Pushkar Lake Overview

Surrounded by more than fifty bathing ghats, this lake is located in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan. Legend has it that Lord Brahma was looking for a place to conduct a religious ceremony. He dropped a lotus to guide him. The lotus fell on the site which is now the Pushkar Lake.

It is a sacred water body for Hindus and is where the Pushkar Fair is held. Thousands of pilgrims visit here to take a holy dip during the fair which is said to cleanse sins. The lake is generally full through the year and has different varieties of fish. The surrounding regions are home to exotic flora and fauna. Numerous migratory birds visit the water body during certain seasons. Surrounded by good hotels and resorts, you are never short of accommodation facilities when here.

Set amidst beautiful hills, the lake is one of the main tourist attractions of Rajasthan. These hills are where the Saint Agasthya's cave is, which is amongst the intriguing places to see in Pushkar. It is believed that in these adjoining hills, this great saint meditated for good part of his life.

Pushkar Lake is located in the sacred town of Pushkar in Ajmer district of Rajasthan. As per the Hindu scriptures, it is the “Tirtha Raj”- the king of pilgrimage sites related to a water-body. Pushkar also houses the most prominent temple of Brahma. The shimmering water of the lake, reflecting the clear sky and majestic hills, is a beautiful sight. Tranquil Pushkar Lake enriches the soul on a Rajasthan tour.

The beautiful lake is surrounded by hills on three sides and overlooking vast desert on the fourth. The surrounding hills are home to many interesting sites like the “Agasthya” caves in snake mountain. According to the legends, the water of the lake holds special powers and a dip in the lake can wash away sins accumulated over 100 years. 

What makes this beautiful lake even more magnificent is the presence of over 500 Hindu temples around the lake. Fifty-two bathing ghats surround the lake where devotees take sacred dips that are said to cleanse the soul of worldly sins.

The name “Pushkar” is especially famous because of the grand Pushkar Fair that is held in Pushkar around Kartik Poornima( In the months of October-November). The auspicious event draws thousands and thousands of devotees every year who come to the lake to seek salvation. The lake drains a catchment of the Aravalli hills and is rich in fish and other aquatic life.

Location: Pushkar, Rajasthan

Timings: No restrictions on timings

Entry fee: Free entry

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How To Reach

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There are two bus stations in Pushkar. One is the Ajmer bus station which is about 11 km east of Pushkar town and connects Pushkar to significant tourist locations around like Ajmer, Indore and Jaipur. The other is Marwar bus stand which is in the north of Pushkar and links to places like Jodhpur, Bikaner and Delhi.

You can travel in local conveyance like Rickshaws and taxis to reach the Pushkar lake from the bus station. You can also hop on shared autos from the station for a cheaper ride. City buses are also available to the lake.

Best Time To Visit

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The best time to bask in the splendor of the beautiful Pushkar lake is from November to March. The town of Pushkar has a dry and hot climate with extreme summers and winters. During the months of November-March, the weather is halcyon, and you can fully enjoy your trip. Days are cool and chilly winds blow over the town during the night.

At night and early in the morning, the water of the lake can be freezing. The vibrant culture and festivities of Pushkar stay throughout the year. During the Kartik Poornima which falls in October-November, you can also witness the grandeur and spiritual augustness of the Pushkar Fair near the lake. You can also enjoy the day-long safaris in the desert.

Other Essential Information

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- Location: Pushkar lake is situated in Pushkar, in Ajmer City of the state of Rajasthan, 305001

- Timings: The lake is open to visitors from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. One can visit the lake for a total duration of 3 hours. 

- Distance from Pushkar bus stand: The distance between Pushkar lake and Pushkar bus stand is about 800 m. It takes around eleven minutes to reach the lake walking from the Pushkar bus stand.

History of Pushkar Lake

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The lake boasts of a rich cultural and religious history. It finds mention in years old sacred Hindu texts. The lake is primarily associated with Brahma. The legend has it that when Lord Brahma killed Asura Vajranabha, three petals fell off his divine lotus flower and fell at three parts.

