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Pushkar Tent Stays FAQs

What are the best tent stays options available in Pushkar?

1. Orchard-Tents and Tranquility: The place is set in a rural location amidst orchards of Amla and fields of Roses. They provide comfortable stay, excellent dining and endless entertainment. The tents are luxurious with well-equipped attached bathrooms. The surroundings are maintained by the local people, and they only use organic methods of farming.

You will have a great experience with excursions to nearby towns and villages along with knowledgeable escorts to guide you through the tour. They also provide camel carts to take you around if you do not wish to walk. A lot of indoor and outdoor activities are also arranged accompanied by recreational activities, walking tours and cycling tours.

2. Rawai Luxury Tents: Rawai Luxury Tents redefines luxury. The accommodation is equipped with any sort of privilege you deserve. The rooms have a king-size bed, a seating arrangement of a table and two chairs, wide windows with nets for protection from mosquitoes and other insects, lamps on the ceiling and nicely furnished attached bathroom.

You also get a seating area just outside your tent where you can cherish the atmosphere of the place. There will be an amalgam of art, Indian Classical music, royal safaris on jeep or camel and adventure activities where you can engage yourself. Moreover, events and workshops can be organised on request. With that, they also have a travel desk for arranging trips for you to explore Pushkar and its culture.

3. Royal Pushkar Camps: Royal Pushkar Camps strives to create a traditional Indian environment. You will have well-furnished tents decorated with Rajasthani touch of block printing and authentic Rajasthani style furniture. There will also be attached bathrooms with all the facilities needed.

Excellently delicious food is also served by the friendly and trained staff. 24/7 room service and a travel desk is also available. They can arrange tours to different parts of Pushkar like Pushkar Mela, Brahma Temple, Pushkar Lake, Vishnu Temple, Savitri Mandir, Maa Durga Shakti Mandir. With that, you also get camel safari in the golden desert. At night there is a campfire and a show of folk music and dance for you to enjoy.

4. Royal Desert Camp: Royal Desert Camp is elegantly designed to take you to the old times of the 17th century, when Mughlai rulers erected their tents during hunting and wars. They are insanely royal with every facility you can ever need. The tents are spacious with king-sized beds and an attached bathroom.

The view from your tent is of the sun rising through the vast horizon of the desert sprinkled with sand dunes to actually transcend you to the good times with no civilisation. The interiors are also no less than that of exteriors, the tents have customised block prints with dramatic lamps to make you feel at vacation from the present effectively. 

5. Royal Tent Pushkar: Royal Tent Pushkar have modern tent house style which stands amidst mystical desert. The tents have large beds with a coffee table and chairs along with an attached bathroom. You also get the service of daily housekeeping to keep your accommodation neat and tidy.

The place is quite close to Desert hill, Pushkar Valley View Point and Chandawat Camel Safari. You can customise your tours to the mentioned and nearby places with the help of the travel desk. A guided tour will introduce you to the tradition and beauty of the place.

What sort of tents will be there in Pushkar?

There are a lot of types of tent stays in Pushkar which ranges from Swiss tents, Egyptian tents, traditional styled tents and safari-style tents. You can find the perfect accommodation for your vacation and get every facility in each type of tents.

Each accommodation has a large bed with a seating area consisting of a table and two chairs. There will also be a fully furnished attached bathroom to look after all your needs.

Will food and safe drinking water be provided during tents in Pushkar?

Yes. Good food and safe drinking water will be provided during a tent stay in Pushkar. There would be different options in various tent stays. Some packages have food included in the price whereas you will have to order food at some camps.

However, there could be possibilities of having less than 3 meals a day. For example, breakfast and dinner will be provided to you and lunch should be bought on your own or any other combination. You can expect traditional Rajasthani and North Indian food. Some places have options for barbeque too.

Can we stay in tents during the monsoon?

No, you can not stay in tents during the monsoon. Even if the tents are nicely waterproofed, there are high chances of moisture seeping into your tents.

The situation can get worse in heavy rainfall. Adding to that, tent stays offer packages from September to March, and you will not find any deals at various campsites in monsoon.

Is it safe for a solo female to stay in tents in Pushkar?

