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Nha Trang is a resort city in Vietnam known for its water sports activities, breathtaking view of the offshore islands, and diving sites. On most of the beaches in Nha Trang you will find sea food restaurants and hotels. Coral reefs, nature reserves, and places for beach hiking are available at the islands close to Nha Trang. In ancient times this used to be a fishing village. This resort-town has a beautiful bay and coastline with white sandy beaches. You can get to this town by air, bus, car, and rail. You can visit pagodas, museums, towers, villas, fishing villages, cathedrals, fortresses, and beaches in Nha Trang. You can take a swim at these beaches and also go on rafting and boating tours.

This is the resort-town for food, drinks, music, beaches, shopping, night-life, water sports activities, and adventure. For tourists looking at different tours, this is an ideal town in Vietnam. Though, this town has a low crime rate, you must still follow safety rules and while on the beaches and travelling at night. The weather of Nha Trang is pleasant throughout the year. It is flanked by beautiful mountains and landscape beauty of islands.

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  1. Travel advice:

    • This is one of the swishiest resort-towns in Vietnam that has pristine beaches and backwaters. You can take a taxi from Ho Chi Minh airport to get to this resort-town. You can also take train or bus to reach this town.

    • Do not flaunt your wealth and stay warm and friendly when you visit this resort-town.

    • Do not bargain rudely or raise your voice in a bargain when you do street shopping. This is called losing a face in Vietnam.

    • Do not take pictures of anything related to military as it is considered a national security breach all over Vietnam.

    • Touching someone’s head is considered an insult in the Vietnamese culture. Avoid doing this when in Vietnam.

    • Take off your shoes when you are invited home or when you visit a religious place. Do not point your finger at anyone; it is considered a rude gesture.

    • Do not discuss politics or any controversial topic with the locals.

    • Vietnam has a distinct culture compared to western countries. It is fairly normal for people in Vietnam to ask you personal questions in the first meet. This is a gesture of friendliness and western tourists must not be offended by this.

    • Do not take pictures of locals without their permission.

    • Do not entertain beggars or accept any edible or drinks from strangers.

  2. Drinking laws

    There is no minimum age limit to drinking in Vietnam. You cannot drink in public or religious places.

  3. Our Recommendations: What You Can’t Afford To Miss?

    Outdoor activities, beach trips, and water sports

    This is a resort-town that has nearby islands that offer breathtaking view. You can visit a beach called the Vietnam's Mediterranean Area that has a long stretch for walking trails. You can visit the Ninh Hoa village beach, the Binh Tien beach, Doc Let beach for beach cooking, Cam Ranh beach for scenic view, Bai Dai (Long Beach) for long walks, Dai Lanh Beach for its landscape view. The Hon Tre island near Nha Tang has water and amusement park for family entertainment. You can take bicycling tour near the Cai River, and also take rafting activity at this river. Visit the Yang Bay waterfalls that have small caves and wooden bridges. You can also take diving and snorkelling courses at centres present at most of the nearby islands. You can take turtle or the octopus diving at these centres.

    Cultural tours 
    Visit the Po Nagar Tower, Long Son Pagoda, Nha Trang Cathedral, and the Chong Promontory Rocks, Po Nagar Tower, Alexandre Yersin Museum, Vinpearl land for underwater world aquarium, Thanh Dien Khanh Fortress, Fairy Spring (“Suoi Tien”) waterfalls, and Thap Ba Hot Springs and Mud baths in this town.

    Spa, massage, and cooking classes

    Most of the oriental tours are incomplete without taking a massage and spa trip at these centres. Oils that are home to these areas are used that help relax your muscles after a daylong tour. Different techniques that focus on pressure points are used and keep you rejuvenated. Additionally, you can also take cooking classes if you enjoy venturing into the culinary delights. Vietnamese cuisine is exotic. You can learn the style of cooking, condiments, and spices used in this cooking. You can shop at these markets for handicrafts, local spices, fruits, and souvenirs.

    Nature photography and walks

    There are only a few water sports activities available on the nearby beach islands. Most of the beaches are ideal for a swim and going for walks. You can explore the nearby areas in the day time. There are not too many options for wildlife either. You can spot migratory birds when you take bicycling tours on the country side or visit the fishing villages.

  4. What you will like here?

    Beaches, sightseeing, and nature walk

    Though there are many bars and restaurants present in Nha Trang that play live music and provide drinks, this is not a town that is high on clubbing or night-life. You can visit this town for its scenic view and pristine waters of the beaches. A few beaches have clear turquoise clear water. For tranquil holidays with a few outdoor activities this town is an idyllic choice.

    Outdoor activities and cycling tours

    You can take a motor cycle ride to get around the town and nearby areas. You don’t need guided tours for taking bicycling rides. You can enjoy the scenic view and the historical monuments of this town. Get a taste of Buddhist culture by visit the pagodas, which are sacred to the locals of this town.

    Cooking and spa

    Tourists who want to explore their culinary tastes can take cooking classes and learn to cook the typical Vietnamese platter. You can learn to make snacks and lunch in this course. A visit to a spa or a massage centre is not to be missed when in this resort town. It is a good way to unwind your day tours if you are not up to some drinks or beer.

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