this place is that you are allowed to come to the cafe in your robe and simply enjoy your meal without any constraints. The chefs at the cafe also entertain dietary considerations.
  • Bath House Cafe: The outdoor house cafe is right next to the bathing area and offers a wide selection of light meals and refreshing drinks that you can enjoy after the bath. The cafe also offers freshly ground coffee, if you are craving that. The dishes at this place are relatively simple and focus more on the nutritional value of the food. You can also dine in the picnic area if you feel like it. The gourmet pizzas of the cafe are especially popular, so don't forget to try them if you go here.
  • Bath House Amphitheatre Cafe: Pick anything from a range of healthy dishes at the open-air cafe. The dishes at this place are largely inspired by the slow food movement, which is seasonal, local, organic, and whole foods. The cafe looks over the stage, so you can also enjoy art and entertainment shows while eating here.
  • Bath House Picnic Areas: If you want to enjoy a relaxing picnic with your family at the Peninsula, you are in luck. The picnic areas are family-friendly and extremely comfy. There is plenty of lawn space, with picnic seating areas, tables and coastal gardens all around. The view is simply indescribable, and the whole experience is unforgettable.
  • Coffee Hut: If you want to enjoy a selection of chai teas and hot coffee that is freshly brewed, this is the place to be at. The selection of caffeine drinks here acts perfectly as a pick-me-up after your treatment at the spa.

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Wellness Experiences

Wellness Experiences

The whole idea of the Peninsula is focused on wellness, and they offer several wellness retreats and workshops to promote the same. Here are the wellness experience options available here:

Wellness programs for groups: If you are planning a wellness retreat for your office or employees, this is the best option for you. The group packages are available as private experiences, guides packages, and exclusive packages as well. Just pick the one that best suits your needs and relax, literally.

Wellness activities: For the ultimate well-being of the body and to promote mindfulness, several activities are arranged for guests to participate in. These include: fire, ice and bathe, body clay and bathe, yoga and bathe, pilates and bathe, hot springs yoga, warm water exercises, etc.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Peninsula Hot Springs FAQs

How long can I stay at Peninsula Hot Springs?

You can stay here as long as you like after your arrival. Even after your booking time has run out, you can stay at the place until closing hours and enjoy their endless bathing experiences at your leisure.

Will all experiences be open during my visit?

No, it is not guaranteed that all the experiences will be open during your visit. The Peninsula has over 70 bathing experiences, and due to the sheer size and popularity of this place, some of them may need to be closed for maintenance or because of full capacity. As a result, some experiences may be temporarily unavailable during your visit. You can check out the full list of the services available during your visit on the website of the Peninsula.

What is the difference between the Bath House and the Spa Dreaming Centre?

It is true that the waters in both the spa and the baths are filled with mineral rich, geothermal water, there are certain differences between the two areas. The most important of them is that the Bath House is open to all ages. Every structure within this area, including the 50 hot springs, two cafes and picnic are suitable for people of all ages. On the other hand, the Spa Dreaming center and all the areas inside it, like the private and communal bathing options, spa treatments, cafes etc are reserved for adults only. This means that anyone under the age of 16 is not allowed here.

Can I pay for my visit upon arrival?

Yes, you can pay for your visit when you arrive. However, it is not recommended because of two reasons: one, the establishment charges 10% extra on all bookings made on the same day, whether they are done online or at reception. On the other hand, the Peninsula gets quite full quickly, so you may not be able to get all the services you desire if you book on arrival.

Are children allowed in the hot springs?

Yes, the Bath House, along with its 50 hot springs, cafes, hilltop pool, and other areas is open to children. Guests of all ages are welcome to try these facilities. However, it should be noted that the bathing gully and hilltop pool are open to children only until 10 am. After 10 am, they are reserved for older adults. Additionally, children are also not allowed in the Spa Dreaming Center.

Do you have bathing areas that are adults only?

Yes, the Spa Dreaming Center area of Peninsula Hot Springs is reserved for adults only. You can have social bathing experiences, private bathing experiences, and enjoy the indoor and outdoor sanctuaries without any interruptions from children. It should also be noted that the bathing gully and hilltop pool are adults only after 10 am, every day.

Do you offer private bathing?

Yes, there are several private bathing experiences available at the Bath House as well as the Spa Dreaming Center. You can book the ultimate private bathing experience of 45 minutes that will allow you to enjoy bathing in a secluded private indoor or outdoor bath.

Can I stay at Peninsula Hot Springs?

Peninsula Hot Springs does not have any accommodation options right now, but there are several hotels nearby that partner with the establishment and you can easily get a room there.

Are towels and robes available at the hot springs?

If you have a booking at Spa Dreaming Center, you will get towels and robes with your package free of cost. However, guests who have booked an experience at the Bath House will have to hire them for an additional cost.

Do you have wi-fi?

Yes, there is wifi at Peninsula Hot Springs, but the hotspot is only reachable at the entry of the establishment, between the reception areas of Spa Dreaming Center and Bath House.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

You can bring your own food to Peninsula Hot Springs and enjoy it at the picnic areas available within the Bath House. There are several seating and tables here, so you are free to enjoy your food. However, alcohol and glassware is not permitted here, so you can bring any drinks in this area.

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