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Which are the best camping sites available in Pushkar?

Camping in one of the oldest cities of India – Pushkar – is never complete without sandy desert rides on a camel top and engaging in melodious Rajasthani music and artistic cultural shows. Here are some ace options with the most attractive deals that would make your Pushkar camping memorable.

1. Rajasthan Royal Desert Camp: To experience a luxurious and delightful night stay in Pushkar in a natural environment, you have to book a reservation in this camp. Located a bit far away from the mainland Pushkar, the field is at the edge of the Rajasthan desert area, where you can cradle on the warm lap of mother nature.

This Pushkar camping resort offers highly decorated and furnished tents and cottages with air conditioning facilities and soothing environment.

Price: Price deals start from 14,100 INR/Night for a room which can be shared by two persons.

2. Orchard Camp: The Orchard camp built in the village of Ganaghera in Pushkar is a perfect romantic stop to hangout. Rightly named as Orchard, the resort lays in the middle of an alluring rose-filled garden and many other greeneries.

Set so close to the open area where Camel fair is held each year. This eco-camp is also famous for its hospitality, music shows and excellent dining facilities.

Price: Price deals start from 7,000 INR/Night for a twin bedroom, and many attractive bulk packages are also available in all seasons.

3. Camp Bliss, Pushkar: Camping in Pushkar is never complete without a camel ride. Your Pushkar camping experience can be enlightened within a single day stay at Camp Bliss. Bounded by native Amla orchards, the camp provides the perfect mixture of luxury, comfort, supportive staffs and adventurous camel trips.

There are many tourist attractions around the place, and it’s an enchanted place to plan your first camping.

Price: Attractive price deals are available, ranging from 7500 INR /Night for two persons.

4. Pushkar Exotic Nature Camp: With a blend of Camel and Jeep safaris, the Exotic Nature Camp takes your experience of camping in Pushkar to the next level. Delicious Rajasthani cuisines and meditation classes are bonuses to your touring package.

The camp organizes bonfire by late evenings where the visitors will gather around and entertain themselves with activities like singing and dancing to their favorite tunes.

Price: Many affordable budget plans for camping is available in this desert resort, and deals start from 4000 INR/ Night stay.

5. Atithi Camp: A little far from the Pushkar lake, this camping site lies 400 m away from the famous Brahma temple. Serving the clients with a big smile, you will be amazed by the gesture and hospitality of the hotel staff.

The tents here are built reflecting Mugal designs on the interiors. The resort also features excellent toiletries and bathroom facilities attached to every tent unit.

Mustard fields surround the camp and camel rides are also available around the locale. The best time to visit this camp is during the early monsoons, right in time for the Brahma temple festival.

Price: Deals start from 8000 INR/Night for a family of 4. Prices may vary depending on festive seasons.

When is the best time to do camping in Pushkar?

Pushkar is a land of dreams, and the town stays lit on all days of the year. The best time for Pushkar camps is between October and March, in the winter season. With a horde of crowd and devotees bugging around the holy town focused on the Brahma temple festival, months of October and November is the time to set your booking plan for camping.

Summer kicks in Pushkar by late March and lasts till June. These are typical hot days in Rajasthan with the heat spiking over 45° C. Many don't prefer visiting this off-season period.

Monsoons cools the hot land with decent rainfall making the temperature dropped to a record low of 15 °C and a maximum of 31°C. The area receives decent rainfall, but this season between June and October still doesn’t attract tourists making it an off-season for camping at Pushkar but displays the completely different tranquillity of the desert valley.

Can we do camping in Pushkar in the monsoon?

Monsoon starts in Puskar by end of July and prevails till October. With very few visitors on board, this time span is generally referred as offseason in the terrain. However, You can still enjoy the fresh air that the breeze swivels in hot-broiled Pushkar.

Fresh greeneries can also be spotted across the valleys of Puskar lake. Festivals like Teej, Kajli Teej and Abhaneri Festival, occur during these months radiating the traditions and culture of the locale. Therefore, it is not only possible to do camping during this season in Pushkar, but you may even find it more enjoyable than the usual fanfare seen in tourist season.

Is it safe for a solo female to go camping in Pushkar?

Pushkar camping as a solo female is not an easy task. The person has to be brave and careful of their surroundings. Even after tightening security with the help of local cops, occasionally some cases of attacks and theft on foreign visitors are recorded.

Hence, we strongly recommend you not to engage in talking with strangers who hover around. Always inform the camp manager or the in-charge staff before leaving your room if you prefer for a long night's walk. Keep yourself in check under network coverage areas to make sure that you can inform your emergency contact in case of an ambush attack or if you were lost.

Is it worth visiting Pushkar for Camping?

If you are a lover for camping with family, then Pushkar camping is the right place for you. Profused with many iconic landmarks and chilling spots, this small town of Rajasthan is the right place to fit in for seekers who are interested in Hindu shrines, lake views, dessert rides and festive celebrations.

Also, full moon night camping is a unique option, and you will have dozens of other sightseeing options to spend your time.

How is the general climate in Pushkar?

It’s all windy and hot in Pushkar. For instance, Pushkar is less hot when compared to other parts of Rajasthan and also received a considerable amount of rainfall that it preserves its lushes of green valleys. However, at night, the temperature can gradually decrease, resulting in a cold night.

Where is Pushkar located? How can I reach there?

