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City Beach, Nha Trang: Loud and proud (say it!), the high-rise, the high-energy beach resort of Nha Trang enjoys a stunning setting: ringed by a necklace of hills, with a sweeping crescent beach, the city's turquoise bay is dotted with tropical islands. The shoreline has been given a huge makeover in recent years, with parks and sculpture gardens spread along the impressive promenade, while the streets inland reveal some quirky boutiques and a cosmopolitan array of dining options. As the restaurants wind down, the nightlife cranks up – Nha Trang is a party town at heart like any self-respecting resort should be. Forget the cafes of the capital; people play late in this town. If cocktails and shooters aren’t your flavors, there are some more sedate activities on offer. Try an old-school spa treatment with a visit to a mud bath or explore centuries-old Cham towers still standing in the center of town. This part of the country has its very own microclimate and the rains tend to come from October until December, a time best avoided if you are into lazing on the beach or diving in the tropical waters.

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