In every part, a spring was created in their place, which is known as Pushkar. According to the legend, later Brahma is also performed Yagna at the site. However, at the end of Yagna, Brahma’s wife inflicted a curse on him that people will only worship him at this place.

The archaeological dating of the lake suggests it existed even in the 4th century. It also finds mention in other historical sources- like inscriptions on Sanchi pillars and records of foreign travellers. The lake saw a down period during Mughal reign but later regained its glory and prestige as an important Hindu pilgrimage site.

Significance of Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake is held in high historical and cultural regard in Ajmer. It is an important heritage site for the followers of the Hindu religion. The place is mostly used for religious practices. The water of the lake is sacred to pilgrims coming from all over India to take a bath in the lake. Being surrounded by 500 temples and 52 holy ghats, the lake is revered for its sanctity and high religious value.

The Pushkar lake is known for a unique tradition. On the evening of the full moon night known as ‘Kartik Poornima’ during the October to November transition duration (month of Kartik according to Hindu calendar),  taking a bath in the lake is considered to be especially significant. 

It is believed that all the sins and misgivings of a person are washed away in the lake water on this occasion. Also, the lake is considered auspicious because the sacred temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman and Lord Krishna are located nearby. 

Ghats at Pushkar Lake

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Fifty-two bathing ghats brimming with sacred water surround the Pushkar lake. Various temples and places of worship adorn most ghats at Pushkar lake. Ten of these ghats that have other ghats linked to them have been deemed ‘Monuments of National Importance.`` The names of these ghats are Saptarishi Ghats, Gwalior Ghat, Varaha Ghat, Dadhich Ghat, Kota Ghat, Gau ghat, Yag Ghat, Karni Ghat, and Gangaur Ghat.

Because of the rare belief of local people that the water around each ghat has a curative property, the ghats attract numerous people from all over the world. These beliefs come from the stories and folklore surrounding the ghats. These stories are also often the source of the names of these ghats. For instance, the Varaha Ghat is named so because Lord Vishnu emerged out of its waters as a boar, the Brahma Ghat is named so because it is believed that Lord Brahma bathed in it.

The Ghats are visited by many people; hence, there is a specific set of rules that need to be followed while exploring them. These rules include being respectful to all rituals, beliefs and sages in the vicinity, and remaining barefoot while on the ghats. One is expected to follow these rules to maintain the religious sanctity of the ghats.

Pushkar Fair at Pushkar Lake

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The Pushkar fair, also known as ‘Kartik fair’ is an annual livestock festival that takes place on the banks of the Pushkar lake every year. Thousands of folks rush to the lakeside on this occasion to witness the numerous cultural events that take place during this day.

These events include tug of war competition, longest moustache contests, pot-shattering ('matki phod') contest, a bridal contest among many others. The lake bustles with happiness, laughter and energy during this day as it gets flooded by religious and cultural enthusiasts.

Livestock is at the centre of this festival. The festival is famous not only do the traders showcase and exchange their livestock including camels, cows, goats, horses, but also because of the camel races one gets to see. The festival is started with a camel parade where camels decorated with the rural handlooms, textiles and jewellery are sold later in the festival.

Places to Stay Near Pushkar Lake

 1. Pushkar Lake Palace 
Located near Brahma Ghat, Badi Basti in Pushkar, this beautiful, pet-friendly restaurant offers a mesmerising view of the Pushkar Lake. Having extremely homely and cosy rooms and impressive interiors, this 2-star hotel provides guests with free wifi, free parking and free breakfast.

 2. Hotel Kanhaia Haveli
This exquisite 2-star hotel with comfortable rooms decorated with perched balconies is situated at Choti Basti, near Mali Mandir. The hotel is adorned with a roof-top restaurant that serves the most delicious local cuisines. The perks of staying in this hotel include free wifi and free vehicle parking.

