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On the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan, flanked between the Aravalli Mountains, is a hill station Mount Abu amidst the dry desserts of Rajasthan. You can visit this hill station, especially, in summers and enjoy treks and sightseeing in the nearby places. It has temples and depicts a strong Hindu and Jain culture from the ancient times. You can trek at the forest areas near the Aravalli Mountain range. You can get a spiritual retreat and fall in love with the nature when you go on adventure, biking tours and walks in the hilly areas and camping sites of Mount Abu.

Enjoy the food and drinks, shopping handicrafts, and outdoor activities at various sites in Mount Abu. This is a serene and a peaceful hill station in Rajasthan. You will find a distinct culture and taste when you visit this place. You will also find many archeological and medieval sites in Mount Abu, for which it has always been originally popular. You can look at the carvings on these buildings and paintings that denote an era of the Rajputs and Kings that ruled this place. You can reach Mount Abu from any place in India, and take a bus from Jaipur or Jaisalmer to Mount Abu.

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Explore All (31)
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22 August 2018
To the Management. I am just back from the most relaxing resort and would like to give my feedback. Well, to start I would like to thanks GM Vivek ji, who took care of minute details. I experienced the much-needed break which was worth investing in the ambience, delicious food, rejuvenating atmosphere and the staff hospitality were all excellent. I definitely would like to visit again with my family.
23 June 2016
Mount Abu is the ultimate place for you to visit if you are an adventure lover. There is so much to do...rock climbing, trekking, wildlife sanctuary visit, etc. This place has some very good accommodation options and we stayed at one of the nicest places, Krishna Niwas. It was such a good experience. The staff is very friendly...always taking care of our needs. We were very happy with their service. The rooms are super comfy and after a long tiring day of fun filled adventure activities we would come back to our cozy rooms and fall asleep. Very good experience.

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  1. Travel Tips

    • This place has moderately cold climate, so you can carry some warm clothes.

    • There are trekking and hiking sites at Mount Abu, so carry the backpacks with trekking and camping gears.

    • Bring along, sunscreen, driving license, and first aid kits along with you.

    • You can take guided tours to most of the tourist places in Mount Abu.

    • Always buy in cash as most of the places might not accept credit cards.

    • Budget hotels are available in most of the locations in Mount Abu.

    • There are plenty of resorts and your stay at Mount Abu can be a pleasant one.

    • You can travel here by train or air to the Jaipur airport and take a bus from there to reach this place.

    • You can street shop for Rajasthani prints, jewelry, clothes, handicrafts, and spices. You can bargain to get the best price for shopping any item.

    • To travel within the hill station, you can take rickshaws and you don’t have to tip them.

  2. Drinking Laws

    Do not drink on the roads or while commuting within the hill station. Avoid carrying liquor with you when trekking or camping.

  3. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Architecture of temples

    Dilwara Jain temple is one of the major tourist attractions of this hill station. It was constructed with highly intricate and artistic carvings in white marble in the 11th century and fascinates your senses. This temple has five sections, and each section is dedicated to Jain saints who are worshipped till date. No photography is allowed inside the temple and the entry is free. The Adhar Devi temple dedicated to Goddess Durga is located inside a cave on the Mountain Peek of Aravalli Mountains. This place is populated during Navaratri, which are dear to the goddess. The landscape view around the Gaumukh Temple, 5 kilometers from Mount Abu is breathtaking. Guru Shikhar, located at the Peak of Aravalli Mountain, provides a scenic panoramic view of the surroundings. It has the temple of Lord Dattatreya, the Holy Trinity.

    Boating and air balloon rides, and trekking

    At Nakki Lake, you can take the boat ride, and enjoy the air balloon rides. You can also take a bike on hire for 200 to 300 INR per day and go sightseeing the hill station by yourself, at your own pace. You can also visit the Toad Rock near the Nakki Lake for treks and rock climbing. The only water sports you will enjoy at the Nakki Lake is boat rides. There is no nightlife in Mount Abu.

    Wildlife and safaris

    You can take a jeep safari at the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. You can get a glimpse of fox, jackals, hyenas, wolves, civets, wild jungle cats, wild boar, peacocks, porcupine, hedgehogs, and many other rare animal species. The jeep safaris will cost you 300 INR per day. You can also visit the Trevor’s Tank for bird watching, enjoy the tranquility of nature, and get a view of crocodiles. You can take a half a day or a full day trek at this sanctuary. Your holidays in Mount Abu will be mostly about day time activities. These are the places to see during the day.

    Shop, walk, and eat

    Mount Abu gets chilly in the evenings. You can take an evening stroll in the nearby markets and buy clothes, artifacts, and spices for a cheaper price. You can taste the Rajasthani platter and enjoy Rajasthani drinks at most of the Dhabas or restaurants at Mount Abu. There are better eating joints near the Nakki Lake and you will get an authentic taste of Rajasthani cuisine at this place.

    Sunset and waterfalls

    Enjoy the sunrise and sunset at the Sunset point at the Sunrise Valley in Mount Abu. You will find many hotels and eating joints near this valley. Reach this place in the evening to get a beautiful view of the sunset. You can also visit the Dhrudhiya Water Falls during the daytime for one or two hours and enjoy the scenic view with family and friends. You can also take a shower under this waterfall.

  4. What you will like there?

    Temples and landscapes

    For religious and spiritual retreats, Mount Abu is an apt choice. You get to view the intricate as well as the simpatico architecture of temples at this hill station in a single go! Most of the temples are surrounded by beauty and nature, and provide a splendid view for the visitors. You can also visit nearby temples and forts in Udaipur, Ranakpur, and Chawand from Mount Abu.

    Outdoor activities

    There are trekking sites that are not to be missed. If you love taking biking or the walking trials, a few places in Mount Abu offer you the thrill of hiking and trekking in these areas. Stay with the natural beauty and explore the forests and sanctuaries in these areas. These activities sum up the things to do list in Mount Abu.

    Food and shopping

    You can shop for artifacts and items made in wood, marble, and crafts in stones. Also, buy authentic Rajasthani prints in fabric, clothes, jewelry, and other décor items. You can also buy kota saris, bandhani prints, and Jaipuri quilts that are synonymous to this place. You can get the best of textiles and handicrafts from the local markets in Mount Abu.

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