Puskar is located in Ajmer, Rajasthan and borders Thar desert on one side and on the banks of Pushkar river. It is 150 km away from the state capital, Jaipur. The Ajmer railways junction lies at the proximity of just 11 Km from Pushkar terminus rail station.

The town is also well connected with state and national highways making your bus and car travel smoother. If you prefer an air route, book your tickets Sanganer, Jaipur. The airport is linked with major cities of India and is at a distance of 150 km from Pushkar.

What all things I must carry for camping in Pushkar?

The Climate in Puskar is generally hot. Equip yourself with a pair of comfy cotton clothes for the hot day time.

1. To tackle the scorching sun carry sunglasses, sunscreen moisturizers, and a hat.

2. Dehydration can happen easily and so it’s a must to carry sufficient drinking water.

3. Winter night as hot Pushkar can be adversely cold. As a preventive measure carry your sweater and a nice warm blanket too.

4. It is essential to stay with a power and light source in your bags and so add a powerbank and a torchlight to your checklist.

5. The desert plateau is like an open maze. Have a handy navigation compass with you.

6. Finally, an excellent camera to capture candid and lovely moments.

What kind of clothes and equipment should I carry for camping in Pushkar?

Here is our checklist of apparels and Equipment that you should carry to Puskar

- Loose cotton shirts and trousers
- Full sleeves Pyjamas/Nightwear
- Sweater and a blanket
- A pair of shoes
- Polarized sunglasses
- Sunscreens
- Moisturisers
- Hat/Caps
- Bottled drinking water
- Towels and wet wipes
- Navigation compass
- A capacious fanny pack and backpack
- First aid kid with all emergency medicines
- Camera/Camcorders
- Lip balm
- Torchlight
- Powerbank and charging cables
- Lighter and Matchsticks
- Mosquito repellent

What is the approx cost of camping in Pushkar?

Compared to other tourist attractions of Rajasthan, the cost of camping at Pushkar is considerably high due to the presence of tourists all around the year.

The average costing of Pushkar camping will range from 4000 – 8000 INR for two persons a night and at times would hit an extreme of 15000 INR during festive seasons. Prior planning and booking your seats in the Pushkar camps would drastically save your pockets.

What sort of camps will be there in Pushkar?

Camps in Pushkar offer a mixture of services according to the budget segregated for your travel. You can book luxurious desert camps that cater to camel rides and jeep safaris, or greenies bounded camps revealing the beauty of Aravalli hills and Pushkar lake. 

There are also comprehensive camping packages by some reputed resorts to enjoy sightseeing during festive times.

What kind of sleeping bags will be there in Pushkar camping?

When the night has come, and the land is dark in Pushkar, you can choose to sleep either outside or inside of your tent after the bonfire celebrations. Under the glistening night sky, you can use the cosy sleeping bags offered by the resort management.

The sleeping bags are made according to the climate and designed for a perfect fit for users with dirt-free maintenance. Most of the hotels offer bed rolls instead of sleeping bags for better comfortability.

Is it safe to do camping in Pushkar?

As mentioned earlier, some cases of theft and attacks on foreigners are recorded by cops over the last few years. Always stay in groups and keep your loved ones informed about your daily routine in camp.

Save and note down the local security channel numbers to contact in case of emergency. Better safe than sorry right?

What sort of food will be there during camping in Pushkar? Will there be a barbeque as well?

Pushkar is sadly not the place for a non-vegetarian. Being the holy shrine of Lord Brahma and the rest house of many devotes, meat is entirely not available in Pushkar. There is a variety of veg meals to try that you will never get to taste in other parts of India.

Camping in Pushkar is not fun without a barbeque night, right? Luckily some of the camps cater a few non-veg meals and multi-cuisine barbeque menu for the food lovers.

What all activities will we do during camping in Pushkar?

Camping in Pushkar is a complete bliss with the all-round activities they offer.

1. Desert safaris on a camelback,
2. Bonfire fun with music and dance
3. Jeep safari in the river valley
4. Hot-air ballooning on the south of Puskar lake.
5. Sightseeing the rich cultural shows and cattle gathering during Pushkar fair
6. Admiring the festive celebrations on pilgrimages.
7. Street food walk and shopping in the local market
8. Zip-lining ride and mountain hiking in Aravalli hills

Pushkar Camping Reviews

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Suma Mehra
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If you want to camp outside, but refuse to compromise on luxury, Rawai might be just the place for you. Their superior tents are located in a lush natural setting. The resort offers a number of exciting adventure tours as well, and we took the village tour with them.
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If you want to camp outside, but refuse to compromise on luxury, Rawai might be just the place for you. Their superior tents are located in a lush natural setting. The resort offers a number of exciting adventure tours as well, and we took the village tour with them.
Yatin Chalhotra
Reviewed: 25 Nov 2019
"very nice experience Full marks to royal pushkar canps "
Yatin Chalhotra
Yatin Chalhotra
Yatin Chalhotra
Chidaakaash Agarwal
Reviewed: 16 Dec 2018
A beautiful location with proper tents and basic amenities. We got the best guides who knew about the place and its importance in detail. They served Rajasthani food and it was very delicious. Jeep safari and camel safari were amazing. Pushkar is really a must visit place. We had a great time with t... Read More
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Chidaakaash Agarwal
Chidaakaash Agarwal
Chidaakaash Agarwal
Chidaakaash Agarwal

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