Eureka Tower Melbourne, Melbourne: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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About Eureka Tower Melbourne

All great cities in the world have a great icon. And that icon is a point of recognition for it. And that’s what Eureka Tower is for Melbourne. It is a glistening, urban skyscraper in the modern, cosmopolitan city of Melbourne. It was named after the Eureka Stockade, which was a rebellion during the Victorian gold rush in 1854 and it is one of the famous places to visit in Melbourne.

The Eureka Tower is more than just a tall building, it is a popular tourist spot. The tower stands tall at 297 meters (975 ft.). The building is gold plated and is next to the Yarra River, in the center of the Southbank precinct. The top 10 floors have 24 carat (99.9%) gold plated glass windows. There is a constant system of pumps moving water between the two 300,000 liter tanks so it can beat the wind-induced oscillations.

What makes this a very popular spot for tourists is the amazing view from the Eureka Towers. From the top floors, one can get unrivaled views. This also happens to be the highest observation tower in the Southern Hemisphere. There are a whole lot of things that you can do here. In fact, the towers also have a range of activities available for everyone from kids to adults. There are interactive games, one can dine here and also do some shopping.

These towers are more than just a tourist spot. You get to experience going up at a speed -- quite enthralling. Plus, there’s something very soothing about being at a spectacular height. It still remains to be the third tallest building in Australia, with the Q1 in Queensland and Australia 108 leading the way.

How to Reach Eureka Tower Melbourne

Easy accessibility from the Melbourne airport makes visiting the Eureka Towers a simple affair. In fact, the tower is just about 23 km from the Melbourne Tullamarine Airport. 

- Taxi: One can either reach the building via a cab or taxi. There are airport shuttles and sky-bus available too. This takes about 20-40 minutes, as per the traffic. Just get the CityLink pass to drive privately. If you are using a local transport mode, you just have to pay for the toll and make your way to the tower.

- Bus: Alternatively, there are also public buses ferrying too and fro, which can take up to 70 minutes. You can directly access the tower via the Tullamarine Freeway.

Best Time to Visit Eureka Tower Melbourne

Ideally the best time to visit the tower would be right around sunset or about 5:00 PM. One can visit early in the evening and stay till night time. This way you can get the best of both worlds — see the sunset and enjoy the glistening skylight of the city too.

Ideally the Spring/ Summer time would be ideal to visit Australia. Do keep in mind that the winters in the Southern Hemisphere are not the same as ours. In fact, in the months of September to February are suggested to visit the area. The temperatures are not very high or low during this period and you can get a clearer view of the surroundings from the tower.

What Not to Miss at Eureka Tower Melbourne

There are umpteen experiences awaiting you at the Eureka Towers. You can indulge in any of these activities and spend many interesting hours at the tower. Some of these are:

1. Eureka Skydeck

- The major attraction of this tower is the 88th floor. At the height of about 285 meters above sea level, is the Eureka Skydeck. This deck gives a breathtaking view of Melbourne and is regarded as one of the most visited observation decks in the world. You also get free WIFI, a small kiosk that includes sandwiches and hot drinks and seating options.

- While on the 88th floor don’t forget to enjoy the finest views that include Albert Park Lake, Port Phillip Bay, the Dandenong Ranges and so much more. You can access about 30 viewfinders around the Skydeck. You can see classic landmarks and other attractions like the MCG, Federation Square and Flinders Street Station.

- Enjoy the elevator ride too. Though short it covers 9 meters per second. On the whole, it takes 38 seconds from the ground to level 88.

2. The Edge

- There is a $12 adult fee and $8 children fee to enter The Edge. In this indoor activity you can suspend almost 300 meters in a glass cube from the 88th floor of Melbourne’s glass tower. The Edge is a cube that protrudes outside and is made of glass walls along with the ceiling and floor — all to give you just the view you seek.

