Chua Hai Tang Overview

Situated in Cham Islands, Hoi An Town, Hai Tang Pagoda is one of the most popular sacred sites in Vietnam. Existing for nearly 300 years, this pagoda holds great religious and cultural significance for the localities. Initially, the pagoda was built in 1758, however, it was hit by a storm due to which it had to be reconstructed again in 1848, 200 meters away from its original location.

Hai Tang Pagoda is built on a pristine island and is surrounded by huge mountains, dense forests and rice fields. Here, you can learn about its intriguing history, and Buddhist culture as well as meditate for a soothing experience. 

Inside the temple, you will get to see several statues made of wood. Visit this temple on your Vietnam trip and as soon as you enter the temple, you will get to see that it is divided into three separate sections. The middle section is for Tam The Buddha which is a symbol of the female Buddha, Arya Tara. To the right, there are statues of Luu Binh, Tam Thanh Quan Cong, and Chau Xuong, whereas, to the left, there is a statue of Dia Tang Bodhisattva.

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• Offer your prayers at Hai Tang Pagoda, the most sacred and oldest temple in Cham Islands.
• Admire the unique architecture of the temple which includes wooden structures, huge gates and intricate carvings.
• Soak in the breathtaking views of the open blue sea, huge mountains and lush green valleys.
• Explore the beauty of Cham Islands, interact with the friendly villagers and try out their delicious local dishes.
• Take a dip in the crystal clear blue waters of the beach for a refreshing and soothing experience.

How To Reach

By Water: To reach Hai Tang Pagoda, you will need to take a boat or a canoe from Cua Dai Port (Hoi An) to Bai Lang Wharf (Cham Islands). Some frequent boats and canoes travel from Hoi An to Cham Islands. It takes approximately an hour to reach Cham Islands by boat and around 30 minutes by canoe. Once you reach the harbour, you can enjoy a 10 minutes walk towards the pagoda, covering around 700 metres. You can even rent a motorbike from Bai Lang Wharf.

Best Time To Visit

Hai Tang Pagoda at Cham Islands is a well-known tourist destination that you can visit all round the year. You can visit Hai Tang Pagoda in the summer season, starting from March to August to experience pleasant weather and warm sunshine.

Other Essential Information

1. Check the weather forecast before planning your trip to Hai Tang Pagoda to avoid any inconveniences. 

2. Make sure to dress appropriately and avoid wearing anything revealing or too short as it is a spiritual site. 

3. Keep the pagoda peaceful by avoiding unnecessary talking or speaking too loudly.

4. Apply sunscreen and carry a hat to protect yourself from skin burns, especially if you are travelling in the summer season. 

5. Keep your surroundings clean by disposing of garbage properly in the dustbins.

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