Ninh Chu Beach, Ninh Chu Overview

Ninh Chu Beach in Ninh Thuan, Vietnam, captivates with its expansive golden sands, clear azure waters, and a tranquil ambiance. Renowned for its scenic beauty and gentle waves, Ninh Chu is an ideal escape for beach enthusiasts. The area also offers water sports and vibrant local seafood, making it a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure along Vietnam's stunning coastline.

Ninh Chu Beach, Ninh Chu: Southeast of Phan Rang, the giant bite-shaped bay of Ninh Chu is popular with Vietnamese tourists on weekends and holidays, but relatively tranquil the rest of the time. Some litter blights the scene, but the 10km-long beach is attractive and makes a quieter alternative to Phan Rang as a base for visiting the Cham ruins. New resort hotels are also springing up around the bay. Ninh Thuan province prides itself in several beautiful beaches, among which is the Ninh Chu Beach, with more than 10-km length and the shape of a nice crescent.

Ninh Chu, nestled in Binh Son, Van Hai commune, Ninh Thuan province, stands out as a top destination in Central Vietnam. This picturesque beach offers a unique landscape, with rows of people harmonizing with the wind, serenading the blue sea and celebrating its fine sand dunes. With its clean, yellowish sand and crescent-shaped shoreline, Ninh Chu is a tranquil haven, perfect for those seeking an extraordinary experience in their Vietnam holiday packages.

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