 3. Moustache Pushkar
Located at the Brahma temple road, near Narsingh Mandir, this quaint little hotel is jewelled by bewitching interiors inspired by the culture of Rajasthan. With modern air-conditioned rooms and open lawns, this hotel provides guests with free parking and wifi.

 4. Elephant Pushkar
Located at the Main Market, in Badi Basti, this amazing 3-star restaurant is decked with plush interiors, a great restaurant, and a fitness centre. The service provided at this hotel is beyond excellence, and the staff here is extremely polite. The hotel has a unique modern vibe to it that cannot otherwise be matched by other hotels in the vicinity. 

Places to Eat Near Pushkar Lake

1. Cafe Lake View Pushkar

Situated at Sadaf Bazar 187, in Badri Ghat, this little restaurant offers a beautiful view of the Pushkar Lake. Boasting of both international and local cuisines, the restaurant becomes all the better because of its quick service and courteous staff.

 2. Pawan Restaurant

Located at Narsingh Ghat in Choti Basti, this vegetarian restaurant offers a varied range of dishes for the more religiously inclined population of the visitors. Along with its soothing interiors, the restaurant is famous for its low prices and extremely delicious meals.

 3. Raju Terrace Garden Restaurant

This roof-top restaurant located at Main Bazar in Badi Basti offers one the chance to enjoy great views of the Pushkar Lake while eating the most delicious food. This multicuisine restaurant is always vibrant, with live music and bright lights. 

 4. Honey Dew Cafe and Restaurant

This cozy cafe located at Kapra Bazar in Badi Basti offers the best food one can taste here. With the glowing ambience and comfortable furniture, this vegetarian-friendly restaurant is the perfect place to spend your evening in with loved ones. 

Tips Before Visiting Pushkar Lake

- Carry drinking water with you and also put on some sunglasses and a hat for protection against the scorching sun.

- If you’re travelling during day time, wear something light with bright colours. During the night, when the atmosphere gets a little chilly, warm clothes will keep you cosy.

- If you’re planning a camel safari, carry dry food with you since you may have to travel through remotely located villages where won’t find places to eat.

- If you’re carrying your phone with you, remember to take a power bank as well.

- Be prepared for a hike in charges of various packages in the peak season of October-November.

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Pushkar Lake FAQs

What is Pushkar famous for?

Pushkar is most famous for the annual camel fair organised in the months of October-November. The fair features camel trading, folk music, acrobats, and traditional activities. The fair goes on for seven days. Pushkar is also an important pilgrimage site, and thousands of devotees come to Pushkar to worship Brahma and take a holy dip in Pushkar lake. It is a kaleidoscope of colourful Rajasthani culture and heritage. The town has more than 400 temples making it an important religious site. The town has something in store for everyone- from adventurous camel safaris to ultimate destinations for artefact shopping.

How old is Pushkar?

Pushkar is one of the oldest towns of India. It finds mention in Hindu scriptures and coins from the 4th century. It is also a remarkable part of Hindu mythology and religious texts. The temples in Pushkar have origins dating back to hundreds of years ago.

Is Pushkar worth visiting?

Pushkar is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Rajasthan. The Pushkar camel Fair is a world-famous event that draws visitors from all around the world. The town is brimming with sites and activities that will make your visit memorable. From tasting scrumptious local delicacies of Rajasthan to going on a shopping spree in its vibrant bazaars, Pushkar is once in a lifetime experience. A visit to this sacred town will fill you with immense positive aura and lingering calmness.

How far is Pushkar from Ajmer?

Ajmer is a famous tourist location near Pushkar. It is at a distance of 15 km from the town of Pushkar. It takes half an hour of drive to reach Ajmer from Pushkar. You can board state transport buses from Ajmer bus station in Pushkar that leave to Ajmer every 15 minutes. You can also book Ola outstation cabs from Pushkar to visit Ajmer.

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