Pushkar Desert Safari

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Pushkar Desert Safari FAQs

What are the different types of desert safari tours in Pushkar?

a) Camel safari in Pushkar: The most common, affordable yet enjoyable safari in Pushkar is the camel safari in the desert. The one-hour journey takes you to small villages set in the region and allows you to experience the rustic lifestyle of rural Rajasthan. Interact with the locals and watch the glorious sunset against the semi-desert landscape.

Price: Starts at Rs 400 per person

Location: Pushkar village

b) Camping with Camel Safari in Pushkar: The two day, one night tour not just allows you to explore the desert during a camel ride but also to spend a night in the desert under the stars.

After a tiring excursion in the desert to get a glimpse of desert villages, prepare for some exciting performances by artists and lip-smacking local cuisine to end your day on a filling note. Stay at a camp and interact with the locals as well as fellow travellers while enjoying folk music and dance in the evening.

Price: Starts at Rs 3000 per person

Location: Pushkar village

c) Overnight camel safari in Pushkar: One of the most enthralling experiences is exploring the desert under a starry sky. Start your safari before evening and explore the wildlife in the desert as you pass through the rustic villages in the desert.

After exploring the rural regions, bask in the views of the setting Sun and continue riding the camels as it gets dark. Experience camping under the bitingly cold, starry night of the desert and wake up to the mesmerising views of the sunrise. After a delicious breakfast, head to the base as you conclude the tour with unforgettable memories.

Price: Starts at Rs 3300 per person

Location: Pushkar village

d) Sunset Camel safari in Pushkar: The views of the setting Sun is a sight to behold, but imagine experiencing this view from the sand dunes as you take a camel safari in the Thar Desert.

Visit the traditional villages and farms, witness the lifestyle of the locals and interact with them about their routine. Catch a glimpse of shepherds with their herds, or simply immerse yourself in spotting the wildlife. As dusk draws closer, enjoy the spellbinding views of the setting Sun while sipping a hot beverage.

Price: Starts at Rs 700 per person

Location: Pushkar village

e) Adventure Desert Camp: Enjoy serenity by staying in the tents at the Adventure Desert Camp in Pushkar, situated in the great desert to offer you privacy and solace. Take a camel safari in the nearby villages, or simply walk into the nearby villages and interact with the locals to experience their lifestyle.

On the two days, one night tour, enjoy puppet shows and other forms of art by local artists as they entertain you at your campsite. Do not forget to munch on some local cuisine for an authentic cultural experience in the desert.

Price: Starts at Rs 4999 per person

Location: Adventure Desert Camp, Pushkar Village

What is the best time for desert safari in Pushkar?

The best time to go for a desert safari in Pushkar is between the months of October and March, when the temperature is low and the weather is pleasant. The region experiences winter from October to February, making the temperature during the Pushkar desert safari tolerable.

The period between April and July is the hottest as the desert experiences summer and the temperature gets extremely hot. While there is a bleak possibility of rainfall between July and September, the period is also hot and may not be the best time to explore a desert.

How much does the desert safari tickets cost in Pushkar?

While the entry in the desert is free, you will be charged for the various safaris that you take in the desert. The camel safari in Pushkar starts at Rs 400, but the prices may increase during peak seasons and on weekends.

If you wish to explore the desert at night under the glittering moonlight, you may take overnight camel safari which starts at a price of Rs 3300.

What is the suitable dress code for desert safari in Pushkar?

Being a desert region, Pushkar experiences warm temperatures during the day and gets chilling at night, especially in winters. If you are taking a desert safari during the day, it is advisable that you wear light clothes, preferably cotton.

If you want to experience the desert safari during the night, carry warm clothes which will help you against the dipping temperatures after sunset. While these clothes are best suited for desert safari in Pushkar, there is no compulsory dress code for the desert safari.

What are the Do’s and Don’ts for the desert safari?

Tourists from across the country visit Pushkar to explore the fair and the desert, which has made it a popular attraction amongst visitors. However, there are certain things which you must keep in mind during the desert safari in Pushkar. 