Yes. It is absolutely safe for any solo traveller to stay in Pushkar Tents. The trip organisers make sure to give packages with excellent and renowned campsites where anyone can stay without any risk. But, at odd hours it is always advisable to have a trusted company with you.

Can we smoke/drink in tents in Pushkar?

Smoking and drinking in tents in Pushkar totally depend upon the policies of the tent stays, offering you the package. It is suggested to confirm it before you book a visit if it is that important to you. You can also enquire if the stay serves alcohol because some tent-stays might have bars or directly serve alcohol on their premises.

How is the general climate in Pushkar?

General climate of Pushkar is from hot to pleasant. In summers, the average temperature can go as low as 25 °C and as high as 45 °C. Whereas in winters, you can expect an average temperature from 8 °C to 22 °C.

However, you should keep in mind that even if the days are hot, the nights can get quite chilly. So, do keep something to cover yourself if roaming at night. Lastly, Pushkar receives good rainfall in monsoon and the season begins from July and ends in the middle of September.

Where is Pushkar located? How can I reach there?

Pushkar is a small hilly town located near Ajmer in Rajasthan. The distance from Ajmer to Pushkar is of about 10 KM and 150 KM from the capital of Rajasthan Jaipur.

By Air: Kishangarh Airport is the nearest airport from Pushkar, and you can quickly get local transport or paid taxi service from there to Pushkar.

By Train: Ajmer junction, Pushkar Terminus and Budha Pushkar Halt are three of the railway stations near Pushkar. You will find a lot of trains till Ajmer Junction as being a major station. However, you can also try finding a train to the other halts too.

By Road: Pushkar is very well connected to the other parts of India via road. If you are travelling by bus, then you can find direct buses to Pushkar. But in case you do not get a direct bus till here, it is suggested to book your ride till Ajmer and then catch local transport till Pushkar.

What sort of toilet facility will be in tents in Pushkar?

Tents in Pushkar have well-equipped toilet facilities. You will get an attached bathroom to your tent. The bathroom will have Indian or Western toilets with cold and hot water running 24/7.

With excellent room service, they will be cleaned and maintained at proper times. Moreover, you will also get useful toiletries to fulfil your needs.

What is the approx cost of tent stays in Pushkar?

4,000 to 14,000 INR is the approx cost for tent stays in Pushkar. The price could fluctuate according to the duration of your stay, choice of accommodation, season and demand of the place.

You will get comfortable accommodation along with an attached bathroom with a facility for engaging yourself in a lot of activities. It is suggested for you to check the inclusion and exclusion of the meals and tours during your stay.

When is the best time to visit Pushkar?

The months from November to March is the best time to visit Pushkar. It is the time when there would be no rainfall, and you will be able to enjoy your stay in tents comfortably.

With that, these months would not be scorching hot, and you will be able to commute easily. Moreover, November is the month when the most famous Pushkar Fair is held in the town.

What sort of food will be there in tents? Will there be barbeque as well?

Mostly Rajasthani and North Indian food will be available in the tents. You can expect a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes from these cultures. But if you wish, you can also search for the tents serving South Indians and other continental cuisines.

And yes, there will be a multi-cuisine barbeque options in a lot of stays. However, it is suggested to confirm it before you book. held in the town.

What sort of clothes are preferable to be worn?

Cotton clothes are most preferable to be worn in Pushkar. Pushkar is a desert area, and so it will have hot weather in the day time. It is highly suggested to wear cotton fabrics paired with sunglasses, hats and scarves to protect you from the sun.

However, you should also keep in mind that nights become quite chilly in these areas. If you expect your day out to extend till night, then make sure to carry some warm clothing to cover you up.

How to deal with any insects, animals or bad weather we might face?

Insects: You can look for the tents which have nets on their windows and doors. Moreover, you can use ointment which repels the insects and if possible, then cover yourself entirely with clothes.

Animals: Animals could be tricky to handle, so make sure to stay with your guide and follow every instruction you get. If alone, then try staying inside the tent or come out only in groups.

Bad Weather: Monsoon months could be avoided by travelling. If it could not be avoided, then you must carry an umbrella and a raincoat to protect yourself from rain. For summers it is advisable to cover your head with a cap or scarf. And lastly, winters need a layer of warm clothing to protect you from the cold.

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