3. VR Plank Experience

- Make the most of Eureka Skydeck’s VR Experience and get over the fear of heights. All of this is possible with the comfort of a digital headset. You can enjoy the Skydeck Plank as you try balancing on a plank. VR helps to simulate a treacherous balancing act. You can make your way back to the wooden beam and feel strong winds — thanks to illusion. The challenge is available for $10.

4. Shopping

- Why leave out shopping when you are so high above sea-level. There is a souvenir shop which is apparently the highest in the Southern Hemisphere. You can pick mementos and gifts for your loved ones from here.

5. Propose

- Have a romantic adventure and propose to your loved one. Post sunset, Eureka Skydeck is just the right place to propose to your loved ones. With the dazzling and lit up skyline behind you, this is the perfect backdrop to propose to your partner. 

- You can get the Gold Package here too, which includes Skydeck entry and Edge for two and get to propose privately. You also get a couple of complimentary photos and the entire package is about $119.

6. Sights and Sounds

- The Sights and Sounds experience adds a sonic dimension to our experience on the visual Skydeck. You get the best of the sights along with a composed, triggered soundscape. 

- This composed soundscape adds to the sights for different landmarks like the roar of Formula 1 race car engines.

- The ceiling over here is also constructed with a unique ‘blade’ system. It mimics the appearance of the changing sky. The complete experience comes with lightning, clouding and even thunderstorm effects.

7. Enjoy delicacies

- Along with the visual treat you also get to enjoy some great drinks and food in the kiosk. There are ice-creams, hot drinks, boutique beer and wine and so much more on offer.

8. Suns & stars package

- This is a double package that entitles you to maximize on the sights visible from the Eureka Skydeck. So you can make a visit both day and night thanks to the Sun and Stars two-visit package.

- You can simply upgrade your regular ticket at $5.50 per person or $16.00 for a family.

- It can be either used on the same day or you can cover two consecutive days and make the most of the dual viewing experience and get to see the morning and night views from here.

9. Check for new events

- There is something always happening at the Eureka Towers. Before booking your tickets make sure you check for the happening events and promos. This will help you to add some more fun to your itinerary. 

10. Dining and bar at Eureka Skydeck

- Dining at Eureka 89, which is on the top floor of Eureka Tower is a truly memorable experience. 

- The restaurant offers a 5 or 7 course degustation menu. They have seating for tables of 2 and also for bigger groups of up to 24. You can book in advance from Monday to Saturday evenings. There is also a selected Sunday lunch available.

- Eureka 89 is available for both private and corporate events. One can celebrate a wedding or special occasion here too.

- There are special events and galas throughout the year too. For example, there is a special menu for the Chinese New Year and romantic dining available for Valentine’s Day.

- A vegetarian menu is available too.

- Reservations are advised because there is prepayment required. This will prevent disappointment and ensure you get a good table and enjoy the experience.

- The bookings for dining are available up to 4 weeks in advance. So if you are planning on dining here, do the needful.

Options include:

1. 5 courses – $120 food only / $180 food & matching wines
2. 7 courses – $160 food only / $245 food & matching wines
3. Friday & Saturday offers the 7 course menu only
4. $160 food only / $245 food & matching wines

The bar

- The bar at Eureka 89 includes a $50 beverage credit that can be used for a choice of beverages like cocktails, whisky, etc.

- Online booking is available from 5:30pm to 7:30pm or 7:45pm – 9:45pm.

- Along with Eureka 89 the kiosk available also has food and drinks option.

Places to Visit Near Eureka Tower 

There are many activities near the Eureka Towers that you should add to your list. This includes:

1. Walk along the river:
Enjoy a leisurely walk along the River Yarra. There are many small cafes here too so you can sit and enjoy the view of the river and take a break from all that sightseeing.

2. The Foodies Bucket List Melbourne Walking Tour:
Tantalize your taste buds by exploring and experiencing the great foodie delights of Melbourne. The fabulous food scene available via Melbourne's 'Foodie Bucket List Tour’ which takes you through the rich history of the city’s food.

