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Marble Mountains

The Marble Mountains is one of the popular attractions in Nang, and it is a cluster of five hills. These hills are made of a combination of marble and limestone. It is a well known pilgrimage site comprising of tunnels, caves, peaks and temples.

Highlights: It exists in an area that is famous for stone cutting and sculpture. The caves hold many secrets with bullet holes. Hosts of places of worship and Buddhist sanctuaries make it a must visit spiritual site. The pagoda temples and circular cave offers some of the most panoramic views.

Best time to visit: Getting started early is best so that the weather does not turn out too hot. The total tour might take up to 4 hours and wearing comfortable shoes is must.

Price: The entrance fee is about 22, 300 Dong and an additional 22, 300 extra for entering into the caves located at the mountains.

Phap Lam Pagoda

Phap Lam pagoda attracts the attention of the locals and tourists alike. It features lots of trees, beautiful Buddhist sculptures and manicured gardens. Apart from being a spiritual site, it is also a beautiful site.

Highlights: Regardless its location in the heart of the city, the atmosphere in the Phap Lam Pagoda is very calm and serene. Locals and monks praying each morning is a beautiful site to see. The 1.1 high Buddha Statue present in the courtyard of the pagoda is very appealing. In addition to that, the Goddess of Mercy statues also attract the attention of the visitors. The cafes and local restaurants here serve vegetarian foods and anyone can enjoy them.

Best time to visit: It opens daily from 5am to 11. 30am and from 1pm to 11.30 pm.

Location: The location of this pagoda is 574D Ong Ich Khiem Street, Da Nang

Price: Entry is free for all.

Thanh Binh Beach

Thanh Binh Beach is situated right in the center of the De Nang village in Vietnam. If you are into adventure sports then this is the place for you. One of the best thing about this beach is that though it is situated in the heart of the village yet you are bound to get a lot of free space on the beach. The beach also has many different eateries strewn across the perimeter of the beach that allow you to try some authentic Vietnamese delicacies that are on the menu. On the whole this beach is definitely one of the best places to visit while you are in Vietnam and visiting the De Nang area.

Location: central Da nang in Vietnam

Highlight: It has on offer many different activities like canoeing, windsurfing and paragliding. There are trained professionals in the area who have all the gear required for you to take part in any of these sports.

Red Beach

Also known as the red Beach base Area, this coastline was formerly used as a prominent base for Army of Republic of Vietnam and Americas Marine, Navy and Army military camp. It was set 8 km northwest of Da nang on the Red Beach. Today all you will get to see are ruins of the base front and a plethora of resorts and other beach activities happening around the place. The name red is derived from the pleasant red hue that reflects on the water during sun rise and sun set. Although many activities happen in and around the place, the coastline always appears to be calm and clear of habitants.  The Red Beach Resort and Spa, Red Beach Hotel and khach San red Beach are few well known places to stay over the weekend here. Also the clean water and the right temperature make it apt for keen swimmers to carry out snorkelling.

Location: Nyugen Tat Thanh

Best Time: January to June

Han River Bridge

Han River Bridge is one of the four impressive bridges in Da Nang and a major tourist’s attraction. It is a cable supported swing bridge that not only provides transport but also represents the city as well. Rightly considered as the pride of the city it is the first swing bridge built in Vietnam by the people of Da Nang. The city of Da Nang is at the west of the bridge and the beaches are at east. At night, when brightly lit up, it looks fabulously beautiful with its changing colors. During midnight one can have the stunning view of the bridge when it swings on its axis to allow the shipping traffic to pass. If you wish, you can take a river cruise to enjoy the intriguing bridge.

Location: Han River Bridge is located across the Han river in the city of Da Nang in Vietnam.

Price: N/A

Danang Cathedral

The Danang Cathedral is an impressive structure which is a bit intriguing in its candy pink colour. It is an important religious site in Da Nang. Locally the cathedral is known as ‘Rooster’ (Con Ga) Church. It got its name due to a rooster perched atop its tower. Built in 1923, the cathedral is a famous place for daily worship. If you arrive late, it is highly unlikely for you to get any place to sit. The church has Gothic style architecture, with a number of gorgeous stained glass windows. From inside, the church is much bigger and beautiful than it looks from outside. A grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary is located right behind the church.

Location: The Danang Cathedral is just a short walk away from the Da Nang CBD. It is also just a few minutes’ drive away from the Da Nang International Airport.