1. Wear comfortable clothes which will help you enjoy the safari without inconvenience
2. Interact with the locals to know more about the place and the culture
3. Experience other cultural programmes being held for a wholesome experience


1. Being a tourist destination, Pushkar is full of touts and middlemen looking to earn a quick buck from the visitors. Don’t fall in the trap of any money-making scam, especially for camel rides and other attractions in Pushkar.
2. Do not litter in the desert or harm the animals
3. Being a holy destination, Pushkar promotes appropriate clothing. Dress up keeping in mind the local attire and the culture to ensure you do not offend the sentiments of the locals

What are the timings of the desert safari in Pushkar?

The desert safari can be booked 24/7 round the year in prior or on the spot. However, the ideal time to go for a safari is between 9 AM and 5 PM. If you book an overnight safari, it will start around 4 PM in the evening and conclude early the next morning after the sunset.

You can visit Pushkar any time of the day or night and book a safari as per your convenience as the place is thriving with local safari operators as well as guides, who will help you understand the local lifestyle better during your safari.

What are the facilities provided in the desert safari in Pushkar?

Pushkar safari offers a unique experience of village life and, at the same time, a comfortable stay in the desert during the safari. You will be greeted by local guides who will help you explore the desert during your safari.

For overnight safaris, the facilities of a tent with attached bathrooms are also available in Pushkar. You will also get facilities of camping and power plugs and beds in your camp if you want to explore the local lifestyle comfortably.

From where can we book desert safari packages in Pushkar?

While several tour operators offer safari packages in Pushkar, you can also book your safari online from Thrillophilia to eliminate any unwanted hassles at the last minute. Thrillophilia offers several options of desert safari in Pushkar, horse riding, camping and their adventure activities in the desert. With local expert as your guide, experience the unparalleled essence of Pushkar.

Is this activity safe? What safety precautions are taken?

Pushkar desert safari is safe as it is operated under the expert supervision of the locals after obtaining proper permission from the authority. Moreover, the animals used in safari are trained, reducing the chances of an untoward incident.

The jeep safaris are organised by trained drivers who are accustomed to driving in deserts, and proper safety gear is provided to ensure that no injury is caused to the visitors. Although the locals and tour operators may provide drinking water facilities, it is advisable to carry your own drinking water as it may get hot in the desert.

What are the essential things to carry while going for desert safari in Pushkar?

1. Sufficient amount of drinking water
2. Sunglasses with UV protection
3. Hat to protect yourself from the Sun in the desert
4. Sunscreen to prevent skin tanning
5. Power bank to charge your phone
6. Camera, if you are a photography enthusiast
7. Comfortable shoes to undertake safari in the day
8. Warm clothes to beat the desert cold during winter nights
9. Comfortable shoes which allow you to tread in the sand dunes

What all is included in the desert safari in Pushkar?

A local tour guide will be made available to you during your desert safari. You will also be taken to remote villages in the desert to help you experience the local lifestyle. Additionally, facilities of camping, barbecue, bonfire and tents are made available in the desert, based on your package. Many tents are equipped with attached bathrooms, allowing you to take a breather on a multi-day Pushkar desert safari.

Is it worth visiting Pushkar for a desert safari?

Pushkar is much more than a desert—it offers the visitors a cultural insight into the rustic, old-tradition lifestyle of villages during the desert safari. The sight of the glorious sunset and the energy of the rising sun from the sand dunes of the desert is unmatchable.

Besides, Pushkar offers multiple options for a safari in the desert, allowing you to choose if you would like to go on a camel safari or a jeep safari. Visitors can also avail the facility of horse riding in Pushkar, making it a popular safari destination in India.

Where can someone enjoy desert safari in Pushkar?

Several tour operators offer desert safari in Pushkar by accepting online bookings as well as on-spot booking. You can also reach Pushkar and book your safari in the Great Thar Desert in Pushkar once you reach there.

You can enjoy the safari near the desert camp in Pushkar village, which is 9 km from Pushkar town, surrounded by Aravali Hill ranges.

What is unique about desert safari in Pushkar?

The annual Pushkar Camel Fair, held in November every year, is a treat for photography lovers as well as travel enthusiasts. It is a one of its kind fair in India where people from across the country throng the desert to experience the local lifestyle and culture.

The desert safari in Pushkar is also one of the most exciting ones as it offers options to ride on a camel or even take a safari in a jeep. Activities like horse riding and camping are also available for visitors at Pushkar, making it a popular tourist destination for an offbeat experience.

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