3. Chocoholic tour:
You cannot have a food tour and not eat dessert. Follow up the food tour with a chocolate sharing experience that has been popular in Melbourne since 1995. Here you can taste a world of chocolate and make the most of the taste. Even your morning/afternoon tea is included.

4. The Australian Ballet:
You cannot miss The Australian Ballet. Their shows inspire audiences and are a delight, especially the power of the performances. It remains to be one of the prominent premier ballet companies across the globe. They have delivered extraordinary performances in the last five decades.

5. Hamer Hall:
Hamer Hall is regarded as Australia's regal, multi-level concert venue. This building is also the host to a variety of performances across the year. It is the home to many of the biggest shows and concerts here which includes a list of national and international artists. This is also the home to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Over the years, it has been a preferred Melbourne performance venue for the Australian Chamber Orchestra. It opened in1982.

6. Visit National Gallery of Victoria:
The National Gallery of Victoria or NGV remains to be the oldest gallery in Australia. It is also one of the most visited ones. The gallery spreads over two buildings which are known as NGV International and NGV Australia. There are more than 40 exhibitions going on here annually along with  major international blockbusters.

7. Immigration Museum:
If you want to take a peak at Australia's history and culture, then the Immigration Museum is the place to be. It will give you a deep insight about the history of this city. You can explore stories of people who immigrated here across the centuries. The museum is located in the Old Customs House in the heart of the city.

Other Essential Information About Eureka Tower Melbourne

- Location:
Southbank precinct of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

- Timings: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM (last entry is at 9.30 PM)

- Entry fee:
$25 (Australian) for adults. Concessions are available for kids, family, packages, etc. Children under the age of four years are allowed for free. You can get your tickets booked in advance and they would be emailed to you. One has the option to carry a hard copy or print out or even use your smartphone. You will also need proof for your age and identity.

Tips for Visiting Eureka Tower 

Want to visit Eureka Towers and make the visit worthwhile? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Plan and buy tickets in advance.

2. If possible avoid holidays or weekends when it is likely to be more crowded.

3. Reach on time to make the best of the views.

4. Plan the activities and time you want to spend in the tower.

5. Don’t forget your camera, identification proof and copy of the tickets.

6. Just enjoy and forget about the time for a bit. Make the most of this view and sit and relax for a while.
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People Also Ask About Eureka Tower Melbourne

  1. How long does it take to get to the top of the Eureka Tower?

    The total time taken to reach the top of the Eureka Tower is just 38 seconds. This is the Southern Hemisphere’s fastest lifts. It will get you to the 88th floor Skydeck. However, you should keep in mind that the queue can be long. So try to get in early to avoid long queues.
  2. How many floors are there in Eureka Tower?

    Eureka tower has 91 floors, which also includes a plus one underground. There are 84 floors of apartments. In the tower, floors 82 to 87 are known as Summit Levels. These comprise of only one apartment per floor. The top floors including level 88 and 89 include an observation deck, communication rooms and balcony which is on the 90th floor. There are water tanks on 90 and 91.
  3. How many stairs are there in Eureka Tower?

    There are 1,642 stairs that go up to Level 88, which is the Eureka Skydeck. The 88th floor houses the Eureka Skydeck, which is the tallest public vantage point (285m) in the southern hemisphere! There is an option to register for climbing these stairs. If you are fit and in good shape, you can also take their virtual stair climb challenge. It is possible to register for multiple climbs too.
  4. Can adults go to Eureka Tower?

    Yes, the Eureka Tower is open for adults and children alike. However, there are restrictions on children from entering the bar. Similarly, there are some activities which are available especially for children. For adults there are a plethora of options available. However, tickets for adults are priced higher.
  5. Is the Skydeck free?

    Yes, there is a general admission ticket required to visit the Eureka Tower Skydeck 88. There are some packages where the entry comes free like the Melbourne Flexi or Attraction city pass cards. However, you need to pay separately for entering The Edge. The tickets to the deck are often available on discounts and can be booked in advance. One can get following valid concessions as per the Student Photo ID, Seniors (proof of age required), Health Care Card, etc.

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