Price: N/A

Site Archeologique de My Son

For someone who loves to explore ancient ruins, Site Archeologique de My Son is the perfect place to visit in Da Nang. The site was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. Site Archeologique de My Son is abandoned ruins of more than seventy Hindu temples constructed between 4th Century to 14th Century AD. The temples are said to be built by Champas and are the remnants of the rich history of Cham Clan. The people of the clan were majorly Hindus. The temples constructed on the site are devoted to Lord Shiva. Much of the ruins were destroyed during the second Indochina war, due to US carpet bombing.

Location: The temple complex is located in a valley near Duy Phú village. The area is surrounded by picturesque mountains and overlooked by Hon Quap Mountain.

Price: You can get inside the complex by paying a fee of 150,000 VND.

Bai Nam & Bai Con Beach

Bai Nam & Bai Con Beach is set away from the city and has a beautiful sense of peace around it. It is located on the absolute touristy area of the city hence not many locals visit the place. There are many hotels present on the perimeter of the beach itself. The best thing about these hotels is that most of them offer a one day stay facility that covers a lot of beach facilities as they own the private areas of the beach. The food is very good at these hotels. If you are in mood for some authentic Vietnamese dishes then you can try the different eateries nearby as well for that.

Location: ThoQuang Ward, Sontra District, Da Nang, Vietnam

Highlight: If you are lucky you might find yourself a spot on the beach where you might be the only person there. It is a very quiet area but that helps you to enjoy the wonder of the place even more.

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Most Popular Places Around Danang

What You Should Know More About Danang

  • Q. Travel Advice:

    • Planning well is crucial: Vietnam certainly is a big destination as far as its geographical area is concerned and there are tones of must-do experiences in this destination. Although, ensure that you don’t rush into things. Conduct your research well and carry on with traveling through the place. You will get to do what you want but be alert of any sham packages and guides while you’re hurrying into planning your trip.

    • Choose your stay well: There are many distinctive, top-luxury and eco-friendly chains of hotels and resorts that the visitors have the convenience of choosing from. However, one must consider all aspects before making the booking. Factors such as the distance, location, reach, quality of service among other things must be kept in mind.

    • Health is wealth: Mosquitoes are everywhere and one bite will surely be quite costly. It is better to be safe than sorry and thus one must always use spray-one repellents and avoid being in regions that are inhabited by mosquitoes.

    • Water and eatables: Travellers travelling to any destination in the whole have the potential of developing the travellers’ diarrhea. People consume contaminated water or food and fall sick. However, make sure that you have bottled water throughout your journey in the city of Danang.

    • Drinking laws: There are no strict restrictions on alcohol consumption in Vietnam as such. People of the right age, usually above 18 are legally allowed to drink alcohol. However, due to the sudden rise in the consumption of drugs, the checking is quite strict. Just make sure you don’t get involved in the wrong activities.

  • Q. Things to do in Danang:

    • Visit the Cham Museum: The Cham Museum was founded back in 1915. It is home to a collection of stone sculptures all the way from Hindu-practicing civilisation to central Vietnamese typical collections. The museum is so big that it takes approximately an hour for first timers to finish the entire tour. All the beautiful sculptures at this location are made of sand and the place is quite beautiful.

    • Trekking on the marble mountain: The Marble Mountains are located approximately 9km south of the main street within Danang. These are perhaps the only mountains that can be found within such close limits of the city. The mountains are surrounded by beautiful Buddhist temples, caves and grottoes that makes it an ideal location for activities such as trekking, camping or even such a drive through. The experience is truly marvellous.

    • Travel by the local train from the Ban Na hill stiation: The Ba Na hill station is approximately 40km away from the main city of Danang. It is present at a height of 1,487 meters above the sea level and is known for the beautiful views that it showcases throughout the journey while in the train. In fact, this place has even won two Guinness World Records for its height and length.

    • Drive through the Cham Island: There are a number of activities that tourists can indulge in while driving through the beautiful Cham Island. For instance, water sports activities such as swimming, snorkelling or just simply sightseeing. These will make up for the perfect experience especially for the first-time visitors.

  • Q. What will you like in Danang:

    • Spiritual emancipation at the Linh Ung Buddhist temple: This temple is among the oldest existing temples in Vietnam. Not only is this location known for the spiritual greatness that it withholds within its vicinity but also for the stunning view of the sea and the sky that one can get from this place. The temple also houses a 67 meters tall statue. This is among the must-have experience in India.

    • Adventure trip through Bach Ma National Park: Are you the kind that loves the wild? Danang has an abundance of flora and fauna. Enjoy the lovely adventure trip through Bach Ma National Park and become one with the wild.

    • Visit the Dragon Bridge: The Dragon Bridge is situated near the giant ferris wheel on the Hand river. The bridge is made of metal with a giant dragon built right in the middle. It sure is a spectacular view.

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